October 31, 2006

"Splash" Mountain My Rear...

Just want to say for the record that just getting splashed would have been a treat - instead we got drenched and I think we may have had a little too much weight in the boat,
if you follow me...

Regardless, tons of fun...of course...

For Robyn...

A little piece of Disneyland for all my Disney Buddies...(especially Robyn!)
This is my whole entourage.
"Ready for lift-off in five, four, three, two, one.......blast off!"
(Oh, and Happy Pumpkin Day everyone!)

7 Month LID & a quick Hello!

Greetings from California and the Magic Kingdom fellow blogger pals! I actually made the trip back to No. Cali from Southern CA. today with my Mom and am sleepily typing this quick post to say that I will have pics from the trip for your viewing pleasure as soon as I get home to TX- but I wanted to wish AB and me a "Happy 7 Month LID" - I'm two days late, but what the heck.

This picture was drawn free-hand by my little sister - way to go Ashley! Mickey and Minnie were terrific hosts for our trip and we did have a great time. It's always sad to leave Disneyland...but I suppose living in Fantasyland is out of the question? I thought Peter Pan had some pretty cool digs...right up my alley!

There is no doubt that I am missing my husband and animals and it's always hard to be apart for long periods of time. Ten days too many in this case...can't wait to see you babe!

Meanwhile, I have a couple more days here before flying home. I'm planning on relaxing a little, catching up on sleep (my feet hate me after three days in the park) and I'm also planning on visiting my absolute favorite sushi joint - Mikuni. Can't wait!

Hope all is well for everyone - I just read all my linked blogs and everyone seems to be in one piece still. Check out Rod and Mary-Mia's gorgeous newly adopted twins and their current journey in China- they are too cute for words...

Back in a few more days ~ cb

October 25, 2006

Anton says "Thanks"

So, for the first time, it’s not Christie writing here, but Anton.

Hi everyone, it’s Anton.

Now that we firmly rammed into the ground; “who is doing the blogging”, the next question would be …why?

I just celebrated my 35th birthday today. Yippee. I am so NOT one to do big things on my birthday, so I did my usual routine. Alarm at 4:30, out by 4:45, doing laps at the natatorium by 5:15, finished by 6:15, and then school from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm (with rehearsals and such) followed by going home, having my birthday dinner with my wife, and then crashing at home. To be followed by her going to California for 10 days, which I don’t like much. I mean, its okay that she’s in California and all, but I hate being alone over here. This is why I married my best friend …

ANYWAYS, got caught on a tangent there. Bottom line: I got a real COOL present from the secret pal that Christie has, which now makes her MY secret pal. I got a cap with the Chinese characters for “father” on it, so that I could wear it when we go to pick up KJ. I wore it on Saturday, right out of the box; I thought it was so groovy.

So, to the secret pal out there: THANKS SO MUCH!!! For the rest of ya: HIYA! I might do this again in another year or so. If any of you live in the North Dallas area: come see the next play my kids are putting on. Nov. 2 & 3, 7 pm – Pioneer Heritage Middle School – The Phantom Tollbooth. It’s gonna be a very cool thing.

See ya!

October 23, 2006

Pick Your Favorite Land...

Hey blogger pals – I’m outtie for the next ten days – heading to the Magic Kingdom with my family (minus the hubby who could not get away from work…sob!) But I know I’ll be having myself a good ol time…

I’ll post pics as soon as I can – and I’ll be thinking of my peeps while I’m whizzing around on Space Mountain and the Haunted Mansion

Happy Halloween – while I’m thinking of it. All of you better post pics of your cuties in their costumes!

Be back the 3rd of November!

-Seacrest Out

October 19, 2006


Why isn't anyone updating their blogs? I don't get it...we all used to be so good and update a few times a week...now I'm lucky if I see an update once a week. Boo!

October 17, 2006

Tooting the Hubby Horn - If you're easily nauseated by "gush" - then bypass this entry

I've been reflecting on my engagement.

Six years ago last week, my then boyfriend of almost a year got down on one knee at a school assembly where he was teaching. The absolute excitement and energy of the students was tangible as they erupted into gasps and cheers when he bent down and pulled a small black box out of his pocket.

There I sat, literally on a pedestal...one that I thought was a prop for the assembly, turned out to be the seat I would sit on for his heartfelt proposal. Of course I said "YES!" much to the satisfaction of 400 screaming kids and my beaming family who had snuck into the back row. It was quite an exciting moment, and I could not take my eyes off of my beautiful ring or my gorgeous new fiance.

