September 14, 2011

Days 13-14…I felt the sting

It’s because life has been so completely insanely busy.  That’s why I felt the sting.  And so, while running myself ragged yesterday – I called Anton.  You see, I am weak, friends.  On my way to the doctor’s office (because little man has ear infections) I realized that I had failed to lay out anything for dinner.  Translation = it would be leftovers or sandwiches.  Ugh.  Done with that.  So yes, I called AB and probably in a less than desirable tone, begged asked nicely if we could break our spending fast for one night (just one night, I pleaded!) and meet somewhere in the middle for dinner.  I know.  Trust me, I know.  Shameful.  But I had a moment of weakness. 

The good news is, Anton said “no”.  And probably if it hadn’t been for his strong resolve, I would have ruined this challenge ten times.  But man…I felt the sting of wanting to eat out – for the sake of convenience.  The idea of just “getting it over with” was so appealing…the thought that we could just “grab a bite” and not have the mess to deal with.  (the dishes alone deter me substantially from being strong…after cleaning up three meals a day)  I wanted so badly to just give in to my desire. 

When it all boiled down – we met at home, kids in tow.  We had a lovely, lovely dinner.  And the most ironic part?  I have a cold and by that point, couldn’t taste hardly a darn thing.  Apparently it was spicy.  Who knew?  Not me…that’s who.  Anton ribbed me and said “aren’t you glad we didn’t give in and eat out?  You wouldn’t have been able to taste a bit of it!”  And he’s right!  How disappointing would that have been?  Broken the challenge, spent the cash, and not been able to enjoy it at all.  Yay for resolve and at least one person in this that would like to see it through.

I share this little “diddy” with you to encourage you.  Because the truth is, I wouldn’t be doing the challenge if it were easy.  If it was something that was no-big.  I’m just as bad at spending as the rest.  I’m just as weak.  I’m just as prone to convenience.  I think about Starbucks every day.  Chipotle?  Don’t get me started.  I told Anton last night that having my Burrito Bowl from Chipotle would have transcended my inability to taste.  I won’t elaborate, but I might have said something about it being a quasi-holy experience, and that I would supernaturally be able to taste it anyway.  Cough.  I might have.  Moving on…

The point is this:  spending is a cultural norm.  Over-spending is COMMON.  Normal.  Acceptable.  Saving, frugality, not eating out, not indulging at every turn, living on a budget – all very counter-culture.  That’s what makes this challenge so difficult.  I could go into how much shock we were in after we returned from Africa.  The cultural difference in wanting/spending/having stuff – truly humbling.  We got home and didn’t know at first what to think.  We felt so guilty of our INDULGENT behaviors.  Everything we needed was right at our fingertips.  We wanted for nothing.  And the saddest part was – no one seemed to notice.  We’re very caught up in our life, our needs, our wants, our desires.  Taking on a challenge like this forces you to look at how you instinctively first desire and then acquire STUFF.  It’s not just about saving a dollar or two or even two hundred.  It’s about pattern recognition.  It’s about discipline.  And it’s tough…

Day 13 Menu -

Breakfast: Waffles with Strawberries.  Tell me this doesn’t look good? 


She thinks so!  Love her little bed-head.  Love her!

Lunch:  The kids were at school, so they had their bentos.  But I just stuck with a frozen Chimichanga.  It was actually pretty darn good.  I’ll spare you the picture of that. (By the way – Mom’s out there thinking of trying the Bento Lunch Style – I have such a better rate of my kids eating their whole lunch when I do bentos.   Total difference from the typical lunch I used to make them.  You can find all kinds on Amazon.)

Dinner:  So yummy (I think?  Taste would have helped!)  Anton made a lovely Chipotle (drool….the word makes me twitchy) Steak with an onion garnish.  We prefer our red meat on the med-rare side.  The baby brussels were so yum!


Day 14 Menu -

Breakfast: I made muffins.  Let me explain.  There is a package.  I put it in a bowl and add milk.  Then I stir it.  Amen.


Lunch:  Mushroom Risotto (prepared meal) & fruit

Dinner: Lovely, lovely, lovely.  Anton made the most delectable Apple Stuffed Pork Chops with a hint of heat (we’re willing Fall to come and ignore our triple digits), Mac n Cheese, and Broccoli.  Oh people.  This is COMFORT food.  So darn tasty…

Look at my handsome chef!


In closing I would like to say that Quint pretty much summed up my whole month in this one shot.  Remember when you were a kid and you could just “crash” anywhere?  I miss those days of smelling my mom cooking dinner while I played in my room, or watched cartoons, or fell asleep on the couch after school.  When Dad came home, we knew dinner would follow shortly.  I miss those days…

I also miss that Mom did the dishes afterward…there’s that.  Open-mouthed smile 

Seriously, how big does he look here? 
Do you remember when he was the tiniest little baby?  Sigh…
He’ll be four in two months.


Sandie said...

As always...completely delightful!

Kayce said...

Oh girl! I've been struggling all week. Thank you for the encouragement! I've got a post started but haven't had time to finish and publish...must make some time!!

Lynda said...

Way to go Anton! Honestly with a husband who can cook like that I can't see why you'd waste money going out. Your right though it is a convenience thing and that develops bad habits that cost us in the long run. Hang in there and I agree with Kayce thank you for the encouragement, and for your honesty. It is called a "challenge" for a reason : )