June 29, 2007

ho-hum -we're fifteen


whatever...I'm tired of my lid-aversaries...this may be the last one I post, now that the wait has slipped to three years per CC*A. Stick a fork in me, because I'm done.

June 28, 2007

Recycled Posting

Some people are re-gifters...and I'm a reposter. I've been feeling particularly bitter over the latest word that the CC*A* recently confirmed the wait would be three years, and that referrals for December '05 would possibly be completed by December of this year. What the frig?!?! Are they kidding. Meanwhile, they urge us all to stay "focused" and hope we will "remain in the program".

I went back through and found this old post that I wrote. It is clearly much less tongue in cheek than I originally intended, at the rate we're going now....

Here goes:

I started thinking I might want to write a letter to my daughter, wherever she is...so here we go: Ahem...

Hi Keira! Here's a recent picture of Mommy...I know it's not what you expected, but just you wait. I will be able to do all the stuff the other Grandma's can do! Don't you worry! By the time you get here, I will only be 67. That's not THAT bad. Mommy heard about a woman on the news who gave birth to a baby at 70. Don't worry about Daddy, he wanted to send a picture too, but he didn't hear me when I called for him - but he is still alive and kicking. At least, most of the time. Whew, it's almost time for bed here...7:00...but I want to get this letter off to you, so I'm going to finish it up...

I've been thinking about how nice it will be to teach you to walk! Won't that be great?!? My knees aren't what they used to be, so I might need a few minutes to straighten out after bending down to reach for you...in fact, better skip the bending altogether. Mommies hip is acting up again, ever since the Red Alert button on my Life Braclet broke and I was stuck on the bathroom floor for nine hours. I tell you, the hospitals aren't what they used to be! There used to be places you could go and younger people would be there too...and babies being born...now it's only old folks wearing diapers and hollering obscenities at the staff. Well actually, that was just Daddy...but don't worry. He only drools sometimes now...

Where was I? Oh yes, I wanted to tell you how much I can't wait to hold you and sing you lullabies! Of course, my memory isn't what it was when I started this adoption...back then I used to know lots of...what was I saying? Oh yes, singing...hmmm...Mommy keeps forgetting what we're talking about. Daddy says my memory is slipping, but actually, that's just his way of telling me that my memory is slipping...wait...didn't I just say that? Better move on... I've been knitting you a few things here lately. Just since we started the process. It keeps my mind occupied while we wait for you, but Daddy says you won't need to have eighty-six blankets. I just keep telling him that having a lot of blankets is good for aches and pains in your legs. What does he know?!? He still thinks I'm silly for getting one of those red ropes installed in front of your room and putting a sign in the door that said "keep off carpet". I was afraid someone might mess up what has now become an antique collectors paradise of "baby items". We have people come by the house all the time to view the "Window to the Past Nursery" (I made that name up - do you like it?) and I have started charging for admission. Can you believe that when we started the process to adopt you, our home was brand new? But don't worry...Mommy will definitely get the inspector out to check for dry-rot and un-safe structural conditions before you come home.
My, oh my, how time flies! Why it seems like just yesterday Daddy was helping me install handrails in the shower and next to the toilet. Here's the best part, Mommy had a new ramp installed outside so I can get in and out of the house faster with my walker. Don't worry though, I only use the walker sometimes. Usually only when I'm standing...or walking. Daddy has to borrow it on occasion, ever since he forgot to open the sliding door before he walked through it. I think his eyesight might be getting a little weak. The other day he asked me where his glasses were and they were right on his eyes! Can you believe that? Speaking of glasses, I got my very own tri-focals this weekend! We might need to be careful when we snuggle, because I don't want to scratch you with them, but Daddy sure likes them on me! He says I look two or three years younger with them on...isn't that nice?

Well, Mommy should go. My back is hurting and my corns are acting up. I wonder if Daddy will rub some Bengay on my shoulder? I hurt it the other day when I was eating. Picked up the fork, and ouch! Course, my hips have been saying "ouch" every time I picked up a fork for the last forty years. What can you do?!?

I love you sweetie! Hope you can come home soon...if you want to write back, just send it to the same address, and they'll forward it to the old folks home if we've moved there. Daddy says the old folks home is for slobbering diaper wearing loud old men, and I said "and you're point is?"

Love you and can't wait to see you!



Just in case anyone was wondering how I was feeling about our adoption lately...

