September 1, 2011

Day 1 and isn’t it easy?

Ahem.  Well, it’s always easy the first day, isn’t it?  And the second, and often the third.  Those are the glory days.  When the zeal is still HOT.  But admittedly by days 4, 5, and 6, you might start to hit a wall.  We’ll tackle that on day 4 - right now, let’s just stick with positive thoughts.  If you haven’t visited in a while and aren’t sure what I’m talking about - you have stumbled upon our first day of 30 Days of Nothing - a Challenge to NOT SPEND for the month of September, outside of absolute necessity.  I have written several posts detailing the rules, the concept, etc. and you can read those here:

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Also - I think it’s really important to mention that while there are MANY people signed up for this challenge -  not all of them are bloggers.  However, there were several who were excited to blog about their journey through the Challenge and I am HAPPY to point you in their direction so you can see what this looks like for different families, and not just my own.  Heaven knows you’re gonna bail after my 6th day straight of mac-n-cheese.  (cough)

Check out these lovely ladies...(and by all means let me know if I left you out!)

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After having a very full day yesterday, and a late meeting that went past 10pm, I came home to a lovely
(and final spending) surprise from my wonderful husband...


So I will admit to staring longingly at the last "thing" we bought prior to the spending freeze, and I’ll continue to do that as the days progress.  Aren’t they amazing?  Dreamy sigh...thank you, love of my life!

Ok - let’s talk about the menu that got us through Day 1 - and for the record, I definitely won’t always take pics - because life is too hectic and there are only so many ways you can capture the mac or the cheese in all its glory.  Capish?  And who has that kind of time?  Not I. 

But on those days when AB is preparing some delectable delight, I’ll be sure to share the beauty.  On the other hand, I will always report back to you what we had, if we spent $$ (gasp! better not!), and whatever the latest "feeling" is about the Challenge.

Breakfast:  English Muffin with Strawberry Preserves, Scrambled Eggs with chopped Ham, Coffee with cream


Lunch: this one was easy because we got to "go out" (I know, right out the gate and all).  No judgment though...because we accepted an invite for a mall picnic/play-date.  We got creative, packed up our lunch in a small cooler, and had a fabulous time playing with friends.  On the menu was PBJ rounds, watermelon, cheese, salami slices, baby dill pickles, Capri Sun, and water.  Ok, I threw in a package of Andes Mints for a treat.  Chocolate makes it all better. 


Dinner: well, this was admittedly pitiful - but I knew going into tonight that it was kind of an "anything goes" night.  AB had to work late (thus the lack of culinary delight) and the kids and I had Back to School Night - so it was a bit slapdash.  What you see is what you get.  Mama had a frozen burrito, which was so very pitiful that I refused to take a picture.  We all know what they look like, am I right?  (sad face here)


Ok, so we made it through day one and that means only 29 to go.  I hard can this be, right?  Gulp.  I didn’t even think about Chipotle much at all today.  Not even 15 times ONCE! 

Double gulp.

Onward my friends - nothing ventured, no monetary gain.  Or something like that...


Young Creations said...

Christy, I made it thru the day with a lot of thought and it wasn't easy, I wanted to stop and get a coffee, but i didn't. One of the rules that I made for us was that if we got anything out at all, it had to be with the spare change that is in the cup holders in the cars. So on day one, I spent $1.93 on a diet dr pepper at Jack in the Box. Once the spare change runs dry, I am out of luck. My kids are excited about the challenge. I will check in tomorrow.

Young Creations said...

Hey Christie,
I am blogging about our No Spend September experiences on my blog at


shelley said...

One of the hurdles is tomorrow...hubby usually buys donuts on sat morn on his way home from work. The kids were so excited about tomorrow until I reminded them. I will be COOKING (they can't believe it) a fun breakfast in the am so that it won't sting as much. I will post about it later.