January 31, 2012

31 Days of Nothing Unhealthy–Final Thoughts

31 Days of Nothing {Unhealthy}

Well, we made it.  Some of us made it with several pounds less to show for it and some of us…not so much.  I for one am glad it’s over, but feeling really reflective. 

This much is true: I don’t think that after this challenge, I can say with any measure of conviction that I’m otherwise “healthy” but that I just have some extra weight, or that I do “watch what I eat” or that I “don’t eat that much” or that I “just need to exercise”. The blame is my own. I am that unhealthy. I am that undisciplined – just look at the battle I’ve had parting with a caffeinated soft drink full of sugar and cocaine soda water. Why should it be so hard to say “I’m not drinking that anymore”? But it has been so very hard. I’ve had excuses for years about my weight. It’s genetics. It’s metabolism. I don’t eat that much, really! (whatevs!) It’s that my knees bother me! (well, they do…) I have no time. It’s too expensive to buy all that healthy food. It’s too much work. It’s depressing. I don’t want to be the odd man out at parties, get-togethers, etc. I can’t live without {insert hard to part-with food item or drink here}. I can’t afford a gym membership. On and on and on and on and on.

Attention: I’m a hypocrite. There very well might be a time, a couple months from now or more or less where you would be able to HURL this entire post and especially this next part back at me with full force. I will deserve it. But for the now, can I just encourage you as I make my way out of this very difficult challenge?

My excuses are just that. Excuses.

If I have sad and sorry genetics and poor metabolism, I need to work even harder to fight the current dragging me down. I don’t have to live with those reasons. Neither do you. I can fight it, and make a difference for myself.

If I don’t think I “eat that much”, perhaps I should try and recall how small the portions have seemed this month compared to my norm. Uhhh, that’s called portion control. And apparently I needed it badly.

My knees do bother me. And my hips. And sometimes my foot. But I have got to move. I cannot sit in my office chair all day and not give my body some time to breath. Even if it’s a walk with the kids, or a Couch 2 5K program, or a bike ride, or roller skating, or ice-skating, or chasing my littles at the park or Wii Fit or a Zumba class or whatever. Move. I have got to give my body a chance to burn off what it doesn’t need.

Saying I don’t have time for healthier living and exercise is like saying “I don’t have time to live longer”. I’m sorry, but it’s true. (points finger to self) Remember that first post where I said “I’m gonna die fat and happy”. Not sure about the happy part – most people who are obese are not all that happy if they’re really honest. Definitely gonna die fat though. That much is for sure. Without change – I have over 15 years of the scale tipping upwards and not down as my proof. Slow and steady, indeed.

Saying that it’s too expensive to buy the healthy food is kind of a cop-out. We have not spent all that much this month on “health” food. We’ve just replaced our standby items (butter, whole milk, cheeses, creams, red meats, sugary cereals, store packaged waffles and pancakes, muffins, white breads and salty packaged foods including chips, not to mention excessive fast-food intake) for healthier choices. Organic chicken and beef broths low in sodium to cook with in place of butter, lots of fresh fruits and veggies, yogurts, skim milk, chicken and fish, healthier cereals, and almost no desserts. You will be amazed what you can find, with a small amount of planning, without wrecking your choices. Also – I’ve been “schooled” this month on what it means to moderate. When the healthy people say “everything in moderation” – they really mean it! After dinner a couple nights we got out some dark chocolate and each had a piece – delicious – but we cut ourselves off at one or two. I have eaten at Taco Bell and have had McDonalds Egg McMuffin – but both times I felt I was doing so in moderation. From several times a week to once a week in a month’s time – that’s a decent shift. I’ll take it! It’s hard work – but it can be done.

Speaking of work – it is a lot of work to shift your lifestyle. I can’t even lie about that. It’s WORK. I realized that I’ve been unhealthy and choosing to do it my way for roughly 30 years. I’ve eaten “my way” for almost my entire life. I’ve literally eaten whatever I wanted – in whatever portion size I wanted – whenever I wanted to. For THIRTY YEARS. Moderation has never been in my vocab. Now, my hubby would argue that I don’t eat that much. But I’ll revert to point #2. Clearly it’s too much, if this is my weight and it hurt shifting it as of Jan 1. Hello? It’s lots of work to avoid everything you’ve known for all those years. It is a comfort and it’s so difficult to let that go and find something healthier to fill the gap. It was hard eating that stupid turkey burger. Yuck! But it’s hard because I wanted to revert to my comfort. I wanted an all beef patty, special sauce, lettuce, cheese….ya feel me? I wanted it my way. The turkey burger didn’t taste terrible. It tasted good. But my mind told me “this is gross…this isn’t how it should taste!” Sigh….

Bottom line is this:  I like the changes I was able to make.  I lost NINE pounds.  NINE! I dropped a serious soft drink addiction.  I cut back on my portion sizes and was able to get a better handle on what goes down the gullet.  I ate healthier and gave myself the chance to remember what real food tastes like.  I exercised (people, that right there….I mean…I need a medal.)  I stayed true to cutting back on sugars and never had one single beef burger or fast-food hamburger.  For that matter, the only fast food I consumed in a month was Taco Bell on three occasions (maybe four).  I’m not counting Chipotle, because it’s just way too fresh and good.  Right?  Am I right?  Don’t tell me I’m wrong.  It’s enough I parted with my precious Coke. 

The point is – I did good.  We did good!  Anton lost over 15 pounds (musahfussa$)(%*#$)($*#(&%#) and learned a new way of cooking his favorites.  These were invaluable lessons and I have hope that we can move forward with them.  Perfect them and keep up the good work that we’ve already begun. 

The foundation has definitely been laid for a healthier lifestyle – and that’s what the challenge was all about.

Now it’s up to us what we do with that foundation…

Do you need my last two days of menu?  Nah...pass...nothing to tell and no cheating.  You'll have to take my word for it!