June 24, 2007

M3 Posse "Laughter"

These pictures have been collected over the last year of my life, with five women who have become some of my dearest friends. I have laughed more with them in the last year than I have in many years combined without them. I cannot tell you what a part of me they are, or what a "tour de force" we have become to each other.

Many hugs, many kisses, and many laughs my M3 sistas...

Erin, Valerie, Kelley, Jamie, and Robyn - love you! Long live the M3 POSSE!

(You can hit the little speaker in the bottom left of the show to mute the music once you're done, so you can read the remaining posts in peace!)


Ok folks, this post officially makes three for today - but I've been a slacker so I'm trying to make up for lost time before MONDAY gets here. There are two posts below this new one, so be sure to check out "The End of Houston" and "MAN-icure".

First, I did a little "shoppy" today with the hubs approval. Well, general approval. As in, he knew about it while it was happening (which I try to avoid when possible!). Still, I got some darling stuff for el-cheapo and so I'll share! I know my peeps love a good bargain, so the first T-shirt is from Targ*t and was $5.99. The next three are from Carter's and were a total of $15.00. That's a 4th of July dress that reads "All American Girl" and FOUR onesies. Too cute!

Second, I need to give some SERIOUS props to my M3 HomeGirl Valerie - who after MUCH coercion and peer pressure, finally bit the bullet and switched from MSN to Blogger. We were always giving her a hard time because she was using MSN, and we were telling her that we would LOVE to leave comments on her HILARIOUS posts, but it's just too difficult. If only she would come to the dark side, we wooed, we would leave comment after comment! Well, SHE DID IT! She now has a blog HERE and I would be ever so grateful if you would show her a "Bloggy-ville" welcome and pay her a quick "how do you do" (don't forget to leave a comment!). I know we all love reading comments, and now that I've gotten her away from the MSN beast - we have to keep her over here by giving her "comment high". Come on peeps - help a sista out!?!? Not only is she adopting from China, part of my NOTORIOUS M3 Posse, and a heck of a gal - but you will get a major kick out of her posts. She is witty, intelligent, and her "Bouncy House" and "Bully" posts had me literally wetting myself. If you need a laugh - head on over HERE now and pay my gal some much due props! Love you, V!!!!!!

Alrighty then peepers - tune in tomorrow for a really cool slide show about laughing with my M3 - it's so cute it makes me weepy!



Oh, I love this post!! I convinced AB to go get a pedicure today - HA! (Of course, I was getting one right along side him - and it was kind of in my best interest to convince the "payor" to join me!!) It was great - especially because I managed to snap these pics and let me tell you - he WAS the only man in the there. He didn't seem to mind too much, although he was reluctant to admit it. I'm so proud of him - first a massage and now a pedi...perhaps next week I can convince him to get highlights and a little botox? Hmmm, on second thought...maybe not! But oh how I love my man and his willingness to try anything once.

The rest of Houston

The rest of our Houston experience was fun and filled with good food! We attended the last party of the week, which was a throw-back to the 1920's and the "Jimmy Hoffa" times. There was excellent food and a huge room filled with dining stations, a wine bar, an open bar, and a martini bar. AB promptly ordered me a Godiva Chocolate Martini - too die for! We also ended up getting "jiggy with it" on the dance floor - they had a rocking band and we were grooving!

Meanwhile, we sampled all the yummy food, and eventually made our way to the "gaming" room - where AB tried his hand (no pun intended) at Poker. Funny money, of course (the chips were just for fun) - but he lost $1000 in one hand of poker. Hmmm, mental note to self - no poker for AB in Vegas next month...

Too fun! What a great party - no expense spared and we had a blast! But we're back home now and I've got a couple posts coming up that will tell you what we've done with our time since!

June 22, 2007

I give you...the SPAAAAAAA

There are a few things I can get away with convincing AB to do without jeopardizing his "man-card". One is fine dining at foo-foo restaurants. Another is a buggy ride through Central Park or any other "wowza" place. And lastly, is a SPA treatment at a hootie tootie hotel. We decided to pamper ourselves a little on this trip, since we were hardly paying for anything except a couple meals. We strolled right on up to the Spa and Salon and hashed over what we wanted most (We agreed to get similar price-ranged items and time frames). After much debate, AB settled on an hour relaxation massage, and I happily signed up for an hour long relaxation facial. We were all giggles heading up to the top floor of the hotel for our "pamper" session. Here are the pics...

AB heads into the men's locker room to get into his "relaxation" attire...

