March 30, 2009

It's not that I've forgotten

...about you or the post I'm supposed to write entitled "What worries me is this...."

I promise.

It's just that at the moment - all of us March LID'ers are on pins and needles waiting to see how far China will refer this month.

I've done my mathematical calculations, and I'm still coming up with "who the heck knows because it changes every time".


And I must have hit refresh over here no less than 79 times today. Wait, did I say 79? I meant 179.

What can I say, math isn't my strong suit. So much for my calculations.

It would be nice to know if there is any merit to the rumors that a possible speedup is in the works. Nice indeed. This month's referrals could tell us whether there is any truth to those could also tell us how to plan our summer and our fall. Our life. Sigh.

3-29-06 = Pins + Needles

March 28, 2009

Holdling on to Time

It's been three years tomorrow. Since we're helping AB's parent's move out of state - we'll be on the road tomorrow and not able to actually make a note of our momentous three years of waiting. Actually, it's been much longer - if you count the paperwork portion - the decision making, etc.

So, it felt wrong not to at least mention that an LID that should not have exceeded 10 months has now officially surpassed 36 months.


So sad.

But at least we're still hanging in there...

Back on Monday ~

March 26, 2009

Results of the Poll

The results of the Poll are in (sounds so official, doesn't it?)

America voted.

And the winner is....

"What Worries Me Is This"

A topic that changes daily for me, I might add, but for which I am willing to at least pin down the top concerns.

Beyond our post winner - here are the topics to follow and in the order of votes received:

2nd Place: Blogs I like and Why

3rd Place: Latest and Greatest on Quint and Motherhood

4th Place: Good Ideas and Fun Websites

5th Place: The Economy

I'll post soon about my "Worry-wartedness" and then you can look for each of the above posts to follow.

Thanks for playing!! You guys are great!

March 18, 2009


Naively, I did not know it was possible to love another human being this much...

March 17, 2009

Spring, Summer and Dad's Fall

Well, it's Spring Break over here. And my last day at work was essentially last Friday. So Spring Break for my teacher spouse, plus my new SAHM routine means FAMILY TIME! Yay!

Today was absolutely gorgeous and 79 degrees! Perfect weather for being outside, running errands, etc. After lunching outside at Chip@otle, we made a stop to switch to U-verse by At&*T - love it! Love the idea, the price, combining everything, into one bill (cell, Internet, cable, phone, etc.) love the $200 cash-back incentive (not credit - CASH).

Anyway - made our way home and got to work on our yard and our backyard patio. Time to clean it off and make way for a couple lawn-chairs and some backyard toys. Time to get ready for spring and then summer! Time to clean up the BBQ and wash the windows and screens. Time to get rid of all the leaves, pull the weeds, beautify the front lawn a little and clean out the front planter to make room for Spring flowers. Yahoo!

Two of the ugliest, most obnoxious plants (planted by yours truly a few years back). I have regretted it almost since the time I did it. Today - they were outta there! Thanks to AB and his manly man wicked skills at pulling and pitching!

Yesterday we made our way south to see AB's parents at their beautiful home and property. They're moving in two weeks to AR. and we're sad to say goodbye to both them, and their lovely home. We know the new house will be even better - but there's just something about stepping out of the car and smelling all the trees at their house.

So, we spent the day with them - playing in the enormous "yard" and watching Quint explore. We enjoyed a lovely dinner outside on the patio and watched the sun set. It was glorious!

In other news: we continue to hear rumors about a speed up for referrals from Chin@, but who can say for certain? It's always been, and I suspect will always be, completely and utterly random. Sad but true. We're still praying for a financial miracle...nuff said there.

The more I hear about friends and family members feeling the tremendous strain of this changing economy - the more my heart sinks. I have a fear rumbling in my core...I think the worst is yet to come and it makes me so concerned about our nations future. The pinch is getting tighter and tighter. Are you feeling it yet?

I would truly covet your prayers for my Dad. His spirits are very low, and as I talked with him today, I could hear in his voice just how much pain he is in. He is still bleeding internally, still struggling with tremendous pain, his heart is now arrhythmic, and he's flat out miserable. He is still in Trauma ICU and at this point, has no end date. If the bleeding doesn't cease, he will have to submit to surgery - which is what his doctors have been trying to avoid from day one. Please pray for healing and uplifted spirits...

Meanwhile, here's where I'm taking my joy from: Wonderful son. Amazing Hubby. Spring is arriving and winter is leaving. Summer is on the way...swimming and corn on the cob, and watermelon, and long days...flip flops (or flit flots in our house as a joke). God is still on the throne and in control - through all the good and all the bad...