January 30, 2012

29 Days of Love – Invitation

29 Days of Love - Final
So Love. Yes, February is the month for sweethearts – and I totally enjoy the colors, the sentiment, and the idea that we celebrate finding that special someone. But let’s face it; this is a Hallmark Holiday if there ever was one.
Still, one of things about the Month of Love  that I think is often missing is the way we show love to our entire family. Not just our significant other. So this month, we’re going to focus on showing our love to our household. And if you’re single – we’re going to show love to our extended family. And I don’t need to tell you that “family” is a broad term indeed – many of us have people in our heart that are not related by blood, but whom we consider closer than any family we might have. You know who your family is…
In November, we focused on showing thanks for our friends. In December, we focused on our neighbors, our communities, and our world. In January, we focused on ourselves and healthier living. This month, we’re going to extend the true confessions of our heart to those we love the very most.
On that note, I’d like to introduce you to February’s 29 Days of Love
This month we’re going to work out Corinthians 13:4-7 in our homes (and families) and try to come to an understanding of what Love is really supposed to be – not just romantic love, as Hallmark would like you to think – but as we’ve been created for and with those precious people God has placed in our lives to be our family. Let’s review…

Love is patient
Love is Kind
It does not envy
It does not boast
It is not proud
It does not dishonor others
It is not self-seeking
It is not easily angered
It keeps no records of wrongs
Love does not rejoice in evil but rejoices with the truth
It always protects
Always trusts
Always hopes
Always perseveres
In addition to showing the Corinthians love, we can demonstrate tangible versions of our love in lots of fun and endearing and even helpful ways. In a couple days I'll highlight lots of brainstorming ideas and fun ways to express yourself this month to those you love. Be thinking of the Corinthians passage and ponder on the ways you can work on one, two, or all of the items above. I know these aren’t easy – but where’s the challenge in easy?   I’m really excited about this one!!
Let’s put our creative caps on and have some fun showing love for the next 29 Days! Who’s with me?
If you want to participate, I’ll have an official Mister Linky up on February 1st.  I can’t wait to see pictures of the creative stuff you awesome people come up with.  We’re gonna be burning up Pinterest, aren’t we?!
One more day in our "31 Days of Nothing {Unhealthy}" and I can’t believe we made it!  Stayed tuned for my final post on tomorrow! 

January 29, 2012

Nothing Unhealthy–Days 24 through 28

This is the longest I’ve gone without a foodie update.  I’m here to let you know – I did not give up, I have not fallen off the wagon, and I have not gained back any weight I may or many not have lost.  Quite the contrary – I’m going strong!

I’m here to just give you the basics today, because AB has been out of town for three days and that’s all I have the bandwidth for.  Ya feel me?  People with small children?  Yeah.  So not a lot of great pics of amazing food, not a lot of recipes, and not a lot of energy to hardly remember what I ate.  Thank goodness I had the sense to write it down…

Daily Menus

Tuesday, 24th

Breakfast: 1 cup of Special K cereal – never had it before in my life until the challenge.  Not bad…

Lunch:  1 cup of cilantro lime rice – homemade, and two skinless chicken strips that I grilled up

Dinner: Anton made one of my absolute favorite dishes:  Bright Chicken.  It’s a crème fresh that he makes from scratch, lemon, fresh ground pepper, onion, and chicken chunks – served over a bed of pasta.  This version was low in fat, using Greek yogurt and we added in capers for a salty kick.  We also used whole wheat pasta.  Can I tell you something?  A-MAZ-ING.  Absolutely delicious and it was PAINFUL not to have seconds.  Instead I settled for one serving, which despite the close-up pic, was quite small.  Broke my little over-eating heart…


Wednesday, 25th

Breakfast: Coffee and a piece of toast with yogurt spread (which is like a butter, buts it’s yogurt and much better for you)

Lunch: Scrambled some eggs, threw a tiny bit of shredded cheese on top and added a slice of ham – threw it all on a 7-grain sandwich thin.  It was quite tasty!

Dinner: Small (as in tiny) side of Caesar salad and pasta salad at an event.  Bean burrito and taco later than evening.

Thursday, 26th

Breakfast: Three small pancakes (about 3 inches across), yogurt spread, fresh strawberries, organic maple syrup (about a tbs.)  Can I just say – I am a Mrs. Butterworths girl.  This organic maple syrup has been an adjustment for me, but it is nice.

Lunch: Turkey sandwich, carrots dipped in hummus, half an avocado

Dinner: Sushi date night with the hubby.  Probably had too much, but it was delicious just the same!

PM Snack:  II had some M&M’s.  Not a lot, but a small handful.

Friday, 27th

Breakfast: Special K cereal and a cup of coffee

Lunch: Ham & Low-fat cheese on 7 grain, orange, carrots

Dinner: Went to a girls game night – and had GLORIOUS low-fat/low-cal food.  Green chicken enchiladas with non-fat sour cream and non-fat cheese.  Lime rice.  Avocado, tomato, and mozzarella salad – delicious!  Then there was one small luxury – Sopapilla Cheesecake.  Friends?  It was TO DIE FOR.  I am just hoping it had low-fat cream cheese in it – I was afraid to ask!  EEEEK!  Also got a little to friendly with the apps – bacon wrapped dates, dark chocolate covered almonds, gummy bears.  But to be fair, I had three almonds and 1 gummy bear – which I’m telling myself made up for the 3 wrapped dates.  Cough. 

Saturday, 28th

Breakfast: Grapefruit while my son and daughter enjoyed this massive chocolate chip pancake funny face:

Don’t tell me that doesn’t take willpower.

Lunch: Grilled ham and cheese on 7 grain, using low-fat provolone

Dinner: Spaghetti with organic low-cal marinara that was actually delicious!  My kids cleaned their bowls!

****We have two more days in this challenge – make them COUNT!

For those of you with Netflix or other means, I encourage you to watch the documentary “Fat, Sick, & Nearly Dead”.  It was well made, a fabulous learning experience for me, and very inspiring and encouraging.  Perhaps even something I think I might like to try.  I’d be curious to hear your thoughts!

January 26, 2012

Nothing Unhealthy–Day 26 brings a special treat

Friends, on this, our 25th day together in this very difficult challenge, I have a treat for you that’s totally fat-free.  (Don’t go!)  I’m very happy to introduce you to one of my favorite people; Kate.  With only less than a week left in the challenge, I wanted to find a way to inspire and encourage you to keep on keeping on with the healthy changes so many of you have made this month.  Kate is one of the sweetest, sassiest, and dearest girls I know – and on top of all that sugar…she’s got a B.A. in Exercise Science and Nutrition.  Hello!  That’s what I’m talking about!  I asked her to write a special post today to reach out to my challengers – those who just need some inspiration and insight, tips, or  just some good old fashioned advice from someone who deals in health and fitness on a daily basis with clients of all ages, sizes, and shapes.  Kate, take it away!


