December 30, 2009

When it's time to go...'re not ready.  No.  You're just not.

I think it's the law, or something?  Not sure. 

I would say that grand scale arrangements have been made.  No details.  Not really, anyway.  Just the bigger stuff worked out.

We've made arrangements for Quint to stay with his grandparents.  He'll be near his extended family and cousins, and after seeing him thrive around them this past week, it did my heart good to see just what he can expect for those two weeks we're in China.  He's certainly not going to be bored!

The animals are all set - we've arranged for a friends daughter to stay at the house and keep an eye on our place and our little four legged sweeties.

We've had huge success fund-raising, but we still have about $3000 to go.  And I KNOW WE CAN DO IT!  I know we can - we've come sooooo far!  If you're interested in helping, check out the adorable adoption T's we're selling HERE and/or click the DONATE button at the top right of this page to give to the Keira Fund.  We're SO close!  Send prayers!

Oh, and we booked our flights. Ahem.


See what I just did there?  I typed we. booked. our. flights.

We leave two weeks from today.'re not ready.  No.  You're just not.

but who couldn't get ready real quick for her?

December 29, 2009

A List and some traveling...

A list of reasons to be excessively tardy on posting

by - Christie

1.  Busy holidays - Merry Christmas, by the way!  We had fun - it is always good for the soul to see your 2-year old squeal in delight over his goodies (thanks Grandma & Grandpa!!)  We really enjoyed ourselves and also had a lovely time with friends. 

2.  Holiday traveling - been gone for several days to see AB's family.  Long car ride later - and here we are.  Freezing, but having a great time.  Quint so loves having's amazing to see them together having fun.  We're sad to have to leave, but tomorrow we will finally trek back home. 

3.  Crappy internet connection where we are.  So crappy.  In fact, I barely have a connection now.  Hope I can post this?  Not getting all my e-mails, can't check most of your sites, and feeling overall sort of disconnected.  Boo.

4.  Busy preparing to travel.  Very soon.  Like January 14th.  (that's a little over two weeks away, ahem!! SCREAM!) To hold her.  To touch her.  To see her...

We were able to connect with Ann at Red Thread China and after only a few days, we were blessed to receive updated pictures of our sweet, sweet Keira.  I screamed!  She's so adorable - I can't wait to hug and kiss her...and those chubby cheeks...good gawd...KISS KISS.  So beautiful!  I can't stop staring at her.  She's so, I don't know...KEIRA...ya know? 

Anyway, for those of you coming along behind us - you MUST check out Ann and her service.  It's amazing.  We were blown away by what she offered and what she has already provided.  The chance to have more pictures to offer Keira as a small piece of her beginnings, it's just so priceless.

Meanwhile, we're heading back home to start serious preparations to be on a plane to China in the next few weeks.  So freaking excited we can hardly stand it!

Absolutely breathtaking!  More pictures to come very soon - maybe after we get home and a connection is back up to speed...

mucho hug-o

December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

With love and hope for a wonderful New Year!!


December 18, 2009

Cutests T's on the Planet

Calling all families who have been touched by adoption!!!

After the Rummage Sale, we knew we better keep working towards more solutions - thus coming up with ideas and moving on to our next fundraiser.  A friend (thank you Robyn) sent me some information about an adoption driven fundraiser that would really be fun to do and at the same time, offers an awesome product to the buyer.  I thought it was AWESOME and after applying to be added as a family, we were accepted!  Yaaay! 

Here's how it works:

1.  You click right HERE and visit our virtual store, where you will see the following 4 T-shirts listed.
2.  You'll select and click on the design/size shirt you want, and it will take you to checkout.
3.  You'll pay and check out, and your item will be shipped to you via the method you select.
4.  Our family will receive a percentage of all the proceeds earned.

IMPORTANT:  We will only receive credit if you purchase from our family page and from those four designs on our page.  If you leave and roam to the main page and select those four designs, or choose other designs, we will not receive credit for those purchases.  Not that you should limit yourself, but if you're going to purchase any of these four designs - please stay on our family page to do so, or our family won't receive the credit.

It's that simple!  Just another way for those that would like to help out - and feast your eyes on what you'll be looking super stylish in!  Come on - how can you resist?!?!?

