September 6, 2011

Day 5 - A Little Sunshine

We’ve been stuck in the triple digits for a long time.  I do intentionally mean to infer that when you step outside to go do anything at all – it feels like you’re melting into the concrete.  The house could not be cool enough, the car would not get cool enough, the clothes you wore – not lightweight enough.  On and on.  Just so stinkin’ hot that you find yourself longing for snow suits and galoshes.

But today was different.  We knew the temps were scheduled to drop quite a bit, but this morning we looked out the windows and could see the breeze blowing.  We opened up every window in the house, and cool air came pouring through, taking with it two + months of boxed in stale atmosphere and leaving our spirits significantly lighter. 

We made our way to the park as soon as breakfast was over…we could hardly wait to get outside and run around.  It was sort of surreal to have to move from shade to sun because we were actually “chilly”.  Not to mention how fun it was to be able to play on the slides, etc. without the plastic being ripping hot.  Not to sound whiny – but it’s been a hard and very hot summer full of drought conditions.  We went on to enjoy a nice long walk this evening.  What a relief!  Totally lifted my spirits to get out of the house and breathe some amazing cool and fresh air!  I’m pumped about FALL!



Here’s today’s menu:

Breakfast:  Simple.  Cereal.  No big.
Lunch:  Lunchmeat Sammies with pickles and fritos (yum)
Dinner:  Glorious meal -  Ranch Pork Chops, Fettuccine with butter/salt, and steamed broccoli with a sprinkle of shredded cheese (I want to dive into that pan…good grief!)


Many of you have commented about AB being such a great cook, and I can honestly say nothing to that except:  you’re 100% right.  He is.  And I promise you, the food tastes as good as it looks. 

Anton is quite at home in the kitchen – as are my children…


The challenge is going well!  Hope you can all say the same!!  Back tomorrow for Day 6 (almost a week – yippee) and Keira’s first day of “school”.   Sob!

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