Kate Headshot-rI discovered the rewards of taking care of my body went far beyond the superficial during my early college years. Being healthy created a desire in me to learn as much as I could about fitness and proper nutrition. I craved knowledge about good eating habits and exercise! And as I realized what a positive impact these habits had on my energy level, my attitude and my whole outlook on life, I desired to share that with anyone who would listen! Becoming a personal trainer gave me the outlet to share my knowledge and experience with others.
I absolutely love helping people discover the benefits of a healthier lifestyle! As a wife and new mom, I can attest that taking charge of my health brings a sense of calm in the midst of life’s daily chaos. Never underestimate the power of exercise and good nutrition!
As a fitness trainer, it is my goal to help my clients avoid common pitfalls in order to get the best results out of their program. The two biggest mistakes I encounter are a lack of preparation and unrealistic goal setting.
Without proper planning even your best intentions will eventually fail. To accomplish long-term goals it is essential to have a plan. When it comes to eating well, it is of the utmost importance to have good, healthy options readily available. Before you even head to the grocery store create a meal plan and grocery list. There will be no need to wander through the cookie isle because everything you need for smart snacking and meals will be on your list. By taking away temptations and replacing them with healthy choices, you’re setting yourself up for success.
Just as planning is important for developing better eating habits, it is equally important to plan time for exercise. Scheduling time to be active will increase the likelihood of sticking with a regimen. My motto is this, “Failing to prepare, is preparing to fail”. Make that your fitness mantra and you’ve already won half the battle!
When I first meet with a client I always ask for their expectations before starting a program. I can’t recount the times I hear something like, “I want to lose 60 pounds in three months”. While 60 pounds is a great long-term goal, it is important to know that realistic weight loss is between 1-3 pounds a week! Instead of simply making one large goal, set realistic short-term goals as well.  Benchmarks will help keep you on track to your ultimate goal and keep you motivated along the way. Try not to kick every bad habit at once. Instead, focus on one or two things at a time. This will keep your goals from feeling too overwhelming to accomplish.
If your best weight loss efforts seem to be falling short, consider keeping a daily food log for a week or two. This practice can be extremely helpful in identify patterns that may be sabotaging your goals by making you more mindful of the calories you are consuming.
As this 31-day challenge comes to an end, let me encourage you to keep it up! Let the conclusion of this challenge spark new goals! Consider what small changes can you make next month and remember that slip-ups are going to happen, but the key is to continue improving. When it comes to lifestyle changes consider this, “Fitness is a journey, not a destination and must be continued for the rest of your life” Dr. Kenneth Cooper.  Best of luck!
Listed below are a few helpful resources: (click the links to visit!)

*Kate is a Certified Personal Trainer with an incredible passion for helping others reach their fitness goals. In 2007, Kate earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science and Nutrition from Abilene Christian University. After college, Kate interned at the Cooper Fitness Center in Dallas, Texas where she developed the ability to apply exercise theory in everyday life. Her enthusiasm for healthy living drives her to continuously share the benefits of an active lifestyle.

January 23, 2012

Nothing Unhealthy–Days 22 & 23…and Courage from SuperGirl

Several people have asked me if I plan on drinking Coke after the challenge. Sigh. This is such a tough issue for me. It shouldn’t be, but it stinkin’ is. I hate that it is. I have wanted to have a Coke every. single. day of this challenge. It has been the one thing I have been feeling lost without. The irony is that I only drink one or two cans a day. One for lunch, one for dinner. That’s my max, pretty much. Still – it’s been like cutting off an arm to part with it. Even after the headaches stopped, I’ve continued to deal with the emotional withdrawal. The comfort withdrawal. I avoid certain meals wherein my Coke would have, in my mind, made it taste better. It’s a sickness, people, but I for one really – really – really don’t want pizza without a coke. I’m just sayin’. Who needs stupid pizza anyway? (I do) It’s usually loaded with fat and calories (sob) and it’s heavy on…cheese and meat and cheese….did I say cheese? (oh somebody stop me)

The thing is, I’m a little scared. 

Sure, I had my back-sliding moments in this challenge – where a sprite ended up in my cup, or a little too much mayo crept onto my turkey sandwich.  Where Taco Bell bags ended up in my car, or Egg McMuffin’s ended up down my gullet.  Sure.  But overall – I’m really proud of myself.  For all of it.  The working out, the eating better, the smaller portions, the lack of soda.  All of it.  For the first time in over 8 years, I’ve stuck to something that involved my health and diet for a month.  Ok, the month is not over – but 23 days in and going strong.  I’m really proud of myself.

Which brings me back to being scared. Because there is a part of me, just like with the 30 Days of Nothing (No Spending) Challenge in September – that wants to run right out on February 1st and hit the first burger joint I can find.  People, I want to cram that burger and fries in (don’t forget the ranch and mayo and whatever else you want to throw in there) and wash it down with the largest glass of ice-cold Coke that I can possibly find.  I want to revisit gluttony in a way that only Paula Dean can relate to.  (too soon?) 

And that kinda freaks me out.  Because, I don’t know about you, but I think we did something really good here this month.  I think we gained control, improved our health, began a process of recognition, and got educated about what we’ve come to accept as “normal” eating.  That’s a lot.  A heck of a lot more than last month.  Or the month before that.  Or the year before that.  I think we worked hard and got results.  I would hate to see all of that dissipate.  All that hard effort, washed down with a Coke and a plate of Deep Fried Chicken. 

I’m a big believer in moderation.  I can’t just give it all up, overnight and never have another bite again.  Deprivation and I just don’t get along.  Some people can only operate on all or nothing.  I’m just not able to.  My love affair with food is much too strong.  Still, I think having culinary rewards once in a while can be just the trick to keep me going.  I’m no expert and I might be way off, but everything in moderation seems to be a great standard.  I just think I’ve lost touch with what moderation actually looks like in every day life.  

The bottom line of this ramble is that more than I have been loathe to part with Coke, fried food, sweets, and large portions – I have felt better, slept better, had more energy, seen pounds slide off, actually RAN when no one was chasing me, and been able to get creative with my food choices.  I’m starting to realize that it’s not so much that “health food” or “Low-fat” food tastes so amazing – although, so much of it has.  That’s not what keeps people on the path to better overall health.  No, it’s the way eating healthier and exercising makes you FEEL.  That is why I think people stay committed to making it a lifestyle. 

As for me, I would be really sad if all this was down the drain come Feb. 1 – what a waste!  So, with one week left in this challenge, I wanted to tell you all that I plan to (gulp) continue

And yes, I plan to leave Coke behind, one day at a time.  That’s all I can do.  One day at a time.  For the withdrawal factor alone – it would be horrendous to give it up again.