Me too, me too!!! (side note: relaxation attire is for very, very small women. Settled for "relaxation mood" instead of "attire". They did give me a nice wrap once in my room.

This is too cute! AB was instantly used to the life of luxury. He grabbed a drink and a comfy couch while we lounged watiing for our "tres fun" to begin.

Once we departed to our rooms, I didn't see him again until the end. Quite frankly, I was in bliss as a really nice gal plucked, prodded, and massaged every crevice and corner of my neck, face, and shoulders. I could have fallen asleep except that I wanted to stay awake and appreciate all the detail she was going into! Meanwhile, as I understood later, AB was getting a rockin' full-body massage and thoroughly enjoying himself in the next room. If you have always wanted to but have never done this, I can HIGHLY recommend this to anyone who thinks it's too much time, money, effort, not convenient, or over-rated. It is not. Trust me. It's amazing and well worth it.

Afterward, we were both glowing and droopy-eyed, relaxed and de-stressed. I can't tell you what a difference that one hour made for us. It was like our entire mood had shifted and we calmly made our way back to our room, hand in hand...humming just a little and making eyes at each other. (Gawd...if only we were rich...)

As for the "after affects" of a soothing and relaxing spa treatment: "wink-wink, nudge-nudge".

Ahhhhhhh....to be on vacation.

June 20, 2007

Houston - Day 1


Not much to tell - we got up this morning and ran around like crazy people trying to pack and prepare to leave. Then we started our road-trip which took five hours. (Which we happily passed listening to BillBoard Hits of the 80s, I might add) Totally forgot that song "Toy Soldiers" - love that song!

Anyway -

Got here, checked in to the lovely hotel we're staying at and then explored. Made plans to hit the spa for a little "Romance Package" and also to visit the hot tub and indoor pool, that overlooks the city. Nice!

Meanwhile, we attended our first "gala" and it was great - great food, great conversation, great opportunity to see each other dressed up...

And on that note...I convinced my darling AB to let me take a picture of him in his "sexy man" suit, and under duress he agreed. Yummy!

Cheers - more later...

June 19, 2007

Hi - Ho Cheerio!

We're outtie, fellow Bloggityville dwellers. Off to Houston for the rest of the week and into the weekend. I've got a business conference and AB is coming along (at my pleading) for the ride and the sights. Of course, you can expect a post or two from little ol' me - I'm just not good with separation from the web. We have a couple of fancy dinners we're attending and last night we went and bought AB a suit. It's light tan...YOWSA! Hottie in the house!!! Shoot...I was like "dang baby - you want some fries with that shake?!?!" Why we waited this long to get him a suit that was clearly made for him is beyond me.

I am looking forward to this trip, because I know we'll be staying in a nice place and I know we'll be wined and dined. That's always a blast! Especially when someone else is footing the bill...can I get an amen?HOUSTON...HOUSTON...here we come...

Father's Day was nice - we took AB's parents out for a great seafood dinner - as it happened to be their 40th Wedding Anniversary the same day. They have a pretty amazing marriage - I could tell you adventure after adventure that they've been on all around the world - it really is inspiring all that they've done and seen together. I have a picture of them riding an elephant in Thailand for starters (2 years ago!)...and I've also seen a few pictures of Mom roasting a pig over a pit with local villagers in Indonesia and Dad bushwhacking through the jungle in Papua New Guinea with his wife and kids in tow...(all smiling by the way!)

But I'll leave you with the pics from our meal - it's not that exotic...but it certainly was tasty!

Lip Balm Anonymous

Oh my! There is help for those of us who use and abuse our chapstick / lip balms. I happen to have one in every room practically. Three in my car. Two on my nightstand. Four in the bathroom (for middle of the night bathroom/ lip balm re-load trips. My list goes on and on...

But today I saw that there is help! Check THIS out...there is actually relief and recovery for those of us who can't stop the "balming".

Good grief....seriously...who wants chapped lips? I'm just saying...I don't have a problem. Really! I don't... No problem here. Just need to take a second here and just...awwww...that's better...all over the lips like that...yeah...ok - where was I ...yes, yes...no problem at all. I can quit any time I want.

June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day Daddy

Love you Dad! So glad you fought for your life and won!!! Here's to many more Father's Day together...

June 15, 2007

I'm married to Toby Keith??

What the frig! Went to the doctors office yesterday and as I was checking out and AB was still in a room getting his physical - there were four gals at the front desk all giggling. I said "what?" Then one of the them blurted out "YOUR HUSBAND LOOKS JUST LIKE TOBY KEITH!!!" Then they all started laughing and giggling again.