More importantly, the reality that six years have passed since that wonderful October day and he is still my best friend and he has been the most amazing husband to me. Truly God knew what he was doing when he brought us together. Our first date was coffee at Starbucks - "just to chat and hang out" - and we have never been apart since. We've had no breakups, no splits, no "time off". Sure, we've had our fights and our bickering, and we've certainly had moments where we thought "maybe I should move to the Bermuda Triangle", but we always push through it and we always come out hugging and saying that we love one another.

As a matter of fact, in a world where so few marriages make it anymore, lately I've been counting myself so blessed to have a wonderful man who is grounded in his faith, loves his teaching job where the students and administration sing his praises, is a phenomenal cook, terribly funny, incredibly smart, affectionate, romantic, and for God knows why - still so very in love with his wife, which he reminds her of at every possible occasion. There is no doubt, I can assure you, that he is indeed the love of my life and the only man I've ever known who not only loves me exactly as I am with no strings attached, but relentlessly puts up with all of my nonsense - and there's quite a bit to put up with. I have literally loved him since the day I laid eyes on him.I know I'm tooting the horn...but he so deserves it. And I'm proud to say that Keira is really winning the Daddy lottery!

So glad I said "yes"...

October 8, 2006

Disney, the latest, and more...

In case you have never been (do you live under a rock?) it truly is the happiest place on earth. At least to me. I grew up in California and I associate many, many happy childhood memories with Disneyland. That's why when my parents offered me a chance to go back with them and my two younger siblings in two weeks, I had to jump at the chance. I nearly choked on my own teeth - I was so excited. I am also so glad that we will be taking my beautiful niece Christa, who is only 10 and has never been to the park - scratch that - she went when she was three, I think - but of course remembers nothing about it. She's the perfect age to go back and really make memories that she will carry with her for many years, just as I did and my mom did when she was a little girl. I will be sure to report back with pics and details after the trip! I leave October 24th and I'm chomping at the bit...

Other than that, on the adoption front - it moves slow, as many of you know (and also are experiencing). We had the nursery door closed for awhile - just to clear the depressive air after referrals came out. Now it's open again, because I can't bear to have such a pretty little space (albeit unfinished pretty little space) closed up. So once again, it's bringing sunshine to the rest of the house with it's cute little window. I have good days and bad ones with this process. Sometimes it literally feels like this is all just a really bad and painful exercise in futility and that she will never get here fast enough for us. Other days, it feels like I'm not ready to be a parent. I know that I am deep down, but it's scary some days when AB and I are just enjoying lounging around, window shopping for hours, or eating and sleeping late - and I think to myself "say goodbye, sister...it's all gone". Sigh...doesn't that sound rediculous? Complaining about life as we know it ceasing to be. Trust me when I say, we will gladly give it up for Keira. She's worth it! It's just...some days are good, and some are bad...are you with me?

On another front - my camera is still not fixed, nor has it been replaced. And even though my birthday is next month, the only camera AB wants to replace it with costs way too much $$. I just am not sure how we're going to rectify this one. I am miserable without a camera!

Work is going well - I had a bad week a couple weeks ago and I thought the light at the end of the tunnel would NEVER be seen, but sure enough, the clouds parted and there it was - all was well again and my load returned to the usual. For the most part, this job is the best thing that has ever happened to me career wise. I can't wait for Keira to reap the benefits, as they are slightly wasted on me and me alone.

The best part of my weekend, w
as that on Friday I got a wonderful package from my Feb/March Secret Pal. I really needed a pick-me-up and it came just in time! Since I have no digital camera to take pictures of the lovely things she sent, I decided to get clever with my scanner and so I am attaching scanned images. It's the least I could do...I was really moved by her gifts...
First was this amazing book full of Chinese holiday stories, activities to do with your kids, and recipes that celebrate Chinese Culture. AB and I were both very touched by this gift, because we so long to share these traditions and stories with Keira so that she will understand her heritage and appreciate and respect it. This was such a wonderfully thoughtful gift! Thank you so much Secret Pal! And, for anyone who is interested, the authors are Nina Simonds, Leslie Schwartz, & The Children's Museum, Boston.

