January 15, 2011

Reliving the Moments – Part 1

One year ago.  January 15th.  2010.  Our first official day in China.  Beijing, to be exact.  And it was so cold.  That’s the one thing I remember so clearly (ok, among many other things) but it was so cold.  I think maybe 20 degrees at the high and 12 at night.  We had arrived the night before after 23 hours of travel.  Exhausted, overwhelmed and depleted.  Nervous and excited and missing Quint so badly that it physically hurt our hearts to bear the separation.  Still…

I remember being sick.  Too sick.  Trying to will myself to enjoy every second, and fighting this ridiculous nagging sickness that had arrived only the night before we were to fly out.   Convincing AB that I would be fine.  That it would all be fine.  Knowing that I was probably wrong.  Sickness creeping up on me like an unwanted darkness.

I look at these pictures and I remember so much of what I was feeling.  So much.  More than I can convey in writing – but I’ll try anyway.  Fear.  Hope.  Cold (ahem).  Anxiousness.  Some sadness.  Some happiness.  Dread.  Excitement.  On and on.  Like it was last week.  I remember clearly standing for this picture.  Just outside the Forbidden City.  Drawing attention from the locals.  Slipping around on the ice covered ground.  Being so cold.  Did I mention that?  Getting to know our travel mates.  Learning about Chinese culture and trying so hard to take it all in.  Being fascinated and thinking “we must come back here someday”.  When it’s not as cold, of course.

Climbing the Great Wall…such a rush and at the same time…wanting to move on to the part where we had our long-awaited daughter in our arms.

Look at my sweet husband.  Smiling and proud and happy to be right where he was .  So happy.  Such a rock for me in those moments and in the coming days…

Such a journey…






Ashley said...

I despise being cold!! Love your pictures!

frogglet said...

OH trust me it is Cold today as well. Love seeing your pictures but you look a lot smarter than me and have a much warmer coat on. I am ready to fly out of Beijing but I have a feeling it is not going to get much warmer.

Happy 1 year with Keira in a couple days!

Love from China, Cora