September 11, 2011

Days 9 -11

New York Stock Exchange
Well, it’s hard to publish anything on a day like today that doesn’t seem completely pale by comparison to the sad anniversary observed no doubt, worldwide.  I confess to being truly sad and overtly aware from the time I woke up.  I’ve done what so many have – spent time today watching the Memorial Service live, different programs honoring the 10 years we’ve spent as a nation recovering from such a dramatic travesty, and coming to terms once again with how much this event has shaped our lives, both for bad and for good.  I’ve also spent time remembering my own visit to New York and to what was then still called “Ground Zero”…paying my own respects – however inadequate – to those who had to give their lives that day.  During that time, I spent a couple hours walking around the financial district, seeing flags everywhere I went, taking comfort in the spirit of hope, tenacity, and strength that was palpable in the city.  I sat for quite a while at St. Paul’s Chapel, now a memorial site sitting adjacent to the spot where the Twin Towers stood and what became safe harbor to hundreds of rescue workers during the recovery and clean-up following the attack.  To be honest. St. Paul’s was such a painful reminder of what had taken place, that it left me in tears and set my spirit low.  You could not help but be moved by the silent reverie of those pictures of the lost…the pews still broken and battered from the gear of the firemen...


IMG_1018    IMG_1010    IMG_1028

I also spent sweet time soaking up the sermon and worship at church, being reminded once again where our Hope comes from…what relief and comfort I take in my sweet Jesus. 

God Bless America, and all those who continue to mourn and grieve these ten years later…I pray you will find yourself comforted in the precious Peace that passes all of our understanding…

30-Days of Nothing:

The past three days have been  busy and full of to-do’s, but it hasn’t caused us to lose our 30-Days steam, and we are forging ahead with no slip-ups to report.  The menu, I warn you – is a bit sorry.  But sometimes that’s the idea…emptying the pantry hasn’t been as “creative” as I would like it to be, but still…the pocketbook is grateful.  How bout’ you?


Breakfast: Waffles, baby….yeah.  No, not homemade, yet again.  I know.

Lunch: Keira and I were home alone and made a frozen pizza.  It was delish, despite being…well, frozen.  I mean, of course I cooked it first...never-mind.

Dinner: We had a great time Friday night, as AB was hosting his Annual Lip Sync at the school.  The kids and I met him there, and enjoyed a catered Olive Garden dinner.  YUM.  Can’t ask for better than that! 


Breakfast: Anton made bacon.  And can I just say, BACON.  Oh man…I do love me some bacon.  The kids and I had pancakes, AB had eggs.  Either way, we ALL had bacon.


Lunch:  Anton had to work in the evening, so I convinced him to cook dinner for lunch.  (translation = please don’t make me cook goulash for the kids and I again)  He happily obliged and we had Sirloin, Spinach, and fries.   

Dinner: Gloriously, we had been given an entire tray of Olive Garden spaghetti, salad, and yes – their wonderful dressing.  They had a lot left-over at the school and sent it home with Anton.  Round of applause here.  I don’t have pics to show you – but it was a no-brainer for dinner.  It helped we had some sweet friends come over to keep us company and share the enormous amount of food we had been given.


Breakfast: Cereal.  Because Daddy had to be at church early, so that meant Mommy was alone.  And cereal is my version of “cooking”.

Lunch:  Leftovers.  We just had too many…what with the whole, eating at home all the time. 

Dinner:  Some friends came for a visit, and brought fried chicken, fresh grapes, and awesome Fall Cookies!  (wish the weather would comply with that celebration!)

I hope those of you that are “playing” along (wait, is this fun?  I forget?) are doing super – it’s hard, no doubt – but I think it’s very rewarding.  There are always good things that come from practicing self-discipline and the one thing I’ve heard over and over, through comments and many e-mails is “this is so good for us”.  I love hearing that!  For different reasons, we are all experiencing benefits from having gone “without”.  Not perfect – but certainly a concerted effort to stop and think before we whip our cash out.  Certainly a re-training of the mind.  That’s what it’s all about!!


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t~ said...

And there she is...sweet Lou's glowing smile...
A great post for such a solace day...I was in the same church about 5 years after and it felt the same way to me. I have a trip planned in Nov, I need to go. It's Lou's final resting place and I must go.

You write so beautifully.