September 26, 2011

Day 25 & 26….the heat is on

30-Days of Nothing Challenge

Here we are friends.  Staring down the final four days of the September 30 Days of Nothing Challenge!  In some ways, I can’t believe how fast the month flew by.  Truly!  In other ways though, I have experienced a lot of double-takes on my own impulses.  My spending impulses.  In some cases, I’ve been sad at how instinctively the need to eat out, or buy this or that has come up.  In others, I’ve been flat out mad that I got us into this mess in the first place.  I mean, who says to themselves “you can’t spend your own money for a month”?  Not very many.  But these people did….(have you stopped in to encourage them?)

And actually, many of you have – but just haven't blogged about it.

And for what it’s worth, we did

It has not always been easy, but I’m proud to say that we completely stuck to it.  Outside of a couple runs to my “other love” Chipotle – courtesy my friend Mr. Greg, we’ve stayed the course.  We can truly say that we just did. not. spend.  No dining out.  No coffee runs.  No extras.  No Halloween costume that I really wanted to get Quint today that was 25% off and the only one left in his size…..(breathe)….none of that.  Not once.  And I think that’s pretty spectacular by today's standards.

Day 25 Menu

Breakfast: Eggs in a Hole, courtesy Pioneer Woman.  Fun, huh?  The kids LOVE it…


Nevermind the eggs…look at that bacon….mmmmmmm.  AB truly does make the best bacon.  It’s a fact.

Lunch:  We had leftovers.  We were all home, and enjoying our day of rest.  So we just pulled a bunch of stuff out of the fridge and went to it.  Sometimes, those are the best lunches…lots of good memories of doing that when I was a kid with my parents on a Sunday afternoon after church. 

Dinner:  The prettiest Tri-Trip you’ve ever seen.  No, seriously…My Aunt J wants me to ship Anton off to her when he’s done cooking for us.  Hmmm, might be hard to part with him after this meal!


Also?  I had never had collard greens.  Just the name, “collard”, didn’t appeal.  You know?  Which is really lame of me, it turns out, because AB made them with some chopped onion and jalapeno (just enough heat to make them insanely good) and they were almost the best part of the meal.  And that’s saying a lot when you’re up against the tri-trip…so delicious – nice one, Honey!


Day 26 Menu – Today was a blah day – both in food, life, etc.  Quint was at school, AB had to work both jobs, and we had Awana tonight.  So all in all – no pics, and a fairly boring menu.  On the other hand…it’s all about accountability, so you get to read it anyway.  Tantalizing, no?

Breakfast:  Cereal.  Woohoooooo.

Lunch:  Keira and I had sandwiches, which were quite tasty.  But I do love a good sandwich.  As long as the bread is super fresh.  Right, Mom?

Dinner:  Whole chicken, fresh fruit, sliced French bread with butter.  It was very good – but we were in much to big of a hurry to capture pics

Meanwhile, I have to share that as we were cleaning up dinner Sunday night (which we all do together), AB put on some music and the kids got silly…and before we knew it, we were all dancing around.  Which was hilarious enough in itself (and honestly, some of the moments in our little family that I cherish deeply) – but Quint took it up a notch when he disappeared to his room and returned as DJ Snazzy Diddy Q Flav-o-Flav….

That’s a clip-on tie people…so ya’ll bettah’ recognize….shoot…

I love this boy beyond description.


shelley said...

Your boy can represent!! Thanks for the challenge, I think I am ready for the next one...

Kayce said...

Love your Q! :)

I've SO loved this challenge and it couldn't have made a bigger impact in our home. Thank you girl!