For the rest of you, as we near the end of this month’s challenge - I hope you will continue also.  It’s not been easy, not at all – but the rewards have been so great.  So much better than the status quo.

And if you’re really not feeling it…or If you’re not feeling courageous enough, well then we’ve got you covered – because Super-Girl is here to motivate you! (if this doesn’t work, you might be dead???)


For those that even care anymore what the heck I’m eating…I certainly don’t!

Sunday – 22nd – bad eating day….
Breakfast: Coffee only – ran out of time and had to be at church early.

Lunch: Dickey’s BBQ.  I did good, I think.  A little bit of shaved turkey and ham, and one sparerib.  Outside of that I had green-beans and fruit. 

Dinner: Chipotle.  What?

Monday – 23rd
Breakfast: One piece of homemade French Toast, with one tbs. of organic maple syrup on the side to dip in and no butter.  It was actually very tasty and no, I didn’t even finish my syrup.  Also had a cup of coffee.

Lunch: Turkey sandwich on 7 grain round, thin, sandwich thingy.  I don’t know what they’re called.  But their thin, half the calories, and very tasty…

Dinner:  We actually celebrated Chinese New Year at our favorite China Buffet.  So I did have a little more than I maybe should have.  Mostly Sushi – but I did sample some other items too.  I let it go. 

***Wondering if six smaller meals is better for you than three larger meals?  Check this article out:  I was surprised!

January 21, 2012

Nothing Unhealthy–Days 19, 20 & 21

I hate this challenge.  AB hates this challenge.  We’ve said it over and over since Day 1.  We hate this challenge.  It’s so difficult.   If I didn’t have to be accountable to you, I would have quit week one.  I’m serious.  Week One.  Maybe even Week One, Day 2.  Quit and been “out like trout”.  Done.  Finished.  Sayonara.

And yet…

Daily Menus

Thursday, 19th

Breakfast: I didn’t eat breakfast.  I wasn’t hungry and I ran out of time.  Skipped it.  Who needs the calories?  Don’t even mention the lost brain power I needed for my day…you can only eat Wheaties (blech) so many days in a row.

Lunch: So this was fun for us because we wandered into a place called: (click pic to visit)


Oh it was delicious!  They don’t use mayo.  I figured that out real quick.  From their website, it's Mediterranean-inspired comfort food with customers' dietary concerns in mind--nothing fried with gluten-free and vegetarian options.  I had a Turkey Stack and Anton had a Grueben – which is basically a Rueben with turkey instead.  So good!  Just delicious!  Can I tell you something else?  I would have never eaten there, I don’t think, had it not been for this challenge.  I would have been, hands down, at the burger joint across the way.  Instead, I felt like we ate really healthy food, that tasted great!  Great selection and it’s all made fresh every day.  Go ZOEYS!  

One confession:  I did have a Sprite.  I know, it’s soda.  But people – honestly, I drank it and felt kinda like “anhh…whatever”.  It was good – but it’s not Coke.  Ya feel me?  And let's face it, despite the fact I avoided the Coke/Cafeinne slip-up, I still got a bunch of sugar that I didn’t need.  It was not earth-shattering and I certainly didn't feel the need to go out and buy a 12 pack of Sprite.  So…whatever.  Moving on. 

Dinner: Anton made a lovely fillet medallion, with pasta and fresh sautéed zucchini and yellow squash.  At first I asked him, “did you put a bunch of butter in this dish, because it’s so tasty…I’m just assuming it’s packed”.  Happy to report – no butter at all.  Just a small amount of EVOO and seasoning.  People – this is the good stuff.  We are red meat eaters, and have cut way back since on this challenge – so I do admit this was a treat for us.  Mmmmmm.  (p.s. – no judgment on the temperature of my steak.  If it’s not medium rare to somewhat rare, don’t even bother putting it on my plate – won’t get eaten.  Steak Snob.  Bet you didn’t even know those existed, huh?)


Friday, 20th

Breakfast:  300 calories.  That’s where I’ll start.  It was 300 calories.  {Cough}  Egg McMuffin.  Ahem. BTW, if you can read that, you’re either too healthy or too young to be reading my blog – because your eye-sight should be shot to crap, like the rest of us aging, decrepit, unhealthy people.

Lunch: Leftover Lentil Soup that AB made a few days ago.  I’m compiling requests for the recipe – so if you want to throw your name in, send me an e-mail!

Dinner:  More than 300 calories.  More like 750 calories.  YIKES.  Do I have to say?  Taco Bell.  I’m sorry!  Life gets busy – I was solo last night.  Whatdyagonnado?  What was I supposed to do?  How was I supposed to feed the little mouths?  I was solo, I tell you!  What should I have done?!?  Cook, for crying out loud!?  You would ask me to cook?!?!?  (shakes head sadly) You don’t even know me at all….do you?

Saturday, 21st

Breakfast:  A bowl of Kashi’s GO LEAN Crunch, Honey Almond Flax.  I know a lot of you just threw up a little bit, while some of you just said “oooh yum!”.  Healthy people. They’re everywhere.  (love you)  Anyway….the point is: one day…like maybe day 3 of the challenge – I don’t know, we’d have to go back and read it again, I tried this cereal for the first time.  Like cardboard.  Like freaking cardboard in my mouth.  It wanted to be Sugar Smacks (I tell myself), but somewhere on the conveyer belt, they added Flax.  People.  Flax.  I don’t even like the word Flax.  And then I went and ate a whole bowl of it and I felt like I was gonna flax it right back up.  This is all true.  

So imagine my surprise, when 21 days into the challenge,  (and 21 days without a Coke, I might add…just dropping that like it’s hot, folks)  – I had my second bowl.  Ahem.  Are the Healthy Kashi people reading this?  I….ermmmm….I kinda…well…I kinda liked it.  A little.  Ok, I liked it a lot more.  This time, I tasted the honey.  I tasted the almonds.  I wasn’t secretly writing letters of disgust to the manufactures of Kashi and I wasn’t loathing all things healthy.  I tasted the friggin’ flax too, but it was kinda like “oh Hi there Mister Flax – get in there and make me healthy”…like that…instead of “why must you control me, you insanely healthy strange little black seed of doom”.  Yes…so, like that.    What is happening to me?  I think I know.  It’s called DETOXIFICATION. I can actually taste real food again.  Imagine that?  Did you know your tastebuds are under hypnosis?  I think we have lost ALL TOUCH with what real food - natural food - tastes like.  So sad for me...I can't eat raw veggies without thinking there is something missing....cheese, salt, cheese.....did I say cheese?  But I digress...

