September 29, 2011

Days 28 & 29–The Wall Hit Me

I know it seems a little ridiculous to have complaints on the last few days of this challenge – but I think if nothing else bothers you in a month like this where you’ve sworn off spending, then the total inconvenience of it will seek you out and hit you in the head.  Translation to that babble = if you don’t hit the wall, the wall will hit you. 

I’ve come across no less than 547 reasons to break the challenge this week alone.  It has been a DOOSEY.  There are so many moments of inconvenience.  The three nights when AB couldn’t make it home for dinner, and the kids and I were floundering trying to come up with yet another meal that mommy can’t burn.  That’s me hitting the wall.  Then we drive by a Taco Bell and the kids start hollering “Taco Bell!  Taco Bell!  Take us to Taco Bell!” and that’s when the wall hits you.  Oh yes.  It does.

Or like this morning when I had fasted for over twelve hours for some blood work – and immediately after leaving the doctors office, I am overcome with the need to eat anything – I don’t  care – crackers!  Whatever!  I’m slightly woosie and need some food.  That’s me hitting the wall, because I would have normally thought nothing of grabbing a quick bite through a drive-through.  But passing about twelve fast food /starbucks/donut joints on the way home?  That was the wall hitting me

Tomorrow is the last day and maybe I’m being a big baby, but I am SO GLAD.  I’m not saying we didn’t learn anything – because, I’m here to tell ya – you can’t go through this and not get anything out of it.  That’s for darn sure.  But I am saying, it was certainly an exercise in showing me how impractical our lives have become.  Oh no, I understand that we think we’re being practical most of the time with all our spending decisions.  I think I’m being practical when I swing through a drive-through.  But the reality is, when you stop spending frivolously, when you start using what you already have, when you start improvising, and when you start making use of the resources available to you – that’s when you realize how impractical everything else really is.  When your family is back around the table every night.  When your fun involves trips to the library, parks, playdates with friends, and picnic lunches.  When you find yourself inviting a friend over for breakfast instead of meeting somewhere – thus opening the door and your home to a more intimate and engaging environment.  When….when…when…

We’ve lost a lot in the name of convenience.  I don’t even think we realize how much.

But I’m not gonna be preaching that sermon today.  Because I am after all a creature of my environment and I am, as I said, SO GLAD it’s over.  If for nothing else than the farewell to any guilt I might have felt cheating on you.  Because each of you held me accountable.  And I could not see myself writing to tell you that I blew it.  That we gave in and killed it.  Instead I get to tell you that we made it and we finished strong.

Day 28 Menu

Breakfast: Cerealllllll. 

Lunch:  Pizza for me and my girl!  (It’s not delivery…it’s DiGornio)


Dinner:  Anton made pork chops, green beans, and homemade pasta.  Yes.  Pasta.  I wanted to sit with the entire bowl, in a corner, and growl at anyone who approached me.  It was that good.


Day 29 Menu – no pics…so sorry

Breakfast:   Cereal for the kids.  Are you even reading at this point? Snooore.

Lunch:  I had a coupon for a free chicken sandwich from Chick-fil-A.  Hit the SPOT!

Dinner:  Rushed night after a fun trip to the library  = mac n cheese

Tomorrow we visit OUR FINAL DAY!  And since I have dinner plans with girlfriends (don’t worry, no cost involved) – the pics will be minimal – but oh…I can smell the freedom now!

This pic I’m just sharing because the world needs to know about my daughter’s deep affinity for BONES. Chicken…on the bone. Steak…on the bone. Pork Chops…on the bone. Whatever. She get’s ridiculously excited to gnaw on a bone. And girlfriend can clean it up, too! A girl after her Daddy’s heart…no doubt about it.

Here’s an article I caught about cutting back on food expense!


shelley said...

I am glad it is the last day too. My children have not touched the ground today knowing that Daddy will bring home donuts tomorrow.

Thanks again for doing this....can't wait to see what is next.

Anna said...

Alright, fess up. How does he make homemade pasta?!?