These are sooooo darling! They are little pins for your coat or whatever you like - and one is a kitty and one is a puppy - both with little wings and halos. The card says: "Protect my pet when I'm away. Bring it safely home each day, Let it know that it is loved, Here on Earth and from above."
She was aware that we had lost our 11 year old kitty recently, and wanted to cheer me up. It worked! I love these little pins. I will be thinking of my little Meggie when I wear the kitty...

Next were these darling little shoulder cloths. ANYTHING to do with Keira
and my day is made! Thank you so much Secret pal...I love it! (Would you believe with all that I do have, I did not have any of these?!?!)

Last but not least is her thoughtful penchant for getting the perfect little cards to make me smile or laugh. If this doesn't make you smile, I don't know what would. Inside she wrote lots of encouraging words and she also asked me quite a few questions. Since I know she's reading this, I thought I'd take a minute to answer, since this is my only way to communicate with her for now...

Question: When you visited your Aunt and Uncle in Brentwood, was that Northern or Southern, CA? Answer: They live in Northern CA. - just outside of the bay area. Beautiful area - beautiful home, and wonderful people! Question: Where exactly did you live in California? Answer: Well, I'm assuming you don't mean the address...the street, the number...(haha) so here's the breakdown - I was born in LA - but we moved to Sacramento when I was a small child. Lived in Sac until I was 30 years old - when we moved to TX. Question: Not in detail because he reads this blog, but a little more about what AB likes: Answer: He likes Gamestop, the store. He likes cooking and kitchen gadgets. And he loves the idea of being a Dad to Keira. Hope that helps! And Secret Pal, thank you for everything! It was wonderful to hear from you and get those great things for Keira - and we love the book, the card, and the pet pins. You're very sweet to think of them, and to refer to them as our kids. We certainly see them that way!

As for the rest, I have a busy week coming up with work, church, and my Mommies Who Lunch - who are coming over this Friday! Yee haw! Love those gals...but since this time it's at my house (girls...bring your cameras, please!) I better get to cracking on the cleaning! Yikes!

We tried to have a yard sale this weekend to clean out our garage (wish I could post pics...) and I spent $20 on signs on Home Depot. Would you believe the stinking city picked up all our signs and took them - so no one came! What's up with that? Is that a Tx thing? In California, it is very common to put signs up, and no one will take them. Here, they were gone by around 10am and it was a very painfully slow day...sitting around wondering where everyone was?!?! Then AB went out to see if our signs were there, and they were all gone...not just ours, but our neighbors signs as well. What a crock! I want my $20 bucks back! We hardly made a dime, and ended up donating all our stuff to Goodwill. Of course, AB is happy, because he has his garage back, but I'm peeved we spent a whole day spinning our wheels, when in reality - the signs were taken and no one was gonna come - because no one knew we were there! !$(*#&$(*#&(*&$(@*&$!@%&!^%# Grrrrr...

Last but not least, Anton's father just finished painting and handing over to us two of the cutest little rocking chairs for Keira. One for her room and one for the living room. You have to see them to really appreciate how darling they turned out - and how perfect the color fits in her nursery, but alas...they would not fit in the scanner...just take my word for it...they're the cats meow...

Until next time -
bon jour!

October 4, 2006

Just because I can...that's why...

Happy Birthday and hugs to my dynamic duo, girl power, gorgeous gal pal Desiree! Love you bunches girl!!

Now, where's the cake?

October 3, 2006

Ancient Chinese Secret...

Actually, it's not a secret - just some good sound advice for this process of adoption. The first one says "Perseverance: Don't give up until the goal is reached". Well, we all know what the goal is...or who, rather. Sounds like a plan to me...

This one says "Assistance: People help each other in times of need". As I've walked this road, I've found the most amazing people to keep me company, share my burdens, and keep me laughing. I hope you have too. And always remember that reaching out and helping those around you that are so close they can taste it, stuck in the middle ground, or just starting this daunting journey, is the best way to make the time fly. I don't know what I would do without my gal pals who are in the same boat, or without those amazing moms who have walked the walk already.
Last but not least, this one says "Celebrate: Honor the person who reached his goals". Over the next few months as we watch those who came before us go on to get their sweet babies, let's remember to cheer them on, celebrate with them and for them, and to be a strong net of support when they return and need our friendship.

Celebrate! Because you're next...it may take some time, but you're next...and we'll all be here - every day to ooh and aww and share your joy.

Here's to the babies and families finally united ~