OK - first of all, we don't listen to Country Music. Sorry, spare me the Texas hate-mail. We're Californians - I've covered this. We live in Texas, but are solid "rockers".

Second - we know who Toby Keith is, but only because he did the Ford Truck commercials and the general media type stuff.

Third - What the heck? This is the 100th time I've heard this and we couldn't disagree more. We are always amazed when people come up and tell him this. And it happens OFTEN.

They were practically drooling on the patient charts and I said "well, lucky me...I married a Toby Keith look-alike". They giggled more. Good gawd ladies - pull yourself to together, it's not that much of a resemblance. Then one of the nurses said "Poor you...must be rough being married to Toby Keith". Followed by some more absurd giggling.

When AB came out, I shared with him their assessment privately. He laughed, rolled his eyes, and then proceeded to sing "I'm a Ford Truck Man" (oh yes, he DID!) When he came to the counter with me at the very end, he actually smiled NON-STOP. I was like "Hey! This is not a PHOTO SHOOT...good grief!" Meanwhile, said four nurses and office assistants were batting eye-lashes and still giggling.

As we left, I turned around and he was still at the counter...

I yelled "Come on TOBY...for God's sake...let's go!!!"

You be the judge - and don't get me wrong, I think AB is my beautiful inside and out hunk-o-burning love, but come on! Toby Keith look alike??? Not even...(side with me...no resemblance!)

Vicious Attack Dogs

Seriously, run while you still can! This lazy sister duo might come at you where you stand! That is, if they can find the energy to wake from their back to back napping. We've counted and there are approximately 42 naps a day in between "real" sleeping time and the 2.37 minutes it takes for them to inhale their dinner. If you don't look away, you could be next! They show no mercy...they are no respecter of pillows or persons...if you don't go you will find yourself licked to death, followed by the two "lickers" taking over your bed. Since we just had them weighed at the Vet yesterday, I can correctly inform you that that would be exactly 130 pounds of DOG in your very nice and probably properly made bed. I regret to inform you that our nice bed died several years ago and hasn't been seen since. We gave up - it's a dog's life over here. These two have no idea their "dogs". Shhhh...whisper...wouldn't want them to find out their not people!

It's so hard to be a dog....especially a spoiled rotten one. Look into my eyes...can't you tell I'm neglected, abused, wronged in this life? Why, I was just thinking how the ceiling fan should be on over our hot little heads, and yet, it remains quiet and turned off. Then there is the grave issue of our pillows. Do you see a pillow? We don't either...all we have are these two down comforters to lay on! And where, I ask you, is the luxurious feather bed? All we get is this "pillow top" mattress. I swear, if it's not one thing it's another...what's a little girly dog to do...

-Anabelle & Kaleigh

It's a Dog's Life at La Casa AB-CB

June 14, 2007


Have too much of it...

Don't want it...

Getting sick of it...

Bringing in the truck this weekend and getting rid of it...

We control what we can in this process and I decided that I'm getting rid of clutter that is taking over my house. My closet, my garage, my office...dare I admit...my nursery. Freaking don't even have a child yet and already have to clean out her stuff and peel away from the layers of used clothing that was donated to us by many kind people. We just have to.

Meanwhile, the hubs and I got rid of four large garbage bags full of clothes and shoes. Had to come to terms with the big truth: I will never be able to fit in those clothes again. Let it go!

Also had to come to face the fact that "stretchy" pants are never coming back in style and neither are Hirachi sandals. (Sorry Mom, but it's true). As for the rubber bracelets, lace gloves, and overly large banana hair clips - they have to go too. As we were cleaning, the phone rang - I think it was the 80's calling saying they wanted their stuff back.

And forget Garage Sales. I can't stand it. Sitting outside all day hoping someone will walk up and thumb through your left-overs and then offer you some ridiculously lower price than you already have it marked at...case in point:

Garage Saler: How much for the mis-matched pair of phone cables?
Me: I don't know....let's see...they still work...so how about 50 cents?
Garage Saler: (scratches head) hmmmm, well...will you take 25 cents?

Are you freaking serious?!?! Are you kidding me? I just can't deal. The only good that come from it unless you have a lot of big furniture to sell is about $200 bucks, and frankly I can get a better tax write-off by donating it. My MIL is a SERIOUS garage-saler...and I can't do it. We recently had a garage sale, and put nice signs up all over the area. They were taken down by the city promptly and not returned and we had one person show up all day. You can't advertise on the street here, so you have to advertise in the paper. We didn't and so our sale sucked. So...