T-Shirt #1 - Mama in Chinese (Chocolate /Pink)

T-Shirt #2 - Fatherhood (Brown/Blue)

T-Shirt #3 - Ethiopia "Adoption Rocks" (White)  (oh yeah - big shout out to my fellow Ethiopia mamas and papas!)

T-Shirt #4 - Blessed  (Pink/Chocolate)

Convinced?  Little sumpthin' for everyone, no?

Visit our store HERE and get you or someone you know (grandma?  sister?  husband?  wife?  grandpa?  aunt?  uncle?  cousin?  friend? - the possibilities are endless, eh?) a t-shirt that will open up all kinds of opportunities to share your/their own story with others as well as being super cute on you/them.

As always - we thank you deeply for your support and kindness!

Seriously it just me or are those adorable?!?!


OH!  And PLEASE feel free to pass this information along via blog, twitter, facebook, e-mail, phone call, snail mail, air-balloon, train, or any other method that will help sell lots of T-shirts!


P.S.  This post also up at Bringing Keira Home for extra exposure...oh la la!

December 17, 2009

Cho Cho

Today we were home, it was cold out, and we decided to do some baking.  I have the world's greatest taste tester in my son.  He would try anything if it involved a potential for something sweet.  We got so many goodies made - and I have to say, I was living a little bit of my childhood.  I pulled out an old recipe of my Mom's - she'll appreciate that we made Chocolate Covered Cherry Balls.  Omg.  To die for.  They are DELISH.  Several types of cookies...I'll have to do a little post about that, maybe.

And one thing is clear with Quint - his love language is Chocolate.  Or "cho cho" as he refers to it.  Anything could be wrong - everything could be wrong - and one piece of chocolate would set the world aright for him.  In a way it's cute.  In another way, he might be doomed to a life of swooning everytime someone walks in the room with a box of Sees.  On the other hand, I'm not sure cho cho is the best way to solve the world's problem.  On the other hand, it might be the best way in the world of a 2 year old.  Hmmm...

Here he is looking supa' fly in front of a big fat honkin' Christmas tree near our town.  Between his two fingers is a miniature peanut butter cup.  Yes.  And notice he's smiling.  But only because he has said butter cup in his hand.  Otherwise, all bets were off and standard 2-year old tantrum-esque behavior resumed.

But I do adore that boy...

December 15, 2009

Blessed & Finding Contentment

I have posted a new update/ thank you / request over at


Could you stop by and pay me a visit?


Happy Birthday Baby

Today, Little Miss turns 6 months old.
Wish we could be there with her, and hug and kiss all over that sweet face, but I know it will be soon and perfect and we won't be able to remember life without her...

XOXO - Mama loves you!

December 13, 2009


"I say to myself, 'The Lord is my portion; 
therefore I will wait for him'." 
Lamentations 3:24

I'm still standing.  Of course, I am.  Over and over I tell myself, "self, you can do just have to think outside the box".

What fundraiser?

What loophole?

What bargaining chip?

What road not traveled?

What person or group or platform not approached?

What thought not over-thought to death that could be re-thought again?

And then...a reminder.


Just wait?

I know it's hard.

It's impossibly hard.

Just wait.  Let Me.  Let me.

So hard, Lord.  So hard.

I know.

I love her so much.

I love her more.

I know.

Do you?

Yes, I mean....I think I do...

Then wait.

I'll try.  I will...I'm just...I'm so...

I'm discouraged.

I know.

Help me, please...

I'll help.

I'll just wait then?


I'm waiting...

...but those who wait on the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint. Isaiah 40:31

December 12, 2009

Sharing Joy

I'm still processing my last post - and the response I've received has been so kind, so supportive, so will need its own write up very soon.  Suffice it to say, I'm still very much on the same thought process and spending time trying to absorb many of the suggestions I received as well as continue to think positive thoughts and move forward. More on that later -

But for now, I simply must point you towards two other families who are IN China and about to meet their daughters for the first time tomorrow.

As friends of mine, I can tell you firsthand that these are wonderful, kind, giving and sweet people who are so very deserving of this life-changing amazing moment!

This is truly what it's all about - families coming together.  Children who have no hope one day, being united with the parents who will love them, nurture them, and give them a future the next day!  It's inspiring...what a difference a day makes.

Click each name to visit their sites and read about their adventure!

December 9, 2009

Be not afraid; only believe. - Mark 5:36

I have a new post up over here at Keira's Fundraising Site...

