February 15, 2013

My Funny Valentines

Feb 2013 Keira Heart - border

Feb 2013 Kids Heart - Valentines

Feb 2013 Quint 2 - Border

Happy belated Valentines Day!  We had lots of fun with this holiday over the past couple weeks.  We made cards, I created hand-print canvases for the kids (love capturing those little hands!), made felt owls in fun colors, ate way too much candy (well, we might have been doing that longer than the past two weeks), had our pictures taken, and decorated our house with hearts and little love reminders.

You people know me.  I’m a  total sucker for holidays.  And as Wal-Mart so graciously reminded me last night – Easter is “batter up”!  My gosh…at 9pm, they were pulling it all down and shoving up Easter as fast as the two disinterested staff could manage.  Heh.

Anton treated me to a lovely date night – complete with Sushi and my very favorite frozen yogurt.  Despite having a really relaxing time, we realized mid-date that having regular date nights took a lot of pressure off of V-Day for us.  Yes, we loved it – and we did special things for each other that were above.  That part was extra and fun!  But each Thursday, as it has stood for the last couple years, we have made time for ourselves together.  We have a standing sitter, and we head out for a few hours.  Even if it’s just to Starbucks with laptops to catch up on our work – we do it!  But mostly it’s a meal together (from burger joints to sushi) and some time for us to decompress and recharge.  Sometimes we stop by the grocery store to wander isles uninterrupted, and sometimes we squeeze a movie in.  Sometimes we have an agenda and sometimes we pull out of the driveway and say “where are we going?”  It’s the act of making the time that has been so meaningful, rather than the actual places we end up.  And let’s be honest – not every single time has been a big WIN!  Life is full of pressures and stress – sometimes, those creep into Date Night. But that has never kept us from venturing out and enjoying the respite that the night invariably brings.

What did you do for Valentine’s Day?  I’d love to hear!

BTW – Feeling MIGHTY miserable for all those people who were still trying to get off that Carnival Cruise last night at 9pm.  What a horrible way to spend Valentine’s – I guess they won’t be forgetting that anytime soon!  (A friend’s mom was on the ship….I cannot IMAGINE!)