Moving right along...

Enough on it...we're getting rid of all the crap and I'm so glad. I'm sick of looking at it, moving it to dust under it, sliding it over in my closet to find my "real" clothes, and sick of storing it in my garage.

It's like a summer cleansing and I feel clean!

woot woot


For Robyn who just lost her dear sweet Grandpa unexpectedly

For Colleen who is facing a difficult Monday and a painful situation with Copper

And for Mya who lost her Sister In-Law so suddenly

Sending prayers and hugs to you and your family...

The Lord is my Shepherd; I shall not want.
He makes me to lie down in green pastures:
He leads me beside the still waters.
He restores my soul:
He leads me in the paths of righteousness for His name' sake.

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,
I will fear no evil: For You art with me, O God;
Your rod and Your staff, they comfort me.
You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies;
You anoint my head with oil; My cup runneth over.

Surely goodness and mercy will follow me all the days of my life,
and I will dwell in the House of the Lord forever.


Psalm 23

June 11, 2007

Dontcha wish your tote bag was hot like me...

Sooooooooooo cute, they had to be posted -

Introducing Keira's little Princess Purses! They are "bite-size" and darling!

You know you want one...shoot! The only problem is - I've looked for the manufacturer, and they are no where. No idea how to find more of them...got them at a hole in the wall children's store and scooped em up for $4.99 each.


June 10, 2007

Green Acres is the Place to Be!

Hey peepers - Sunday was a beautiful day here in the State O' Texas! After church, my friends and their hubby's joined AB and I for lunch at a local YUM YUM Mexican food restaurant. It was de-lish! (and the company was great too!)

Afterward, four of the M3 sistas decided to head up North to Robyn's for some summer R&R. We swam, we chatted, we swam, we chatted - and ya'all - we were up in God's country, because Robyn and her hubba bubbba live out on the range with the deer and the armadillos. It is a beautiful piece of property!

She also lives on the same stretch of land as her folks, and they are wonderful people. Her mom, who I affectionately nicknamed "Mama Martha" (and it stuck and who is reading this post, so "Hi Mama Martha!!!) invited us to swim in her pool for the afternoon. She was a great hostess and is the sweetest lady! I love me some Mama Martha!

Afterward, we dried up and went to dine at The Cracker Barrel, which is the same as the cheese, only it's the restaurant. Can you say YUMMY?!? Country cooking at it's best! I had me some fried chicken, mashed potatoes and country gravy, and mac n cheese. Then I topped it off with some good ol' Peach Cobbler! Double Yum! We had such a great time and it was nothing more than being together.

So, here are the pics - love me despite my pool hairdo, ok?
~Valerie, Robyn, Me, Erin~

~Robyn and I (below)~

~Erin, Valerie & Robyn (below)~

No better way to spend a lazy Sunday than with your girls! Happy Summer!

A little theater never hurt...much

Tonight we went with friends to see the Broadway production of "Chicago" at our summer musical fair. We had two stars that were mentionable. One was Lisa Rinna of Days of our L*ves, but better known more recently for her talents on Dancing with the St*rs. She played the lead of Roxy Hart. Meanwhile, Tom Wopat played attorney Billy Flynn. If you don't remember who this is, think of Dukes of Hazard - now think Luke Duke! Still don't know? The dark haired cutie who always sat on the passenger side of the General Lee! Ok - give up? Not John Schneider...the other DUKE. Whew!

It was a disappointment - I must admit. There was no set - instead they had the band up on stage and used props throughout. There was no story-telling and it basically went from one song to the next. If you've seen the movie, then the live theater version is a whopper of a disappointment. Being that I'm married to a theater teacher, we are not movie snobs. We LOVE going to the theater, but the sound quality was really bad, the acting was just ok, and Lisa could not keep up visually with her cast mates. She was not nearly as strong as her Velma Kelley counterpart and anytime they sang or danced together, it was like water and oil. Not to mention she has dark hair and I was looking for the blond ambition Roxy Hart! They did not blend, there was no magic. It was just not a very good show. When Tom Wopat made his grand entrance, the audience gave a half-hearted clap and he said "where is everybody?". I'm thinking that was not in the script. He was just shocked that we didn't give him the intro he felt his character deserved? Evey number they did lacked pizazz like the movie had. There was not enough energy and there was no set, as I mentioned - and hardly any story - so if you had never seen the movie, you were screwed. There is no way you would truly get the story - they skipped over way too much. Mama was a great singer, but she didn't even wear a 20's era costume. She just walked out in a black suit, sang, and never moved an inch from her spot. Same for Amos and his Cellophane performance. Hardly moved at all. Roxy (Lisa) did very little dancing and the singing was not up to par with her costars.

