August 23, 2011

It’s official

and not just because I had already made up my mind to forge ahead into the challenge.  No, it was you!  My inbox was filled with those who want to play along, as well as the comments I received on the last post.  Not sure what I’m talking about?  Head  HERE and read all about how AB and CB have lost their minds and decided to do the 30-Days of Nothing Challenge, once again.  The gist is there.  

30-Days of Nothing Challenge

Those of you playing along can still request my Menu Planner and Grocery Inventory sheets by EMAILING ME.  They might help you get started – and will definitely help you do the Empty Pantry portion of the challenge.

Just a few things to start preparing for – since we’re down to 8 days until the big DIVE….(gulp)

  • If you plan to Blog your way through the challenge – feel free to grab the button above and use it on your posts - just be sure to link over here to Bushel & A Peck.  Right click on that little piggy...

  • Don’t go out and do massive grocery shopping.  You can still buy fresh/perishable essentials as the month progresses.  You want to have an accurate idea of what you save – so bulking up in an out-of-the-ordinary-way will not necessarily help that.  Of course, go ahead and get some groceries – prepare yourself for the month of eating in and feeding however many that equals in your house.  I also recommend a few treats in there.  It helps on the tough days when you’re feeling deprived.  And you will.

  • Start organizing your pantry.  Use the Grocery Inventory Sheet (or make one of your own) to assess what you have on hand.  This will help you start prepping your meal plans.  You can scratch off items on your Grocery Inventory Sheet as you build meals for your planner.  That tells you what’s left at a glance to make your next meal with.

  • Not sure how to tell others that you can’t join them for dinner out?  Share the Challenge with them…most people are genuinely impressed and interested that anyone would tackle this. (don't be all scared or whatever now...)

  • And I know it might sound silly – but start preparing yourself mentally for the idea of not spending for 30 days.  You're essentially on a spending freeze.  That includes the gift-cards you've been hanging on to since Christmas.  You can't get an accurate idea of how to curb the INSTINCT to spend, if you're using gift-cards to appease your need.  You’ll have to take it from me – or better yet, those who dropped the challenge mid-way last time round’, because they just couldn’t believe how strong the urge/tendency to spend was.  Outside of buying absolute necessities, it can be a bit of a beating to really give up swiping that debit card.  
  • If you have to have a “moment” with a final Starbucks…or like me, have to pay a final visit to Chipotle…sniff…then go ahead and get it out of your system.  You have 8 days. It’s harder than you might think…gulp.

Leave your thoughts or questions below – Comments are OPEN through the end of September.



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Christie said...

Be sure to e-mail me, Susan, so I can send the documents to you. Glad you're joining in!

WeeMasonMan's Mom said...

I will be joining you on the challenge, but not blogging about it. I'll check in here though.

I do this two or three times a year just to try to get a grip on things. It's amazing how much money you can save when you don't $2-$3 it all away!!