August 31, 2011

Down to the wire

Yes, we’re all FALL over here at Bushel & a Peck now...and it’s a day early.  But, I’m juggling a lot of plates right now, so early is at least better than say...never.  And also?  It’s like 346 degrees over here in Texas.  So, Fall is no where to be seen.  But I’m willing it, people...willing it to come see me.  It’s my favorite.  I don’t care that it’s sluggish and hasn’t shown up - I’m WILLING IT.  Come to me cool evenings, spiced coffee drinks, leaves falling, sweaters, and pumpkins on porches.  Come to me.


Tomorrow is the official start of 30 Days of Nothing!  Are you ready?  I’m still getting lots of e-mails requesting the Weekly Meal Planner and Grocery Inventory templates, so if you’re waiting - I will have those out to all of you today!  You can read the past four posts to get caught up on the Challenge and the rules/guidelines.  You can also e-mail me HERE to get copies of the templates. 

All you bloggers who told me you were doing this?  You’re up, batter.  I’m linking to you starting tomorrow - so be ready on your blogs so we can all follow along with you!  And it’s not too late to sign up - you have ALL DAY!  Just leave a comment or drop me an e-mail HERE.

Meanwhile, can I share an easy breakfast with you?  Something that might come in handy while your avoiding restaurants?  Super easy to make and my littles DEVOURED it.  That’s saying a lot for Q-man - he’s my picky eater...

And let’s just go on record:  in our house we love butter and calories.  Calories and butter.  Whatever order you want.  Cough.

Here are the ingredients:


First, preheat your oven according to the directions on the crescent roll package. 

Second, scramble some eggs.  I used four and that seemed to do the trick for a tube of 8 crescent rolls. 
You can increase as needed for a larger batch of rolls.


I left the eggs slightly "wet" so that they wouldn't over cook in the oven.  Set them aside.


Flour your board and lay out your rolls, but don’t separate them.  Leave the triangles attached.
Then roll them out gently - just a bit.  Takes two minutes.



Add the shredded cheese, eggs, and ham.  I used simple lunch meat ham because it’s FAST, but you could use crumbled sausage, bacon, or leave the meat out altogether.

IMG_5755    IMG_5757    IMG_5758

Stop.  This is too good...I have to linger for a minute...


Rolls long-ways.  Be very careful, because the dough is prone to tear.  Just pinch those areas together.
Place on the cookie sheet and pop in the oven.


15 minutes later, we had a fabulous breakfast that I served with fresh strawberries and blueberries on the side.  YUM...

And it was a lot of food.  We had left-overs.  Also?  Very, very filling...


Seriously.  Maybe it’s just my deep affinity for eggs/ham/and cheese - but when you wrap the three up in buttery croissant?  Get out!  Willpower = 0


See you tomorrow for Day 1 of 30 Days of Nothing!


Valerie said...

i'm tagging along to see you doing nothing for a month.

this looks delish. i'm loving the new blog fall theme, wish the weather would cooperate.

i hope you are feeling better.

Love V

Young Creations said...

Christy, So I have thought and thought about emailing and or commenting. And, well here I am. I am in. I am not sure I can do the templates and recipes and all, but here at Young Creations, we are joining. I remember you doing it last year, and I was so envious. So, starting tomorrow, well rather midnight tonight, we are on day 1. I will check in and let you know how it is going. Thanks for the wonderful idea. I am actually super excited.

Lynda said...

We made it official and put your
link on our blog so we have others who will keep us honest!
Good luck to us all - I see it as a great way to jump start my Christmas fund and to stay on budget for complete debt elimination.