Are you getting the feeling that I was disappointed and so was AB (as were our friends)? We found a great little place for dessert afterwards - so we could certainly say that the company was better than the show, which made the night not such a loss. We had been anticipating this show so much, so I can't tell you how fussy we felt after seeing it and being like "what the heck was that?!?"

Se la vie...

June 9, 2007


I hate bees. Hold off on your "bugs rights" e-mails - I can't stand the thought of getting stung ever again, after a bad episode as a child of getting mauled by yellow jackets in a field near our home. Fortunately, only one winged demon actually got it's stinger into me that day, but I take great delight that it was his "last hurrah" before dying. But I digress...

Meanwhile, I happened upon my friend D's blog tonight, specifically this post and I was HORRIFIED by her pictures. You can't believe this mayhem! I would be on the phone so fast to pest control, it would make thier little buzzing heads spin. I can't believe she summons the courage to walk out the door. I would literally be twitching and flailing my arms, swatting at myself at all hours of the day convinced that one bee had found its way in and was ready to pounce. How could you relax with this outside your door?

Insane! Hat's off to you D!!


June 8, 2007

Playing along with a meme...

My dear friend Kelley from My Glamorous Life tagged me for this fun meme. Here are the “rules”: Each player lists 8 facts/habits about themselves. The rules of the game are posted at the beginning before those facts/habits are listed. At the end of the post, the player then tags 8 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment, letting them know that they have been tagged and asking them to read your blog.

  1. I play the piano by ear (can’t read a lick of music but can duplicate once listened to) and was a first chair violinist in high-school. I also had a nice run as flautist – but not being able to read music put the "el halto" on that particular instrument.
  2. I am a big-time foodie. Definition of Foodie: Loves to talk about, try all kinds of, and generally stare at food. Don’t judge! I love reading menus…I could hardly get through the book “Death By Chocolate” because it made me want to try all sorts of new recipes and I don’t even cook.
  3. I am an avid Sims player. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, go to EA games and type in “The Sims”. To die for! I lose entire days playing this game.
  4. I am resistant to trying new things, but once I do, I love them. Examples are Sushi, White Water Rafting, and Wii.


  1. Nail Biter. What! Since the 1st grade people, so I’ve learned to tune out the rolled eyes.
  2. Sleep with four pillows, all under my head. I bet you’re laughing at the image of that right now, but it gets worse. I sleep on my stomach, with my arms folded under my chin, head up, facing the wall. As if you were laying stomach down on the grass and resting your hands on your chin. Don’t ask, just don’t even ask! This habit explains so very much of my horrible neck pain, but I do it while I’m sleeping. Then I get an incredulous poke from the hubby who is saying “my gawd…you’re doing it again! How can you sleep like that?!?!” If I knew, don’t you think I would stop? Jeesh!
  3. Coke habit. Spare me the rehab hate mail – I’m talking about my long time love affair with Coca Cola. At least two cans a day, though I’ve heard much worse in the way of addiction stories. I literally get a little shake and ahhhhhhh when I take my first drink of a really good one. McDonalds has good Coke. So does Chipotle.
  4. The OCD inside dicates that certain things not be left alone. Crooked mirrors or pictures, untidy magazines on a doctor’s office table, cabinets left open in the kitchen or bathroom, hangers that are poking out where a shirt was quickly ripped out of the closet, underwear riding up my rear – you get the picture. I need things to be just so. Everything has a place and everything in its place. It’s just what makes the world go round for me.

Now for the revised rules for this meme. You share four things that were new to you in the past four years. Four things you learned or experienced or explored for the first time in the past four years. New house, new school, new hobby, new spouse, new baby, whatever. Then you have to list four new things you want to try in the next four years.

