September 20, 2011

Days 19 and 20 - Next week already?

I was looking at the calendar.  Just glaring glancing.  Merely obsessing checking in on where we were.  I was presently surprised and happy to realize that even though I’ve been too busy to really care (cough, *much) – the challenge ends next week.  In a way, I’m sad.  It’s been fun posting almost daily and having something to look forward to.  It’s been so great to read your e-mails and comments and to follow those of you that are playing along.  It’s been really good for us in many ways, of which I’m sure I’ll regale to you in some way to winded post.  I’m feeling really blessed by the process.  How about you?

So yes, ten days left.  I almost can’t believe it.  It has been MUCH, MUCH easier this time around – compared to 2009.  Not gonna lie – that was a beating!  I don’t know what’s so different – except for maybe that I have two little kids in the tantrum phase and never leave the house to avoid TMC.  Total Meltdown Central.  There’s that.  Hmmm…

The menu for the last couple days is a bit boring – but I’ll share because it’s how I roll.


Breakfast: Waffles with strawberries.  Wanna see that beauty again?  Why, yes…I have it right here


Lunch:  It was just Keira and I, and we ate whatever we found.   Can’t even remember now.  Sandwiches?  I don’t know…

Dinner:  Tilapia in a lemon butter sauce, fresh Zucchini and Squash with garlic and onion, and Mushroom Rice.  Before you praise the man…lo and behold….the woman made it.  Yes.  Yes, she did.



Breakfast: Egg scramble, sausage, pancakes.  What?  Isn’t that what you have every morning?  I know.  I need Jillian Michaels.


Lunch:  Well, first of all – I was by myself.  Can we just take a moment there?  Doesn’t happen very often, people.  I had a turkey sandwich.  Wanna see that lovely again too?  Twist my arm.  And you can think of me, sitting there at my dining room table in complete silence eating all the goodness that was my sandwich.  It was a beautiful moment.


Dinner:  Well…it was a rough one.  AB wasn’t here.  And I know, you now have the “Tilapia” meal as evidence that I lie like a rug.  But let’s just clarify: I don’t enjoy cooking.  I will only do it if I have to or have nothing else to feed the kids.  I’m just not into it at all.  AB on the other hand – loves it.  Wants me only as a sous chef when we’re both home at dinner time.  Loves creating.  You’ve seen his work.  You know I don’t lie.  But I digress.  Where were we?  Oh yes.  The boy had ham sandwich and fresh fruit – because it’s what he wanted.  Keira and I had leftover spaghetti and fresh fruit.  Because it was all that was left in the way of pre-made.  No pics.  So sorry…not interesting enough…

Meanwhile, last night was Quint’s first official night at Awana – Cubbies.  Can I tell you a secret?  I love this little man so much it makes my heart hurt.  He and I have had our share of issues, but he is light and love in my heart.  That’s a post that ‘s brewing.  But seriously, tell me he’s not ornery as the dickens and charming as he can be!?!

Hello, son! Can you smile for Mommy in your brand new Cubbies Vest?

You cutie!

Oh, is that your funny face? I love it!

Wait! Where are you going?

Only 56 more pictures? Please?

Oh you’re really leaving. You little stinker!

Sorry, did I mention ten more days?  10.  Who’s with me?


Anna said...

Woo Hoo!!! 10 more days! Can't wait!

shelley said...

We are with you to the end....maybe even then some! I am also so proud of us for using all leftovers. I feel better about not throwing away food this month. I am the worst at eating leftovers.

That cute

Kayce said...

I can't believe only 10 more days! Thank you SO much for challenging us all to do this....THANK YOU!!!! A light has shined for us in this challenge and we are so grateful!

I want Jenny to do Awana at our church but ours is 6:30pm and man that's a tough time for a toddler, at least ours! Hopefully next year we'll figure out away for it to work for our girl. So glad your Q is enjoying it.

Sis said...

Ok, he is seriously adorable!!!!!!!!