March 14, 2009

Worry & Stress

With all the changes that have taken place over the last year (and continuing on into this year) I admit I've been a little worried. A little stressed out. Ok, maybe a lot worried and stressed out. And I'll admit - I don't have all the answers to how things will work out, or what our life will look like now that I've resigned, now that we're preparing to add another child to our family, now that the economy is in the tank, now that we attend a new church, now that we have more bills than money, now that we feel called to continue down the road of adoption work, etc. etc. etc.

I guess you could say that I've been feeling underwhelmed with life in some ways for a while. (You know, the typical woman thoughts - what's the meaning of it all, where do all these chores and tasks and lists I make get me, is there more than this day to day stuff, are we missing the big picture, should we/could we do more? Then I started thinking about a women's Bible study/devotional that's been sitting on my bookshelf for maybe over a year. One that I had purchased, but not actually opened the cover of. One that, for some reason - was beckoning to me. (Divine intervention)

About four weeks ago, I finally picked it up and dove in. I was astounded how very applicable it was for me and to me. I couldn't believe it! It was just what I needed to start taking some much needed grace and applying it to myself in big heaping doses. It has put some things in their rightful place and perspective - namely about wearing so many hats everyday (mom, wife, daughter, sister, worker, volunteer, all around hand-holder, etc.) and how to manage that. How to de-stress and not to be a worrywart. I have taken great comfort within the pages of this little book over the last month and I find myself looking forward to the next chapter. Best of all, it's got me back to referencing with more frequency the scriptures that through the passage of time have such vivid and tremendous comfort and meaning to me today.

If you're worried - if you're stressed out - if you're tired - if you're weary - if you're wearing so many hats in a day you can't remember which one to put on or take off anymore - pick up this book. It's very affordable and you can buy it here and here.

Click the pictures for larger images...enjoy a sneak peak

March 13, 2009

Puppy lovin'

Proof that the other Punky pooch also gets lots of little boy and Daddy loving:

March 11, 2009

Hit me, one more again...

No really, I insist. Take that little pinkie toe and ram it into ONE MORE THING. Break it good.

This toe of which I lament is my left foot, pinkie toe. Woe, oh woe, is my poor little pinkie toe.

The same toe I unceremoniously crammed into the wheel of a grocery cart, almost ripping the nail off? Yes.

The same toe I then insisted on ramming into yet another grocery cart wheel a week later? Yes.

The same toe that I plunged full force (while running) into a baseboard with, rendering said little toe useless when it comes to putting on shoes with any kind of laces because it hurts too much? Yes.

The same toe that has hurt for months and months because of all that I have just listed? Yes.

And so, kind reader - where does that leave us? Here. Where I, in my painful anguish and toe propped up on a pillow - recap this morning's event:

Walking to the couch. Heel, toe. Heel, toe. TOE! OoooooooooUCH! Shoved little pinkie with all my weight and tired incoherent stumbling into the wood frame of the couch.

Nail peeled off? Check.
Blood? Check.
Ridiculous amounts of pain for the rest of the day from my smallest appendage? Check.
Swelling and redness that when matched next to its sister toe is too shameful to photograph? Yes.

Is there a rule against abusing an appendage? If so, I fear this may be considered full fledged battery.

Seriously, I don't even want a blanket touching this toe. There should not be this much discomfort associated with breaking such a small bone. I'm just sayin'.

Meanwhile, in other news - and thank you so much to all of you who have commented that you're praying for my Dad - he seems to be hanging in there. He's had to have some additional blood replaced and he's still in the trauma ICU. My Mom seems to think that if he can just heal a little, he'll be out of the range of needing surgery to repair/remove the spleen. Keep praying - Friday is his birthday - what a sad way to spend it! We need him to heal so he can go home!!


And a most happy, happy piece of mail arrived today. Third times a charm! Anyone? You guessed it - the glorious approved and ever so clean and new 171-H. 18 more months to get this show on the road...literally. Like, all the way to China.

But seriously - it only took them 3 weeks to get the paperwork and get us the new approval Way to GO! (never thought I'd be saying that...)

And now, we wait. For her picture...and a miracle of financial proportions!

March 8, 2009

The Fall

Thank you all for your prayers - my Dad is in the trauma ICU and being watched closely.

He took a very bad fall yesterday - about five feet - and broke his left hand badly. He also took a bad beating on his face. Far worse is the fact that he suffered internal bleeding and had to be Life-Flighted to the hospital.

Right now, we are waiting with his physicians to see if his body can heal without invasive surgery. His spleen was ruptured and needs to be removed, if the bleeding doesn't stop. He has received four bags of blood and a "patch" to his spleen. If his BP doesn't rise (indicating that he has stopped bleeding internally) he will have to undergo surgery to remove it. This is not a good scenario for him, as his health is poor and doctors are not optimistic about the outcome of putting him through surgery.

