September 3, 2011

Day 3 - I heard the bells

The bells.  Ah, yes.  They are the tingling in your mind.  The sound of want.  The distant jingle jangle of what could be, with merely the swipe of a debit card.  

I heard Chipotle, friends. 

It called to me tonight.  Just a bit.  Jingle, jingle…right about the time I was trying to decide how to feed myself and the children.  Rather, what to feed us.  But I use the word “how” because I am so woefully inept in the kitchen. 

So yes, Day 3 and I’m already hearing the bells.  Not a great sign – but 27 days left to go and I can already guarantee you that I will be first in the lunch line at “Big C” on October 1st.  Can’t be helped.

Moving on…

Today's Menu had only one, and I mean ONE precious highlight.  That, my friends, was breakfast.  AB was back in the kitchen and I have to say, my mouth was watering just watching the prep of my favorite morning meal.  I give you, Anton's Eggs Benedict: (an AB specialty for sure)


IMG_5856-rev - 3


Seriously.  No…SERIOUSLY.  Who gets up on their Saturday and takes such great joy in preparing this wonderful treat for their wife and kiddos?  And people, my kids CLEANED THEIR BOWLS.  Nothing left.  Not a drop.  This man can COOK.  And yes, the Hollandaise sauce is homemade – from scratch – totally and utterly melt in your mouth amazing.  Amen.

Lunch was a wash – we were still full from our amazing breakfast, so it consisted more or less of some casual snacking on left-overs. 

Dinner – I’m embarrassed to admit was of little substance.  We still weren’t that hungry. (Way to go AB keeping our tanks going all day!)  Since Anton had to work, we were left to our own devices and it was pared down, to say the least.  Ok, I’m beating around the bush.  It was fruit and yogurt.  Also some cheese and salami slices.  Very light.  The kids were deliriously happy not to have MEAT/RICE/VEGGIE pushed on them for a night, and I was happy to have found a way around putting a pan on the stove.  Lazy.  I know.

Which is where I come full-circle in telling you that this was about the time when I heard the bells.  Calling to me.  “Burrito Bowl”….”Chips with Lime Salt”….”guac”….oh. my. gah.  And then I remembered something:  having all of that means two things.  1) that I have eaten very well for dinner and silenced the bells, and 2) that I have failed miserably three days into a challenge that I knew full-well would be difficult for me.   Enter sad face here.  Can’t fail.  Not an option.  My debit card is quite happy to have a rest.  No guts, no Chipotle GLORY.

Also?  I’ve heard from many of you in the Challenge to say that you’re struggling as well.  Starbucks, pedicures, purses, shoes, not to mention all the Labor Day sales this weekend.  I can only say to that – BE STRONG.  You can DO THIS!  Remember; everything that you never knew you even needed will be beckoning you.  Opportunities will seem way too good to pass up. 

Pumpkin Spice Latte’s will seem completely and utterly irresistible.

You WILL hear the bells.

Keep walking, friend.  Just keep walking.


Anna said...

You fed them a great dinner! Sounds like something I would have done myself. Last night we had breakfast for dinner. They were in heaven with the pancakes!

sweet momma luv u said...

Yumm-O!!! Those look outstanding. Is he a cook by trade or something? Yes, I can't wait until Oct. 1 so I can go and get that Pumpkin Spice Latte!!!

It is a fun challenge Christie! I am enjoying it.
= )

Sis said...

wow, love to hear about this journey! Keep it up! you are doing great!

Lynda said...

Breakfast looked delicious!! Keep going that's why we join these public forums to help keep us inspired. Yesterday was left overs for us, so today I need to be creative. Still working on the menu. I love a challenge and am determined to see things through.
Good luck - hang in there and all that other encouraging stuff : )

Young Creations said...

Sounds like you are doing a great job. I can't imagine being such a good cook like AB. One year for New Years, Adam made his resolution for me to become a better cook. Pa-the-tic. But take a look, I made the recipe you suggested for breakfast and Adam was super excited when I served it to him again this am. Yippee Go Mama. We are hanging on the couch today, so $ challenges are few today.


shelley said...

STUPID STUPID STUPID labor day sales...they make me sick. Somehow that isn't working well. Although, I do have to brag on myself AND tell something embarrassing. I have watched tv this weekend (not done much)and saw SEVERAL things that I would say "i would like that" the challenge stopped me. Funny/embarrassing part, I can't remember what any of those things were today. SUCCESS.

Kayce said...

I was SOOOOOOOOO happy we were FAR away from any mall, internet or cell service this last weekend because I REALLLLY could have fallen off the challenge wagon and been tempted to enjoy all the Labor Day sales.

That breakfast looks AMAZING! I've never done a Benedict at home...must give it a shot!