July 15, 2012

Taking a break...

Friends, I think it's time to face the music - clearly I'm on a hiatus from blogging.  I can't seem to find the time or inspiration to post.  I'm so sorry!  I guess I just need a season of no pressure.  No guilty feelings of not having posted in so long...


Hope to be back talking about whatever floats our boats at some point in the next few months...but for now...thanks for ever caring a hill-bean what I had to say about whatever-the-heck.

It's been a wonderful outlet...and I've so enjoyed sharing our journey with each of you...


July 7, 2012

Back to Coffee at La Cabin

I’m not sure how a year passed since I took my coffee
(strong with plenty of flavored creamer)
out on this front porch and sat myself down for a cohesive thought…
but it seemed to be both an eternity and the blink of an eye. 
And every time I get the opportunity to do this, I have the same reaction:
Peace.  Tranquility.  Deep sighs…

And if that weren’t enough…
these were “rising” in the kitchen behind me
so maybe that alone would have made me happy with or without the coffee? 
I’m not sure there is a better drug than homemade cinnamon rolls? 
Am I wrong here?

My kids seem to take the same position I do.
Peace.  Togetherness. Quiet.
Quint announced to the world at large that he wanted to live here.
I couldn’t argue with that.


Keira seems to know right where to position her little self.
And it takes little effort for us to unwind, take a deep breath, and forget…
the business, the hustle, the difficulties, the burdens
just forget



When we come out of our reverie, we get to be a part of things
that we don’t usually take the time for
like making fresh peach jam with Oma & Opa

IMG_3050  IMG_3052

…or taking fun strolls on the Easy-Go

…or walking by the river and taking in the beauty of God’s creation.




We get to play Hide & Go Seek our Sisters…

And we get to be Supergirl and run carefree…

…and mostly we just get to relax with our cousins, play, be happy..
just be.

Or be goofy with our beautiful SIL…

So yes…it’s a hard-knock life around here at La Cabin…
What with all the swimming, eating, napping, and playing…
We have definitely got it very rough.


…and let’s not forget several rounds of Hand & Foot.  Oh no. 
We mustn't forget that…
Because that’s the nocturnal ritual
that keeps all things balanced in life at La Cabin.
That and cinnamon rolls.