My only caution to you is that it was written with many tears...and heaping mounds of humility.

I just finished writing it, and I feel like I've aged...

Please help.  That's all I can think to say anymore...

December 7, 2009


So many wonderful, supportive, kind, and thoughtful e-mails, comments, phone name it!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

We've been processing a lot of emotions - the primary emotion being absolute L.O.V.E.  I can't get over her...don't even want to try.  She's so beautiful, so perfect...and when we got the actual pictures in the mail, we could see more details on her little face - like her perfect little lips.  Oh gah!  To die for...I want to squish her and hug her and kiss those cheeks...oh mah gah.  She's scrumdidilyumptious.  I can't wait to touch her and comfort her and kiss that sweet face.

We're expediting our response back to the agency with a resounding "YES!  WE WANT HER!".  Ok, we just signed on the line - but still...we certainly didn't have to hesitate in doing it.  It's still a little strange, knowing when I look at her face that it's really her.  Not just a dream or someone else.  To finally have a face to go with the longing and the love and the thoughts of the's surreal.

The most popular comment from among my well-wishers seems to be about how young she is, and  I must admit, even on our referral video I heard myself saying "I can't believe how young she is - I'm so excited!"  I think somewhere in my mind I had programmed myself to believe that she would be a minimum of 10 months old at referral.  Maybe even 18months.  I don't know.  I just felt she would be older.  Maybe I was just preparing myself in case I ended up with virtual twins between the two kids.  So when they said "she's only 5 months" I think I was in shock for a full day.  I just couldn't get my head around it.  It just seemed unprecedented.  I'd only heard of a very small handful of referrals in the past three + years that had come out that young.

So for reasons all unto myself...I started recalling how precious that age is; 5-10 months.  Quint was 6 months old when we held him for the first time.  Just a tiny thing at 14 pounds.  Keira is presently 11 pounds at the same age.  She's tiny tiny.

I reflected back to that period of months where he was so little.  Where I would set him on a blanket at my feet and he would happily gurgle and giggle and chew on whatever was in grasp.  Eventually how he would flip over and do a little "airplane" maneuver.  All those little things...precious things, that are so easy to forget because they are gone in a flash.

So I have to admit, I am feeling particularly BLESSED to have the opportunity to experience those precious moments again with my second child, with my sweet little girl.  Moments that I know will once again be gone too quick and part of the past.  I'm so glad she'll be with us for them...and we can document those sweet times for her to savor later...and us too.

Just look what a difference a year made for a certain little man - takes my breath away




They grow up so fast it makes my heart hurt and full of pride all at the same time...

Can't wait to have her home to share all those little changes and milestones together.

More to come on her translated documents - we didn't get much, but it was enough to make us both a little weepy...she's a dream.

If you missed it or haven't watched the video in the post below - you'll get to sneak a peek at our journey to Keira and our referral moment.  Such a treasure that I'm so glad we captured - I hope you'll enjoy it...

December 4, 2009

Never Say Never

So many times in the process of getting to Keira I have thought to myself "I can't do this...I have to let's too hard".  And so many times the words have come to me over and over and over..."don't let me go".

For my friends still waiting...never say never...

Be sure to listen WITH the music and a special moment I wanted to share with each of you is near the end...

Don't let go -xo

December 3, 2009

Mama's Princess

Oh, she's so sweet I get choked up just typing it.  My word...the gambit of emotions I have traveled this week.  I'm exhausted!

Do ya like my little "ode to flowers"?  If I could clip a hair-bow in there, I'd do that too!  I'm so excited about all that hair...wowza, come to mama!  I've got a hair-bow with your name on it little one...actually, several hair-bows.  I just had to have a little fun with my picture program.  Put a little flower here and there...tuck a bouquet in that little fist...muah.  I could eat her up!  Her eyes sparkle!  Mama's little princess! 

So let me re-cap for you what you weren't seeing/ hearing on referral day - even though I really did try to post as much as I could.  I have to say, it got really crazy at the end and it went wild after the referral came.  A frenzy of panic and action, nervous energy spilling everywhere - and I will give you the skinny:

So I left off with a note that we had a "snafoo" of sorts.  Yes, we did indeed.  You see, I had been waiting all day for that call.  All day to know for SURE that referrals had arrived at our agency.  Once the e-mail came that they were indeed referrals, I went into orbit emotionally.  Started crying, started getting myself all worked up...oh it was good times ya'll.