On another note – if you want to be deeply disturbed?  BEFORE you eat your next planned meal out – look online at their website where they provide dietary info and be prepared to be totally and utterly FLOORED by the amount of calories and fat, sugars and salts, that we consume in a sitting or a meal or a day or whatever floats your boat.  (and by we, I’m still referring to the “aging, decrepit, unhealthy people  who own mounds of stock in McDonalds and Dunkin’ Donuts…am I right?  Can I get an amen?  Anyone?  (crickets)  Up high?  Let’s here it for Mickey D’s?  No one?  Ok…just me then…whatever.)  Let your mind wander to the countless meals you have eaten, and by you and I really mean “me”, without any regard for what you were shoving in your pie-hole or how much.  When you really honestly look at the numbers – it’s no wonder at all that we are so deluded and continue to be the most obese nation on the PLANET.  People, on the PLANET.

Lunch:  Leftover Lentil Soup that AB made a few days ago. I’m compiling requests for the recipe – so if you want to throw your name in, send me an e-mail!  (are you having deja vous?)

Dinner:  BBQ Chicken, rice pilaf (but just about a 1/2 cup) and green beans.  Oh!  And pineapple chunks.  Mmmmm.  Wish I had a picture - it was delicious!

I have not worked out all week – shockingly, I am five pounds down.  How did that happen?  Back at it next week! 

Only ten days left in this Challenge – make them count, friends!!!

Need some inspiration - check out this story!

January 18, 2012

Nothing Unhealthy–Days 16, 17 & 18

Yes, three days is much easier to manage.  Although, I’m not writing down what I eat so I can't remember it when it comes time to post. 

I’ll just say it upfront.  I’m not particularly proud of my food choices this week, and I have missed another workout.  That’s two total for the month, but in the Couch 2 5K, it makes a difference.  UGH!  At least I can tell you my veins are STILL absent any soda.  EXCEPT the fact that Anton and I are still recovering from the devil drink which is Zevia.  Zero calories.  No sugar.  Before you get excited to rush right out and buy it…

I’m sorry.  What the frig?!?  I tried this based on a few recommendations.  Ummm.  If you haven’t tried this, let me spare you the absolute vomitinyourmouth experience.  I’m sorry – no nice way to say it – this stuff is the anti-christ of Coke.  It is absolutely TERRIBLE!  It’s hard to swallow even one lousy sip.  And I even gave it three sips.  No.  No can do.  DIS-GUST-ING.  Save your $25.00.  Or whatever.  It was way too expensive to be this terrible…I can’t believe I defiled my Coca-Cola mug with it…oh despair!


Monday’s Menu

Breakfast: Ok, so Anton and I each had an Egg McMuffin.  I’m one-part mad we ate the fast-food route and one-part grateful, because it was so delicious.  We checked out the calories, etc. first and decided to go ahead.  It was like 400 calories.  OK, not great, but if you only had 400 calories at each meal – you’d be on a 1200 calorie a day diet – and that’s not a lot.  This is how I justify.  Do you see my pattern?  Shameful. 

Lunch:  It gets worse.  I met a friend for lunch at my home-away-from-home hangout Chipotle and had a burrito bowl.  Couldn’t quite finish it, and did have a few chips and guac with it.  Water.  In case you were wondering…

Dinner:   Anton made the absolute most delicious and healthy and amazing lentil soup with chicken.  It was so good…I wish you had smell-o-vision.  The best part for me, is that he had never worked with lentils in his life – and had never made the soup before.  People, every bite down to the last one was fabulous.  It was flavorful, had a spicy kick, and left you feeling like you could eat and eat and eat it.  I settled for one serving, but it was sooooo tempting!  If you need the recipe, hit me up!  In the background is my flatbread which I dipped generously into my bowl.


Tuesday’s Menu

Breakfast: 1 cup granola with milk

Lunch: Turkey & Cheese Sandwich with a pickle

Afternoon Snack: Popcorn.  Not the diet/light/lowfat/healthy kind.  The other kind.  Ahem.

Dinner: Carnitas tacos, which I’ll grace you with another picture of!  Love me some taco night!


Wednesday’s Menu

Breakfast: Egg & Cheese Burrito.  I just whipped up some scrambled eggs and threw a small amount of cheese on it, rolled it up and it was delish.  Skinny Mocha from Starbucks. 

Lunch:  Pass.  I was still full from the egg burrito. (why is this highlighted and why can't I get it to go away?  frig!)

PM Snack: Almonds and beef jerkey.  Just a small amount.

Dinner:  Well, it was a celebration dinner (see below) spent at Red Lobster.  I'll spare you the gory details of my splurge, but it went like, sorta..fried-ish and alfredo-ish...and theiramazingrollsomg.  I only had one.  Roll.  But the Captain's Shrimp?  I had more than one.  This is me being honest.  Ish.  I'm just glad I didn't order the Coke I so DESPERATELY wanted, like a freaking addict, tap a vein, freak that I am.

On a much happier and more important note: I’d be remiss to not mention that two years ago today we were far away from home, having these moments:


To say that we have been blessed by our Keira Joy is such an understatement of the heart.  She is an amazing, beautiful inside and out, wonderful daughter who we are so fortunate to know and love.  What an amazing two years it has been….

