September 27, 2011

Day 27 and Proof

I’m going to skip right over the editorial and go to the accountability part – why?  Because there are only three days left.  3 days.  And I want you to know right now that these are the toughest of the challenge.  Why?  Because you feel like you already did the “hard part”.  You feel like you sacrificed.  You feel like you made it this far and proved your point…so why not…say, have that coffee.  Why not, say….have that drive-through burger or whatever. 

Well, it’s the longest three days of my life.  I’m telling you now.

Today was saved by the fact that we invited ourselves over to a friends for dinner, and it was delicious and a great distraction…

Day 27 Menu

Breakfast:  Cereal.  I’ve run out of my stock of waffles and pancakes.  Toast is just ok.  And I’m not in the mood to make a big huge breakfast, like AB does so well.  So, cereal it was.  And likely will be again tomorrow.

Lunch:  I was home alone and once again, did you hear the heavens part and the angels sing while I dined alone at my table?  You didn’t?  Well they were…parted and singing and stuff.  And I enjoyed a turkey sammie with a crunchy dill pickle.  So yum…

Dinner:  And yes, our outing – which was to Val’s and she cooked for us.  Which was homemade meatloaf (oh my gaw, so good), mashed potatoes, broccoli, peach slices...  It made it so easy to finish off Day 27.  Even though my children were way too tired, way too early – thus making it so we had to skedaddle way too soon…we still had a great time and enjoyed ourselves.  Sometimes just a different scene is all you need…Thanks V – we loves ya!


Onto the proof.


That I have the cutest daughter in the whole. wide. world.

Yes, I do.

As you were.

Oh!  Oh!  And Happy Anniversary to my awesome little brother 
and his wonderful wifey who are celebrating 2 years of marriage today! 
We love you both sooooo much!



Cate said...

Can we agree you have the cutest daughter in the two and older set? :) She is adorable!!

Kayce said...

So true that these last few days are the hardest! Jake asked me last night if we could go out to lunch today since "we're pretty much done". HA!! Then I had to tell him we wont be doing many lunches out after this challenge is over. Poor guy went through his allowance within the first two weeks of September....a big lesson learned for him. You and I both have some pretty adorable girls...I must say! :)