September 12, 2011

Day 12 and I can feel the halfway point…

...calling my name.  Saying YOU MADE IT.  Sigh…I really wanted Baskin-Robbins tonight.

You see, tonight was Quint’s first night at Awana – which is just the cutest program.  Sorta like Boy/Girl Scouts but for Church.  Lots of scripture memorization, games, fun coloring, stories, singing, etc.  And don’t forget the badges you can earn!  Well, for a child with a fairly good speech delay – this just seems so difficult.  But we pressed on – because I just feel exposure is better than holing up at home.  I  was humbled to learn that his Cubbies leader, a great guy I get the privilege of singing with on Sundays, is very familiar with what Quint is going through.  His son also struggled with speech delay, and didn’t speak at all until he was three.  I couldn’t ask for a better gift!  It takes patience to work with kids dealing with speech delay.  Lots of patience – but Quint was right at home with Mr. D, and I could tell it would be a good year for him.  I’m particularly fond of the little Cubby vest…brings back all kinds of memories for me. 


So yes.  Afterward.  It was such a beautiful night, and we let the kids play on the church playground for just a bit.  I told AB, I realllllllly want to go take the kids for an ice-cream right now.  To which he said “no”.  To his credit, he did follow it up with “but I’ll make you a bowl of ice-cream at home”.  Sigh…not the same as watching the moon and stars while enjoying Pistachio Almond.  Double sigh…

30-Days of Nothing Challenge

Today’s menu was rushed.  We had a bit much on the “plate”, pardon the pun, and it was hard to get meals squeezed in.  So no pics today…

Breakfast:  Cereal.  Shocking, I know.  Does it help that it was “Life”?  Mikey likes it?

Lunch:  Keira and I had more leftovers.  I know this sounds bleak, but when you eat a home all the time, you have a wide variety of left-overs to choose from.  Not too shabby!

Dinner:  Pizza and salad.  No, not the kind you order that’s all perfect and cheesy and wonderful and gooey.  (whimper)  And no, not the kind you hand-toss and make yourself that’s all wonky, but amazing.  Just a frozen pizza that Anton dresses up, if you will.  It was actually quite tasty!

Meanwhile, the best part is that on Saturday, we were able to spend a nice long time together at the park.  And the best part for me was watching the kiddos have such fun with their Daddy…best belly laughs ever. 


Hope your Monday was productive and that if you’re participating in this challenge, you are feeling the pains of the Day 12 stretch to half-way.  Go, go, go!!!

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Kayce said...

You're doing fabulous and I know that desire to have ice cream and enjoy the beautiful night...we wanted to do that BADLY last night! We just got a Yogurtland (which is conveniently located right next door to Chipotle) and I'm dying for some of that yogurt yumminess!

shelley said...

It IS nice that our hubs are really supporting us on this cuz, I am with you on cheating sometimes. You just don't realize how much we treat with food. Anytime we are feeling lovely or want to celebrate we eat, I guess that is why the modeling world isn't calling me...hee hee. I am so thankful to you for throwing this challenge out here. I have so many aha moments and I have really made some serious changes. Thanks so much girl.

I didn't even go in our Chinese store this week so I didn't have to look at the beautiful mooncakes and want to buy. We made our own with sugar cookies and strawberry jam in the middle. They tasted alot better than real mooncakes anyway.

Keep up the good work!