January 16, 2012

Nothing Unhealthy - Day 13, 14, and 15 {a little break}

Sorry! I needed a posting break. I just can’t do it every day. It’s too much on an already burdened schedule of to-do’s. You understand, right? So I’m sorry in advance that this post isn’t full of inspiration and ideas! Maybe next time? Probably not then either. Who am I kidding? It’s the heart’s intent that counts, right? (Don’t answer that…)
Mini update: ***3 pounds down and no coke for 15 days***
I can see how with a challenge like this one, we’re bound to have some casualties. It’s a TOUGH challenge, and so I’m bummed to hear we’ve already lost some challengers. Boo hoo! On the other hand, I have heard from many of you who are still working hard and plugging along. Can I encourage you? If you fall off the wagon (as I have already done a couple times) let’s do as our great lyricist Dorothy Fields tells us:
Nothing's impossible I have found,
For when my chin is on the ground,
I pick myself up,
Dust myself off,
Start All over again.
Don't lose your confidence if you slip,
Be grateful for a pleasant trip,
And pick yourself up,
Dust yourself off,
Start all over again.
Work like a soul inspired,
Till the battle of the day is won.
You may be sick and tired,
But you'll be a man, my son!
Will you remember the famous men,
Who had to fall to rise again?
So take a deep breath,
Pick yourself up,
Dust yourself off,
Start all over again.
Day 13 Menu
Breakfast: Nada. No time to say hello/goodbye. Had a coffee, though!
Lunch: Awesome chicken taco with all kinds of yum on it. Salsa, cilantro, guac, tomatoes…YUM.
Dinner: Bean Burrito, Crunchy Taco. Technically not “healthy” – but I can think of a lot of unhealthy things that I wanted to have. Ahem.
Day 14 Menu
Breakfast: 1/4 cup yogurt with granola and half of a half of an English Muffin with lox
Lunch: Turkey Sandwich on Focaccia with an apple
Dinner: Turkey Burger with about 5 french fries. The turkey burger was no bueno.
That is to say, it was good if you open your mouth to take a bite of burger and taste turkey instead and have a pleasant reaction.
But if you open your mouth and hope against hope to taste beef or some form of beefiness and still taste turkey burger?
Well, in that way it was horrible. You follow me?
Day 15 Menu
Breakfast: Can I just explain? Let me explain… You see…I had made it two weeks. I had done really well. I had fasted from Coke for 15 days. I hadn’t missed working out but once.
Two donuts. There I said it. I’ll leave it there. No pictures that might cause you to stumble. You’re welcome.
Lunch: Wonderful, amazing, delicious lunch of Salmon Steak, multi-grain rice, and fresh steamed broccoli.
Dinner: 6 oz petite sirloin grilled, small side of rice, and corn on the cob from Chili’s. Woot! Go Guiltless Grill Menu!
Even though this challenge has been so hard in so many ways – I can’t lie and say that it hasn’t been rewarding as well. There is a great sense of accomplishment every time I complete a workout – or get through a meal thinking “that actually wasn’t bad…it was maybe even…delicious!”.  I can’t speak to where you might be in the challenge – but I can tell you that finding strength to say “no, I’m not doing it my way anymore because my way doesn’t work” has been very empowering. 
And to that I can only add that if you’re able – STICK IT OUT! Self-discipline has got to be the hardest thing, but it can be done. And by discipline, I of course am not referencing the 2 donuts I had for breakfast. No. Forget about that. Water under the bridge. Instead I keep reminding myself that change is a process. And change takes time. One day at a time. One meal at a time. One workout at a time. Mistakes, well that’s just life. But tenacity? That makes all the difference.
Don't lose your confidence if you slip
Be grateful for a pleasant trip
And pick yourself up
Dust yourself off, Start all over again.

January 13, 2012

Nothing Unhealthy (ish)–Days 11-12

31 Days of Nothing {Unhealthy}
This two days at a time posting is easier and harder.  Easier on me because my days are so packed with to-do’s, but harder because I kind of can’t remember what I ate the day before.  Amazing how fast we don’t commit that kind of detail to memory.  Don’t worry – I’ve got it all below.  But no real pics…my bad!

I’m happy to report that under severe duress (of my own making) I have gone 12 days without a Coke or soda, AND, I have completed all but one of my Couch 2 5K workouts!  Now, mind you – on my last workout Wednesday, I had to walk rather than run due to the whole “my knee is a cantaloupe” thing.  But I power walked and it was good stuff!  I do admit to feeling very empowered and good about myself when I work out.  That’s been a really nice benefit for sure.  On the other hand, the injuries I keep accruing are starting to get in the way – ugh!

And while we’re having this little chat – I would like to tell you that I am thoroughly frustrated with the challenge, still having no results in the weight department.  I have had many moments where I wasn’t sure the whole point…then I have to go back and re-read my own posts and try to remember…UGH. 

Not having a Coke has hit me very hard.  Oh so hard.  Much too hard.  I’m ready to cave on that part alone about ten times a day.

The hamburger and fry situation has gotten increasingly annoying for both AB and myself.  Please don’t bother encouraging us in the turkey burger/tofu burger direction with “baked” fries.  I recognize this is the healthier choice for such a craving, but it’s not happening.  Kind of an all or nothing.  At the moment, we’re keeping it to “nothing”, but man…

Today I’m off to Run/Walk my next Couch 2 5K set, and wish me luck – it’s freezing out there!!  Brrrr!

Daily Menus:


Breakfast:  The kids and I were running a bit late.  I had been day-dreaming for a week about a mocha and so it wasn’t hard to just make the leap.  The kids ate quickly and as we dropped Mister Q off to school  for the day, I ran through the Star-B’s drive-through.  I inquired if they were still offering their low-fat Blueberry Muffins.  The sad reply was “no”, so I ordered a low-fat, no whipped cream mocha (small).  When I got to the window, the gal handed me a bag and said “we want you to try our Low-Fat Berry Coffee Cake – on the house!  That way you might have something new to like in place in the muffin!”  So nice!!  And here I am to tell you that it was quite delicious and very light.  What a lovely treat! (that I can not afford physically to have more than once in a while – light or not)

Lunch:  Left-over homemade marinara – but I only had about a cup of cooked noodles.  That was it!

PM Snack:  3 pretzel rods (which I broke into 6 to fool myself into thinking I was getting more) with 2 tbls of Low-fat Garlic cream-cheese spread.  Yum.  1/2 cup fresh cut pineapple.

Dinner:  Well, it was bound to happen sooner or later – but I’m proud of us.  We went to our favorite Chinese Buffet.  It was a late night, and we really didn’t have the time to cook a full-on meal.  So off we went, and I can honestly tell you that Anton and I were SO GOOD!  We didn’t eat anything fried or covered in sauces, etc.  I stuck with sushi pieces – mostly raw fish on rice and a couple pieces of California type rolls.  AB stuck with fresh oysters, peel & eat shrimp, and sushi.  We both had a cup of soup.  No dessert! 

Breakfast: 1 cup of cereal – Life

Lunch:  A California roll, cup of miso soup, and a small salad with ginger dressing.  Oh!  And four pieces of Mackarel sashimi.  Soooo delish! Probably ate too much, but it was so good and I was on a special date with my little guy.

PM Snack: 1 cup popcorn

Dinner:  Kind of skipped it, and then AB and I decided to do a light “meat and cheese” snack.  We had some avocado, some prosciutto, some butterkaas. It was so good.  Now I wish I had taken a picture.

Now I'm re-reading the food listed above and getting a bird's-eye view into why I haven't lost any weight.  UGGGGH!  

