October 30, 2009

From our little Turkey

Seriously people...can we bottle this amount of cute and save it?

Good grief.

Be safe and have a candy filled, caramel apple eating, popcorn ball chewing party of a time!

October 29, 2009

Last Time Again

When our paperwork initially got logged in (LID) with China back in March of 2006, we were told we would wait 9 months.  12 months tops.  (like so many of my blog readers who have also adopted)

We started celebrating each month that passed with a hurrah and a hip-hip!  2 Months LID!  6 months LID!  9 months....LID.  Hmmm.  12 months.  16 months.  oh no.  22 months.  Oh my gawd.  30 months.  36 months.  And on and on...

I've spoken many times on this site about my grief over the wait times, my frustration with the process, my resolutions to wait it out and to be strong - all of that has been covered many times over throughout the corners of this blog.

I gave up posting LID "celebrations" on this blog when they ceased to be celebrations, but in fact, just monthly reminders that our child was separated from us and that we were not closer, but each month taking us what appeared to be further from being able to bring her home to her future. 

With that said, I felt one final Hurrah Hip Hip and all that jazz was in order.  So I'm dusting off the old LID Celebratory Cap and strutting it around for one last time.  One final "celebration" to have.   And this time it is a celebration - because my friends...who have followed me for three of those four years...

We're next.

Are you ready to meet Keira Joy after all this time?

I am.

HAPPY 43rd Month LID to us.  And that's where it stops.  Finally.


October 27, 2009

You know what I love? Playdates.

Look at that eye-smile below...he sparkles when he smiles


Today we had the privilege of being invited by our dear friends to Story-Time at the local library and then treated to our favorite lunch:  Chipotle!  YUM YUM

I love this picture of the four of them walking along...and look at those twins - could you eat them up!?!

Unfortunately, Quint was under the weather but he enjoyed it as much as you can when you feel poopy.  It was a beautiful crisp day - and since we were all bundled up anyway, we chose to eat outside.  It may be the last time this season...we'll see!  We sure enjoyed every minute of it.  Good company, blue skies and good food...Thanks LB!!

We fixed the roof.  Correction:  I gathered the supplies.  Anton climbed up and did the actual fixing. and practically in the dark - since he had to wait until he got home from work (bless his tired, exhausted back, knees, and heart).  I was in pain just watching.

Turns out several shingles had blown away during a rough storm the other night.  Now you could hire a roofer for the big bucks.  Or you could spend about $30 and do it yourself. And so there you have it.

We do have some water damage in the door frame/ceiling area of Keira's room, so that will have to be addressed.  One thing at a time...I crawled up into the attic yet again today, and the trap I set for the water leakage had worked well.  Unfortunately, it was disheartening to see how much rain had collected in those few short hours.  Does not bode well for what was already saturated in the wood/walls, etc.

Kaleigh goes back to the vet tomorrow, will you send good thoughts for complete recovery and a good prognosis.  We're nearing the end of what we're able to do for her...so sad.  She's my girl.

Today in the car, my IPOD shuffled to a Christmas song.  Now before you plug your ears and cry "foul" - you must know that my IPOD is set to shuffle through my entire library.  I don't have any say-so where it stops.  But Silent Night by Bing came on...and it made me nostalgic.  And it was a cold crisp day, as I've said.  And I was feeling sad that Keira would not be with us, yet again, for Christmas.

Then I tried to shake it off...remembering how fun it will be to have one more holiday season with my little man - just the three of us.  How fun it will be to see his delight over the next couple months of activity and to enjoy just doting on him before we become four.

Then I hit "next" on the IPOD and "Living La Vida Loca" came on.  And before you cry "foul" on the Ricky Martin...that song was much more appropriate to my current week/life.  Feel me?

October 26, 2009

Drip Drop.

No really.  I love a good rain storm.

And all last night, as I listened to all 3 inches of it come down - I thought, I really do love a good rain storm.

And all day today while Q and I chose to stay in  and play because it was so rainy and cold...loved it.  Cuddled up and watching it all come down out there.


Just wasn't loving it so much tonight when I went into Keira's room and felt a...drip. drip. drop.

on my head.

Awww, come on!  Who doesn't love being in their pj's, and waking up their already snoring spouse to assist in a climb up to the attic to locate the source of said drip drip drop?  With a flashlight.  At night.  Where the creepy crawlers live. 

Who doesn't?

Roof is leaking.

Through the attic.

Through the ceiling.

Into Keira's room.

After scraping away mounds of soaked insulation.  After scurrying to locate the source.  After finding large containers that could house the dripping.  After climbing down the ladder, in my pj's, and researching how to fix a roof leak - sat down and composed the following telegram:

Dear China, [STOP]

We're in trouble.  [STOP]

Need good news soon before daughter's room underwater.  [STOP]

Signed, Enough-is-enough [STOP]

Sigh.  Can't she just enjoy it a little bit before it falls apart waiting for her?

