October 21, 2012


© Bushel & A Peck 2012

Definitely one of my favorite seasons - Fall!  I love everything about it...I'm just still waiting for it to show up in Texas (ahem...high 80's today)

This short post is just to say that I am a negligent blogger.  This year has presented many hurdles for our little family.  Writing, while cathartic for me, has not been the outlet I have utilized to "walk" through it.  Very rarely, since starting this blog in 2006 - have I ever "broke" from writing in such a long-term way.  Please know it has been self-preservation and prioritizing that has kept me away. 

The children are amazing...lovely, sweet, good-natured, and ornery!   Quint will be 5 soon...can that really be?  Keira is almost 3 1/2.   AB is busy in production mode for Romeo & Juliet (sure to be fantastic!).  Our lives are a whirlwind of busy activity, and yet we somehow manage to find quiet moments - like tonight - to just "be".  I think that's the good stuff...the stuff that makes all the rest of the crazy worth it!

I would say "more to come soon" - but that's just beginning to be a broken record, isn't it?  Blogger family...you are missed!  Hoping to find my writing groove once again...(don't fail me now, fingers!)