Don’t forget to check in on all our friends taking the challenge and blogging about it (or supposed to be blogging about it!)


January 10, 2012

Nothing Unhealthy–Days 9 & 10

Admit it – you thought I fell off the back of the non-fat choo-choo, didn’t you?  Well, I figured I deserved a break somewhere – and if it can’t be with an ice-cold coke (drooooool) then it might as well be here. 

I’ll do a brief Menu re-cap:

Day 9 – Menu

Breakfast: 1 cup of Life cereal

Lunch: Turkey sandwich, much like the ones I’ve already posted about, with a few strawberries

PM Snack:  Wheat Thins with Hummus dip, half cup pineapple chunks (fresh)

Dinner:  AB made a delicious salmon with a garlic avocado side, fresh steamed green beans, and lime-cilantro rice.  I can’t even tell you how delicious it all was…


Day 10 – Menu

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs on whole grain bread with just a dab of mayo. 

Lunch: Chicken Fresco Burrito from Taco Bell.  Yes, I know I broke my own rule with fast-food – but I will break it for Taco Bell because I really appreciate their low-fat/low-cal Fresco menu

PM Snack: Cheeze-its.  Sooo good.

Dinner: Carnitas Tacos made by the amazing Chef Boy.  I seriously don’t know how he does it – but I might be able to name on one hand the number of meals in 12 years that have not turned out fantastic.  It’s uncanny!  This was his first pass at carnitas and can I just tell you?  OMG.  He slow cooked them all day and the house smelled like heaven.  I added a very light layer of sour cream, a layer of guacamole, a small amount of his lime-cilantro rice, red onion, and some fresh chopped cilantro leaves and fresh cut pineapple.  Oh people…it was so delicious.  I had two.  No help for it.  I loved every. single. bite. 


All in all – our morale is pretty decent around here.  I think we’re doing well.  Don’t get me wrong, we are craving juicy burgers and crispy fries in a BIG BAD HORRIBLE WAY.   But we keep hanging on.  I’m proud of that.  I’m also proud of the fact that we have made some amazing meals (low in fat and calories) – rather than our usual “whatever” recipes.  We’ve also reduced our portion sizes by half.  Yes, by half.  So whatever you see in the pics?  Yeah, that’s NOT the normal portion.  Not even close.  Haven’t had a coke in ten days and proud of it.  I’ve done three of the four Couch 2 5K exercises, and only missed due my Saturday workout due to my foot injury. 

It’s tempting to lose heart.  I haven’t lost a single solitary pound after over a week of smaller portions, three heavy cardio routines of running/walking, low-fat/low-cal recipes, more sleep, and no soda.  Not a pound.  I had the injury to my right foot that I talked about last time, and this morning I woke up to injury #2 – a very, very swollen and sore left knee.  I’ve been icing it, but it’s no beuno.   All of this could get me down EXCEPT: friends, this isn’t about the fast track competition to losing weight.  Keep on remembering that it’s ONLY ABOUT making healthier choices for 31 days.  (and beyond if you can!)  It’s not about losing pounds – but I have to remind myself of that daily.  It’s not about eating every. single. day. perfectly in line with the food pyramid – though, Lord knows I keep trying.  It’s not about working out three days a week or five, or whatever.  It’s about healthier choices all around.  Sleep more.  Eat less.  Pay attention to what you put down your gullet.  Get outside and move.  Ditch the soda/beer/juice.  Learn new recipes that are good for you and your heart and your mind and your vital organs.  Find ways to moderate your portions.  All of this combined to help you spend a month learning about how to take better care of yourself.  That’s what it’s about at the end of the day. 

And for heaven’s sake – don’t beat yourself up if you have a stinkin’ piece of chocolate. 

The Mustache Mafia will do it for you…



January 9, 2012

Nothing Unhealthy–Day 8

So week two began and with it, a mound of laundry roughly the height of my son.  That ain’t no bull people…
(the shame)


Thankfully, it was a designated family work day. 
Lucky for me, AB tackled this pile with brute force – and by nightfall, seven loads were cleaned and put where they belong. 

Thank you for all the encouragement and kind words about my foot.  It is feeling a bit better, and if it doesn’t rain tomorrow, I’ll likely try to get outside and walk. 

I was reminded by doing some research today, that the goal of this challenge is not about how much weight you can lose in a month.  That’s not even the point of the challenge.  The point is to put good health practices into your routine for a month.  The goal is to see if they stick after the challenge has ended!  It’s not a diet.   It’s not a competition.  It’s just a personal challenge.  It’s a self-discipline, as are all of the challenges I’m doing here.  It’s about pushing yourself out of the routine, beyond your comfort zone, and seeing if you can find ways to improve your life and the lives of those around you.  Just in the past week alone, I have had many deeply thoughtful moments.  Many times when I have asked myself “who are you doing this for”, the answer varied – but at the end of the day, I can only do it for me.   Not only for the benefit of weight-loss – but surely that is a wonderful by-product of healthier living.  The true benefit is my overall health and wellness.  How I feel.  My energy level.  The long-term impact of a healthier lifestyle – not just for me, but for my husband and children and those who love me. 

I once heard someone say “at the end of the day, make sure your excuses are believable to you”.  Truly, they haven’t been for a long time…I’m just lazy.  That’s the truth.  The state of my health is a result of my own poor choices and lack of willpower.  So there it is…

Today’s Menu:

Breakfast:  Greek Yogurt with strawberries & granola. 

Lunch: The most wonderful homemade roasted tomato marinara with pasta.  AB really took his time creating this beautiful pasta sauce and used all fresh produce (three kinds of tomatoes, fresh zucchini, squash, and onions), herbs, and other delish ingredients.  It was so tasty and I kept thinking…”how will I ever eat from a jar after this?”  (after thinking "how will I ever avoid two helpings!?) He also whipped up an awesome ragu using a lean ground turkey.  Seriously….who could fail this challenge with AB in the kitchen?  Now I ask you!



Dinner:  We went the leftovers route.  Lots of items piling up and we didn’t want food to go to waste.  I had (eek!) more pasta, this time with just a little salt and pepper, a handful of grapes, and some carrots dipped in low-cal Caesar dressing.  And when I say “dipped” – I mean sparingly.  As in, hardly at all.  Yay, me!  The carbs though…too much pasta for one day.  Double eek!