Finite Lifetimes and Precious Cargo

We all know it.  Deep down in our core - that little buried niche of ourselves we like to avoid as much as possible.  Those things we don't let ourselves think.  Thoughts we try to take captive the moment they spark.  Images we squash before they can make it up from the abyss into our daily vision.

It's fear.  Watch the news for ten minutes and you'll either sigh in disbelief or feel depressed.  Life is fragile.  Precious.  Breakable.  Finite.  Short...

And in order to survive living in this life - I don't let myself go there.  You know.  There.

But the other day, we were out and about in separate cars.  As we sauntered out of a store and to our vehicles, Anton, with Quint in his big strong arms, casually threw me a quick line as he strolled the opposite direction - towards his ride.  "I've got the boy".  While walking apart, I could hear Quint squealing with glee as he and his Daddy shared a tickle or some inside joke only Daddy's and boys tell each other. 

But as they drove away I had a moment of panic.  Those unpleasant thoughts...those grim feelings.  All I could think was "my whole world just drove away in that car - both of them.  Oh God, please protect them!  Keep them safe!  Don't ever take them away!  They're everything to me!!"

And then I quietly remembered...He loves them more than I do.

It's so hard to let go...

Learning lessons everyday...


October 25, 2009


Hope you're having a great weekend!


October 24, 2009

Happy Pumpkin Season little Pumkin'

October 23, 2009

My treasure

Well, there are more than enough words in the English dictionary.  More than enough places to write down the words.  More than enough blank pages with which to fill my sentiments.

But never enough ways to show - or time to allow...to tell you how much I love, appreciate, adore, and RESPECT you.

Not enough life times to love you.

What a gift you are to me and to everyone who knows you...what a wonderful man,  teacher, husband, and father you have become.  I'm so proud of you...so blessed to have you.

You are my treasure every day for the next fifty years +

Happy Birthday, Baby

October 21, 2009

King Kitty & his Loyal Royal Princess



Sadly, the next day our "Loyal Royal Princess" took a turn for the worse.  As you can see, she would be greatly missed by a certain King Kitty (and the rest of the servants) if she wasn't able to overcome this particular problem.  Could you send up a little prayer for her health?

We'd be ever so grateful...


Granny Smith

You can never have too many Grannies...


October 20, 2009

Evolution of a Cupcake

Mix together




Hire Taste Tester

After receiving thumbs up - proceed to hire decorator (preferably ridiculously cute decorator)

Decorate for Halloween

Share with friends.  Rinse dishes.  Repeat.

October 19, 2009

It's just that...

...if you're going to watch Toy Story in your favorite blue chair, with your dog sitting close by, on a rainy day, with your favorite comfy sweatsuit on...

you might as well invite Woody to actually join you in said favorite chair...

Just sayin'


October 17, 2009


We heart bath-time.

Bath-time and bubbles.

Bath-time, bubbles, and our frog towel.

Bath-time, bubbles, our frog towel and a cooperative smiling two-year old.

Just sayin'

October 13, 2009

Patient Endurance

"Patient endurance is what you need now, so you will continue to do God's will.  Then you will receive all that He has promised."  Hebrews 10:36

Would you go "hug" Stephanie - she received her referral for her baby daughter today, and let me tell you, Zoey is absolutely breathtaking!!  I am celebrating with them - they so deserve this!

October 12, 2009

Not this time...

We've heard from our agency this morning that we will not be included in the referrals from China for this month...all I can think of to say is...

God's timing.  Not ours.

His strength is perfect.

Meanwhile, I would be a wretched human being not to extend a true and heartfelt hug and congratulations to some of my long-time LID buddies who were able to slide under the proverbial adoption limbo stick this month and thankfully were included in this batch.  (and who I kind of adore too!) Doris, and Stephanie and Sooze - words do not do justice to how happy I am for you -truly!  I will be celebrating with you this week as you finally see your daughters.  What a wonderful comfort that will be for me!  Please click their names to share in their very long time comin' joy....  xo

October 11, 2009

L-E-T-S G-O Let's Go Let's Go

Quint's first Texas High-School Football Game - yay!  I didn't realize how big High-School Football was in Texas, until we moved here. It's a BIG deal.

Fortunately for us, we have so many great relationships with former students of AB's and their parents, we can pretty much show up to any of the local high school games and have buddies in the stands and on the field.  Which is just what we decided to do!  It was a genuine pleasure to see how the kids are growing up and they absolutely LOVE seeing AB show up.  He gets mobbed.  We didn't even make it to the stands before the cheerleaders who were warming up on the side, ran over and surrounded Anton and Quint.  Totally typical! 

 Even more fun, it was the coldest night we've had this season.  We took great delight in bundling up and spending our Friday night clapping and cheering.  Quint was a star - as usual!

My personal favorite part?  The marching band and color guard.  They were amazing!

Hope you had a great weekend - I'm ready for some juicy referral rumors - how bout' you?