September 2, 2011

Day 2–piece of cake

No, really.  I had it easy today, with very little time to even consider how I would have spent money had I given myself the permission to plunk it down.  Which I didn’t.  Give myself permission.  I attended a lovely ladies brunch at our church, followed by an afternoon snack at home, followed by a GLORIOUSLY prepared meal at a friends home.  We were spoiled!  See for yourself…

Breakfast:  Ladies Brunch – egg casserole, muffins, fruit, juice (so yum)
Lunch:  Snacked on some cheese/crackers/salami
Dinner:  Grilled Tri-Tip (to. die. for) with an amazing red-wine reduction sauce and crumbled blue cheese (seriously, it was like eating at a fine dining joint) mushroom risotto, roasted onion and broccoli spears….and plenty of good wine and even better conversation.  We. Loved. It!   Thanks Jen and Ryan!

So you see, today was like a big freebie on the spending diet – because I had so many good dishes, I hardly had time to even consider the challenge.  Though I will say this:  after the brunch, Keira told mama she was hungry and for a split second my mind jumped right to running through a drive-through for her.  Oops.  Then I remembered we would need to trek home for her lunchtime.  You know…what with the whole CHALLENGE I’m supposed to be doing.  Couldn’t believe how easily I had already forgotten – even momentarily – and how quick the urge was to spend.  Only day 2, people.  This is what I meant about the many ways we lose sight of how our schedules/time constraints/needs interfere and often influence our spending habits.

To check in on how other bloggers are coping with their 30-Day’s Challenges – head over and give them some encouragement.  It’s harder than you might think!

Meanwhile, I’ll leave you with this:

I simply have to share the world’s SWEETEST, CUTEST, MOST AMAZING little girl with you…I want to eat her with a spoon!
Thank you, Grandma Nina for all the dress up clothes for our little princess!

IMG_5609-rev  IMG_5644-rev  IMG_5629-rev


Nancy said...

I think that Labor Day Weekend is going to be harder than the rest of September. Because we discovered that when we are bored, our first urge is to go out to eat or go shopping! I wonder how much money is spent because people are just bored.

sweet momma luv u said...

Day 2 was hard for us. You will have to go read my post..... normally Jon Jon doesn't tantrum in the store.