No desserts and no snacking.  Also?  I cleaned the master bathroom and scrubbed the floor on my hands and knees.  Listen up, my friends.  This is no joke – this scrubbing the floor by hand.  I thought I was going to pass out after 20 minutes.  But afterward, I noticed something strikingly similar to working out – I had worked up a sweat, an increased heart-rate, and felt flushed.  Whoever said cleaning isn’t akin to working out – clearly hasn’t had to clean my bathroom.  Triple eek!

January 8, 2012

Nothing Unhealthy–Day 7–One week over

31 Days of Nothing {Unhealthy}

Well, I guess it’s official.  I’m living proof that you can eat better, stop drinking soda, and exercise – all in the same week – and live to tell.  Who knew?  Haven’t lost a pound, if you must know – but the jeans are fitting looser – so it must be the weight shifting around.  Shift away!  Anything that keeps me from having to open my pants at the dinner table.

On the other hand, I’ve already injured myself.  Good times.

So…yeah…last night as I was regaling to Anton how awesome I did on my 2nd run/walk – I kept shifting and shifting my right foot (which had been in pain since said run).  Finally, I took off my shoes and tried to rub my foot under the toe area and WOWZA.  OUCH!  Major pain.  Feels like someone is jabbing a knife into my big toe/ball of my big toe.  I winced and took some Motrin.  By bedtime, I could hardly put any weight on it.  By morning it was feeling only slightly better – but tonight it’s right back to pain and misery. 
We started doing some research tonight since the pain was not subsiding and think I might have a slight case of Sesamoiditis – which is essentially the fracture of the tiny bones in the ball of your big toe.  CRINGE!  It happens from running.  The pain certainly makes sense for that.  I am part laughing because I’ve run all of two times/ part crying because I feel kind of hacked off because I’ve only run twice and already seem to have a pretty decent injury.  And let’s be honest – this running I’m doing is really wimpy running.  Not like I’m actually running.  Ahem. 
Regardless, it is most likely because 1. I’m overweight.  2. I had CRAPPY shoes (which coincidentally I just replaced today with really nice running shoes) and 3. I think I run on the balls of my feet.  Apparently, if you haven’t exercised in a while, this can be common.  Also if you’re like an expert runner and run uphill or whatever…I don't know, I kinda lost interest when they said “expert” and “uphill”.  I’m lucky to make it 14 feet without collapsing.
SO.  Bottom line is this: I have not done my 3rd run.  I am just not ready to begin Couch 2 5K, Week 2 yet, since I haven’t been able to master the running for Week 1.  And I’m crying in my soup over here that I have this very painful foot. 
My goal is to: nurse the foot.  Ice it.  Whatever they say to do, which in this case is:  “Minor cases call for a strict period of rest, along with the use of a modified shoe or a shoe pad to reduce pressure on the affected area.”  Ummm, clearly they aren’t aware of my challenge this month.  I’m going to see how I feel Monday.  At the very least, I’d like to continue walking briskly.
Meanwhile, here’s the menu for today:
Breakfast: 1 cup Cheerios with about four strawberries cut up and added in.

Lunch: Tomato Basil Soup and Caesar Salad with Chicken – ok, I think I ate too much of this.  Coulda, woulda, shoulda.

Dinner: Awesome meal by the wonderfully talented AB.  Filet mignon, fresh spinach, and mushroom rice.  It was soooooo good.  I could have kept right on eating seconds…but I settled for what I had and it was a treat!  I would like to note that my portion of rice was not nearly as large as this picture makes it look.  It was maybe 1/2 cup, if that.  Delicious!  Meanwhile, that green beauty sitting atop my steak is fried spinach.  Before you judge, it’s a garnish and it is so delicious.  AND, the other spinach to the right of it is not fried.  Just steamed down.  Yes, I definitely indulged myself by eating those two.  Maybe two more.  I’m neither confirming, nor denying.  The sauce was made with lo-fat ingredients and is mostly beef broth.  

Still, that man knows how to love me right.  Can I get an amen?!

Happy Sunday, everyone!  Wish me luck on nursing this foot!!

January 7, 2012

Nothing Unhealthy–Day 6

I have a couple good things to report and a so-so/kinda shabby thing to report.

The good things are this:  it’s Saturday and I get to spend this wonderful weekend hanging out and and playing Hi-Ho Cherry-o, Play-Doh, and Candyland with these two cuties:

IMG_9116    IMG_9115    IMG_9119

Another great thing is that I completed Day 2 of my Couch 2 5K Challenge today!  Not only did it feel much better (not great, mind you, but better) this time around – but I ran almost 6 of the 8 sets of running.   The first 5 and then the last one.  I  was less winded, more able to stay focused, and my IPOD hung in there this time with a great playlist.  All around a much better workout and I felt so good afterwards.  I can see how you can really work up your stamina in a short amount of time with just a little persistence.

A so-so/kinda shabby thing is that my overall menu for the day kinda stunk. 

Daily Menu

Breakfast:  Was actually a brunch and I kept it to a small portion of egg casserole/potato casserole, a very small scone, and a small mound of fresh fruit.  I attempted a cup o’ joe, but it made me feel kinda shaky and so I backed off and opted for water.  (what is happening to me – she asks tongue in cheek?!?!?!)

Lunch:  Half a turkey sandwich on whole-wheat with only a dab of low-cal mayo and some spicy brown mustard.  3 (yes, only 3 because I ran out of time) blackberries

PM Snack: Hummus dip with 8 wheat-thins and four cucumber slices.  Handful of grapes.

Dinner: (enter DeathStar music here) The kids and I were solo, and we ate at Chipotle.  I had a bowl, and guac…and chips.  Only redeeming factor – avoided Coke and had water. 

My deep love and affection not to be forgotten, but I didn’t enjoy it quite as much, felt really full and yucky afterward, and still feel the affects of such a large meal almost five hours later.  What the heck???  All in all, I don’t regret it – because it was a good teaching tool for me.  I should have ordered the salad but I had my usual (the bowl).  Next time, I’ll know better.

For the record, I don’t think I’ll ever be the girl who eats only spectacularly healthy food.  I plan on incorporating the foods I love, in moderation, and with slight revisions.  I love Chipotle.  If I have to go with half a bowl, or a salad instead – now I know!

Emotionally, I feel good.  It hasn’t been as bad as I thought – mostly because I’ve been too busy to notice terribly much.  On the other hand, it’s a struggle to part with my Coke – but that’s a whole nother’ post that’s coming soon!  Don’t forget to visit all these great people and see how their challenges are going: (if you don’t see your blog listed, and you’re blogging through the challenge, be sure to leave a comment so I can get you added!)


By the way, how's your challenge going?