Four new things I learned or experienced in the past four years:

  1. That I have a lot more patience and stamina that I gave myself credit for. When we started our adoption journey, someone wise and sage said “adoption is not for the faint of heart” and in denial I thought “what the heck does she know!” Yeah, so, totally biting my tongue now.
  2. Went to New York for the first time and LOVED it. Went again so I could take AB and we could experience it together, and it was like seeing a whole different New York – that’s what I love about him, because he makes life an adventure for me.
  3. Went from total corporate life to total “work from home” life and I love it. Could not stand the thought of going back – this completely suits me.
  4. You can live apart from your family. You may not think you could live anywhere but where you are, but you can. You are tougher than that. And you may just find that you like living away – absence does make the heart grow fonder, and there is a whole big world out there waiting to be explored. Moving was one of the best things that could have happened to us, and it has changed our lives for the better. It has also made me open to moving again, which is way ahead of where I was when we first got in the car to move across country almost four years ago.
Four things that I want to try or do in the next four years:

  1. Bring home Keira and her sibling(s).
  2. Travel as much as possible
  3. Be debt free and financially secure
  4. Go on a Disney Cruise with my M3 and all the babies we’ve been waiting for.
I am tagging the following bloggers for this meme. You can choose which one to complete or do them both! It's good PR ladies - tell us all about yourself! (heheh)

1. Doris

2. Mya

3. Stacy

4. Lisa

5. Kim

6. A & MG

7. Tracy

8. Isabella's Mommy

June 7, 2007

Updated Rolls and A Blog of the Week Award

Ok peepers - blog rolls are updated! Lots of new ones to go and peak at and I've added LID's for those still waiting. I've also added a "Referral" section towards the top for those who have received referrals and are waiting to travel. (pitifully small though it may be...I may have to add some just to make myself feel better - I feel like this wait is moving so darn slow!) As always, there is a section below for those already back home from China and I've added some to that list as well. At the "way down there" bottom, there is a list of fun sites to visit - some shopping, some blogs, some interesting sites.

I've decided on highlighting a blog a week - we could all use the spotlight for a while, just to meet new people if nothing else!

Have fun exploring - if you're a new addition to my list - welcome!

Highlighted blog award for this week is no surprise and must share the spotlight with another - I've chosen two families who received their wonderful referrals and both babies were long awaited and are BEAUTIFUL! Congrats to Lisa and Mya - your girls are amazing! Your endurance and patience are an inspiration to us all.

The Amazing Journey to Karlee!


Waiting for Brianna!

Drop in and wish them well as they revel in the excitement of their big week and as they wait for their travel arrangements to go and get their darling baby girls!

June 5, 2007

Read all about it...

Ok - flying home today and had time to sit and try to look up all my favorite new blogs, and it took me forever which led to this: I'm a firm believer in sharing links, etc. So I'm going to be updating my blogroll at left and if you want on or want off my links list, nows the time to let me know. Don't be shy...ask away! It's all about community and getting to know each other and having people to lean on, glean from, and learn about! If you come back and see your blog on here and want me to take it off, just let me know. No harm, no foul. If you want to add me to your roll, I...well I...I'd like to say it's an honor to be nominated...and I'd like to thank the academy...you like me! you really like me!!!

Ha! I'm cracking myself up! This is what sitting in an airport and travel in general will do to you!

Cheers peeps -

Off to fly over the west...

The Baby is All Grown Up

It's all over and I come home tomorrow - she did it and now my parents have finally seen all four of their kids (ages 35-17) graduated from High School!

Yeaaah Ashley...congratulations! You did it!!!

Now it's off to college and the rest of your adventure!

June 3, 2007

Mr. Toads Wild Ride

Ok - since it's technically 2am for me, TX time - I'll make this fun for all of you - I'm slap happy at this point. I hadn't even been in town for twenty-four hours, when while making a left turn, a person who can only be described as both the world's worst driver AND a frigging IDIOT - crammed into the side of my lovely little (2008) rental car. This, as my family and I were headed to the theater to see Shrek 3 and have a little fun.

No one was hurt - but the guy wanted nothing to do with me calling the police - he said he and his wife had an important dinner to go to. Just wanted to exchange info and leave. I said "sir, if you leave...it will be a hit and run - we disagree about who is at fault". This made him VERY antsy, but he stayed and 30 minutes later - the cavalry arrived - two cop cars and four police officers emerged on the scene and took over what would become a THREE RING CIRCUS!

In the real world, we have fender benders or minor accidents and we get out and say "man...what just happened...are you ok? Am I ok? Ok! We're all ok, let's talk about what happened and get a police report, and exchange numbers and info, etc.". Then you go your merry way and cry alone that it even happened at all. Well - not for me...no siree.