Quint went down for a nap and it was a waiting game.  Waiting for that darned phone to ring and to hear those words "you have a daughter!".  Only, one hour passed and then another.  I've never been so rattled in my life.  Finally 3pm came.  The phone rang.  I hit record on the video camera.  All was set.  And then...

No ability to conference AB in to the call.  From my phone or their phone system.  What?!  No!  We have to do this together!  I was freaking out.  She said she'd call me right back, but 5 minutes became a half hour.  What the friggity frackity?!?!  No, no, no, no no no no

I knew you were all hanging on.  I was too!  Finally, I called the agency.  Advised them they couldn't leave me hanging like that, and that I would be vomiting all over my Referral Call Sheet if I couldn't get the news asap.  Anton and I were on the phone, he conferenced in the agency from his location and there it was...those words I waited 3 years, 8 months and 3 days for...

"It's a girl!"

Seriously, what came next surprised us, delighted us, amazed us...

She's so little, right?  Just five and a half months old.  Her birthday?  Seven months to the day after Quint's.  (plus a year)  They will be nineteen months sweet.  Big brother...

She weighs 11 pounds...twenty-one inches long.  She's sweet, so little...I could eat her up and her little apple cheeks.

She's in Hunan and for privacy I'll keep her Chinese name and SWI off the blog, but I'm just amazed...

We were given the details about how she can hold her head up, is a heavy sleeper - all of that.  But I'm just not sure with that kind of stuff.  I've heard things about those details being "fluff" that they give to everyone.  So I'm not putting that much into those things.  I'll just figure that out for myself when I get to snuggle her in person and watch her every move for two weeks straight...oh bliss!

However, she's a JOY, is she not?  Just look at her?  I could scoop her out of that photo and love her to pieces (hold me to that last part!).

Anton got coverage for his classes after the referral call ended, and rushed home.  We still had not seen her face.  And we waited...and waited...

Finally, there it was...the e-mail that held her pictures in our inbox. almost an hour after Anton got home.  Kill me!  Thought it would never come!  The video cam went on and once again we were nervous and anxious and just...freaking out, really.  Quint sat on Anton's shoulders, I crouched beside them and up those images came.  We SCREAMED and SHOUTED!

"Keira Joy!!!  Finally!!!  There you are!!!  So beautiful, so cute and sweet and adorable..." and Quint sitting there completely unsure what was going on, so cute though.

It was a PRECIOUS moment, my friends...long awaited and full of happiness and peace.  There she was, our little sweetie...all safe and sound, looking healthy and happy and those cheeks that you can't wait to smother in kisses.

So of course, the phone calls began - the e-mails began - the posting began...and I didn't have time to write much on the blog.  It was all I could do to put the pictures up, to be truthful.  The phones were ringing, the e-mails were coming faster than I could keep track (all 200+ of them in three hours), the chaos was wonderful and overwhelming.  I could not tell you how many people we spoke to, how many tears I shed, how many screams and hoots and hollers were let went on and on and it was beautiful.

So, now we wait again.  6-8 weeks for travel - and that's ok.  We still have some work to do over HERE.  God has a plan, He always does!  He didn't bring us this far for nothing...

In the meantime, I'll be here still posting as per usual...albeit raving and drooling over little princess up there in the corner...oh yes, drooling.  I can't wait to see her get to wear ALL THOSE CLOTHES she's been gifted over the last several years.  A closet and dresser and tubs full...and here I thought she might be too big for them.  They start at 9 months because I was SURE she would be much older.  Better work on getting some smaller stuff, stat!  So happy she can wear them all!

I'll be wiping down the baby toys that Quint outgrew last year, finding shelves for bottles and baby food again, washing the burp cloths and looking for deals on those size 2 diapers...lots to do and lots to have fun doing.

A friend said to me "It really is so special that you will get to experience that sweet baby phase again...that little baby on a blanket or staring happily from your arms up into your eyes goes by so quick"

What a treasure...I couldn't have said it better and that thought was not lost on me at all...

Isn't she a dream?

December 2, 2009

Do you have a second? I'd like you to meet someone...

With love, hope, pure pride and joy,

Thank you for walking the journey to this moment with us.


3:45pm  Had a snafoo with conferencing each other in so we could do it together.  JUST got off the phone call.