Please continue to pray that his body would begin to heal on its own and that he would not require further surgery. He is sedated and comfortable - but as the doctors keep reminding our family - he is not out of the woods, so to speak. We have a ways to go.

Thank you for your sweet comments - we are so very appreciative!!

March 7, 2009

Somber plea...

I'll keep this brief for now:

Please, please...pray for my Dad, Rod.

Prayer warriors - and you know who you are - please send the prayers up. We need you!

More details to come...



Mid-week Diversions

One of the things I really enjoy doing is meeting AB for lunch during the workweek. It gives Quint and I a nice excursion outside and gives Anton a fun diversion in the middle of his hectic teaching schedule. It's just the lift we both need during the long weeks.

This time we decided to meet at a park near to AB's school for a picnic and playtime. It was a blast! The older Quint gets, the more confident and comfortable he becomes with his surroundings. We had a lovely lunch and even though it was quite windy - the weather was just over 80 degrees. What a treat in March!

I just love getting outside and playing. It's such a great way to pass the time (and wear the cute little toddler down) and we so enjoy being able to see AB mid-day - especially during this season of long hours and nightly rehearsals.

Enjoy your weekend!

March 3, 2009

Couldn't find the right words to thank you...

Ethiopia. Ethiopia.

What will I do with you, Ethiopia?

I have to confess, I didn't like you. I know it's not polite to admit it, but I didn't. The minute we got on the plane, I was overcome with doubt. When we landed, I took one look out the plane window and felt I was in another world...not just another country.

Your rifle appointed guards, your barren poverty on every corner, your loud and chaos filled streets...the smell of spices and incense in the air...the bells tolling for the Mosque's at 4am...hard beds, burning trash, I could go on and on...but I already have.

For Part One Click Here
For Part Two Click Here
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For the Epilogue Click Here

I've been able to put some space between us. Many months have passed since I came and went - not leaving much of an impression there on your land. Really, I just wanted to write and tell you that I'm feeling sad lately. I thought you would understand, since you and I shared something. The exchange of a life gave and I took. The exchange of a multi-cultural life lesson...again, I was the recipient. Most importantly, the gift of a son. Your son. A son of your country, your people, your land. I wish I could tell you how much that gift has meant to share with you all the joy and wonder he has brought to my life and to somehow, some way invite you in to see all the goodness and healing he has given to my heart. I wish I could...but I can't.

This is why I'm so sad...

You gave me something that filled my life so much, and it was because someone else's life was broken. Broken in a way that your tired land couldn't fix. In fact, I tried not to think of that too much when I was there - because I was selfishly so overwhelmed and in my own head - that I didn't let myself dwell on the reasons. I was selfish. And I wanted to say I'm sorry. Because now, I think I'm beginning to understand what you did. You made it possible for me to take care of him and you gave us an intimate bird's eye view into your dilemma - so that just maybe, by some small chance, we might try and make a difference for you and your people. For your children. Maybe, just maybe, we wouldn't come home and complain about our experience. Maybe instead we would see past the cultural differences and feel a tug at our core to make a difference for you. For them...

I've found myself lately wondering how I can make a difference. So I wanted you to know that I'm trying out some ideas. Always telling anyone who will listen about our journey there and back. Trying to come up with some ways to help the many children that were left behind...and that arrive every week to begin their walk as orphans. Trying to decide how many of your children I can fit into this house, so that I can reach out and try to help.

I don't know how to convince people...because too many don't want to leave the comfort of their homes and their safe places. It's too scary for them. I confess, I was one of them. Adoption is daunting and sometimes it can be hard to explain to them what we experienced and that it's just a plane ride. That you leave D.C. and get off a plane in Africa. That's it. That sacrifice can pull a child from one devastating circumstance into a loving home, a family, a future. Still, not everyone can imagine that they could do it. But I won't stop trying...and I wish you could see Quint! I think he does all the work, just by smiling and lighting up a room. Who could picture this little baby growing up in a crowded orphanage with nothing? I wish they knew how many we had to leave behind that are doing just that...

So I wanted you to know that I think about you a lot, Ethiopia. I didn't think I could or would ever go back, but you have a way about you...that's for sure. You kind of grew on me...after the fact. I can't quite get you out of my system, and I can't figure it out. I actually look at pictures now and then of our trip...and well, I miss you. And I wanted you to know that I think we'll be back, Lord willing. If it's ok with you, we'll try and raise a couple more of your sweeties. And we'll do our best to educate them about how they can grow up to impact their birthland as well. I'm not sure what that will look like...but we'll do our best.

Sorry it took me so long to come around...I've been thinking about writing this for a while now, I just couldn't quite find the right words.

I think I've found them...

With Gratitude,