Here is the circus of actions the BUFFOON erupted into in bullet point for your reading pleasure:
  • He couldn't give me his license and then said "oh, my wife was driving - I'll get her info for you". Let's just clarify HE WAS DRIVING. Then came back and said "she doesn't have it with her....someone will bring it". Yeah, right!
  • He pressed and pressed for me to exchange what little info he had and just to let him leave...yeah, right (again!)
  • He didn't want me to call the cops (are you getting suspicious yet?)
  • He paced frantically back and forth between my car and his, accusing me of running into him, while his wife did the same. I just had to laugh...they were crazy - there is no other explanation.
  • An elderly person showed up and put the accused's two small children in the back of his car (no car seats) and then the IDIOT starts to get in the car with him. I called out "sir, you CANNOT leave...you were driving...you MUST wait for the police". To which he said "no...I wasn't driving...she was...I need to go...". Not so fast FREAKO - here come the BAD BOYS BAD BOYS WHATCHA GONNA DO now, so ha! They saw him and out jump four cops - two women, two men - all totally buff saying "Sir...stay where you are. Where are you going?"
  • I give my story to a nice female cop.
  • He yells his stupid version to the other three. They are clearly already not buying his version. I see them arguing over who was driving the car - the cop get in the IDIOT'S car and it's clearly way too far back for this very short woman to have been driving. They have her get in - it's apparent she was not driving. They literally laugh and say "please, don't lie to us...that's just dumb". I have to suppress my snickering.
  • The IDIOT man continues to exacerbate the police officers. He's yelling, he's pacing - he's following them around and acting like a fool - and the officers have to issue warnings like "Sir, step away from our car"...and "Sir, do not follow my partner or I will tackle you to the ground"....or how about our favorite..."If you yell at me, I'll yell at you...so tell your story and be done with it, but don't you dare lie to me again". It was like Barnum and Bailey.
  • Then we hear the cops telling the man "well, looks like you have a suspended license. Ever been arrested sir? You have? Ok, for what? Ohhhhhh DUI? Had anything to drink tonight sir?" And ma'am, where is your license? At home? Let's look you up....come over here. OHHHHH, WOW....(laughing cop)....another suspended license for...a DUI! - why am I not surprised? It's just gets better and better with you two!" says my hero, Mr. Police Officer.
  • Then I overhear "you're both getting tickets for driving with a suspended license and your car is getting towed...and that sucks, doesn't it?"
  • An hour later, I am given a police report that says they can't determine fault!?!?! What the heck? The officer tells me that because it's technically "he said - she said" - they will be filing a case, and there will probably be no determination made of fault for the actual accident." Hero Schmero...hmph! How about "if they weren't driving with a suspended license I would never have been hit...how about that?"
Went to see Shrek when it was all over with. Left the IDIOTS with the cops. The worst part of all this?............

Should have opted for the stupid freaking expensive car insurance at the stupid car rental place. I have my own so I thought...it'll be fine (ha...stupid, stupid, stupid), but it would have been so much easier to walk away with no cares. Sucks!

I'm fine - no one is hurt. Except my checkbook, I presume.

Frig! (for V)

June 1, 2007

I'm going back to Cali...

Alright ya'all! I'm heading back to my homeland to see my little sister Graduate from high-school. I'm leaving in a few hours for the airport and I'll be back in Texas next Tuesday...short trip, but already full of things to do and people to see!

Many people wonder about our age difference, so I'll sum it up. Mom and Dad had my brother and I in their early twenties. Waited ten years and had my little brother who is now 23. Waited five years and SURPRISE! had Ashley. Same parents - four siblings - all spread out, but very close. I was almost sixteen when Ashley was born and so it was like having two moms for her. I've watched her and Dustin grow up and it's been such a privilege to have the opportunity to be their big sister. (Although...sometimes a little annoying...like your younger siblings can be...haha) But I've been there for all their milestones (including proms...yes, I am a dork!) so of course, I couldn't miss this event for anything.

She's a hoot and totally has a great sense of humor. I'm hoping she does a lot of exploring the world and a lot of great things that she can look back and be proud of. I know her personal journey has not always been easy to get to this point, but she's now looking at the rest of her life and I pray she has direction and wisdom as she starts the wonderful adventure into adulthood.

Love ya sissy! Congrats on your big day!!!!

Peace out bloggy peeps - since I'm a blogging fiend, I'll probably post over the weekend. What's that you say? You are surprised I'm dragging my laptop? Why oh why? I could never leave it behind! Please! And you say you know me....(shakes head)


Have a great weekend everyone!