Can't update til we get pictures and talk to the parents first...VERY soon. 

HANG IN THERE!  She's worth it!!!!!

 3:10 pm - FINAL Update *****

 GETTING THE CALL NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

IT'S A GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 2:02pm - 5th Update *****

Waiting for our phone call and pictures...just received word from our agency that said this:

"The Stork Has Landed! If you have received this email we are pleased to announce that we have received your referral!  Congratulations" 

Crying.  Tears.  So crazy.  After all this time my friends...all this time...

More to come - next post is KEIRA!

1:09pm - 4th Update *****
Ok, all you "refreshers" - you know who you are!  Ha!  No news.  HOWEVER, I would like to have it on the permanent record that your comments are keeping me sane in an otherwise impossible day.

Here's the run down of my physical "labor" symptoms.  No joke..

Sweating profusely.  (what the frig?!?)  Increased heart rate and some palpitations.  Yes, I think that's what we call Stage I of  a good old fashioned panic attack.  Sweaty palms.  Agitated.  Have to pee every two freaking minutes.  Oh. yes. I. do.  LAME.  Nerves are shot.  Had to force myself to eat a turkey sandwich and have ZERO appetite.  So I decided that York Peppermint Patties for lunch could not be considered a crime on a day such as this.  Word.

I keep checking the clock, the inbox, the refresh button, the sanity - whoops, slipped that in there. I'm losing my evah' lovin' mind.  HELP!

Baby went down for his afternoon nap, so now I have 2-3 hours of peace and quiet with which to obsess and freak out and wait...wait...wait...

 12:06pm - 3rd update *****

Nothing new.  Aging watching my inbox.  Waiting for an update...AB just called me, and I bout' had a heart attack.  Love you people, but don't call me.  Not now.  Unless you're trying to put me in an early grave. Ha!
Here's a little something to pass the time.  Remember that poll I had you take wondering how old Keira would be at referral?  Here are the results:

The winner is...

8-10 Months Old with 56% of the vote

2nd Place with 19% of the vote is 12 Months Old

3rd Place with 11% of the vote is 14-18 Months Old

4th Place with 10% of the vote is 5-7 Months Old

5th Place with 2% of the vote is 2 Years or Older

We shall see...

11:04am - 2nd update *****

Didn't know what to do with myself, so I thought I better 1. get out of my pj's and dress myself (rocky morning, what can I say?)  AND 2. put some makeup on and comb the hair.  Shower?  No, no...who has time?  They could call and I'd be in the shower, I just know it.  Later for that...tons of time later.  But at least now when I hit "record" on the camera for that crucial call, I won't cringe every time I have to watch it for the next 60 years because I'll at least have on earrings and a lovely winter sweater.  Just sayin'.

Ok, going to be watching The Polar Express with Quint and eyeballing the inbox like fox on a rabbit hole.  Deep breath.

10:26am - 1st update *****

Just received word that referrals could be arriving as early as 11:00am CST.

Also noticed that referral calls are being made already for other agencies!

O. M. G. 

Pssst! You...yeah you...wanna hear a secret?


Warning:  Rambling Ahead.

Yes, I'm freaking out.  Yes, I might pass out.  Yes, I'm screaming inside while trying to remain relatively calm and not freak out my two year old.

This morning we woke up to snow covering everything...and with that my husband declared today to be a Christmas Miracle!  We're in Texas people...snow is like the holy grail around here.

Referrals are scheduled to arrive this afternoon.  *we think*

Once I have official words/information/details to share (yes, even small stuff because I'm so jittery I'll have to jot it down somewhere, so it might as well be here) I'll be posting it.  So I'll have ONE post throughout the day that I'll update and that will remain at the top of the blog.  Each time I update, I'll add the latest news to the top of that post with a time-stamp.  Until the official "picture post", which will be a post all unto itself.  Sound good?

Remember when this blog used to be called "The Adoption of Keira Joy"?  All my old-timers will recall.   But I digress...

Ok, get your refresh buttons ready!!

December 1, 2009

Say "I"

Referrals might be arriving tomorrow afternoon at our agency.  That's Wednesday after 1pm.

If there is any merit to it, I'll be back to update the blog as often as new information is given to me, starting in the morning.

Could this be it???

Who's with me?

All in favor of seeing Keira tomorrow say "I"!