September 29, 2008

For Mom

Someone asked me the other day if I saw my Mom on my trip to Cali recently. I have apparently neglected to include her in my picture posts. Yes, I saw her and yes, Quint loves him some Grandma!

I know she's flipping out right now and saying "that's pictures, please!"

Sorry Ma - due diligence.

Love you, Ma!

September 20, 2008

Mother's Fear

*Note: I'm finished with this post and have come back to the top to say this: I'm not melancholy, depressed, or unhappy. I'm simply expressing one of those forbidden topics for mothers. The fear of losing your child. If this topic seems taboo, steer clear now. Others, brave on ahead through my ramblings...

Some of you may already know this - but I grew up around death. Not the before - but the after. My father spent his life as a funeral director and mortician. Trust me when I tell you, that anyone who does this for a living knows a few things. One, that someone's got to do it. Two, that the job doesn't end at 5pm. It's a seven day a week, 24 hour a day gig. Death is no respecter of time, person, or circumstance. And three, that you sincerely must have both a sensitive heart and way with people, and yet a deep sense of humor to survive (no pun intended) this line of work. Imagine dealing with the families of the deceased day in and day out - being surrounded by those who are at some of their deepest moments of shock and grief. Sometimes shrouded in the darkest most unexpected passings you can imagine.

So this is the premise for my post. That I grew up around death. It wasn't a stranger to my family. We lived it - or in its "after affect" for many, many years, around our home. I've seen (by way of living in the funeral home in which my Dad worked when we were little, or by virtue of working with my Dad when I became an adult) many, many deceased people. I've attended and worked on the sidelines of many funerals. I'm well acquainted with what it looks like (surreal and false) and how it smells (strange, sickly sweet, and cold) and what it sounds like...impossibly still and empty. Though we've been blessed to have almost all of our family present and accounted for - we've buried two grandparents, and a great-grandfather in the past three years.

Even still, it didn't bother me - death. It's always sad - but I felt I understood it, in a way. Understood that it happens. That people are born and people die. That people get sick, and some get better and some do not. That accidents happen, and that people are fallable and human and that mistakes are made, crimes are commited and that it doesn't always make sense why. I thought I had a pretty good handle on all of this.

Until I became a mom.

In lots of ways, parenting is not what I had expected. It's more difficult, more rewarding, more impossible, more exhilarating, more exhausting, and more wonderful than I thought it would be. But the strangest phenomenon has taken place since we added Quint to our family - I am more afraid of death or harm than I ever, ever have been in my life.

For years, after being so desensitized to death and dying - I made peace with the fact that we're all in the process of dying - every day. From the day we're born. My dad always said, "we all have to go sometime", and he's right. We do. And I firmly believe our days are numbered out before we draw our first breath. I have great confidence that in the same way that God has every hair on my head counted, He also has every day of my life, beginning to end, accounted for.

But my friends - I cannot on many levels accept that same thought process for Quint. Never in my life have I feared death as I do now. Not for me...but...well, you know. I can't even type it out - wow. It creeps into my thoughts. What if...

I'm holding him and walking down a set of stairs and I think "God, please don't let me fall with him", and in my mind I'm seeing myself falling and what might happen to him. I'm driving and someone blows a stoplight in front of me and my adrenaline is racing and I'm thinking "OMG! That could have been fatal two seconds earlier!!" I'm watching the baby video monitor and I'm saying "Is he breathing? I can't tell! Should I go in and wake him up to make sure? Is his chest moving up and down?" Call me crazy, but I KNOW I'm not alone.

I find blogs of parents who have lost or are losing their children. I burst into tears. I can't go there in my head. I have to literally change the "station". I know it's every parent's worst nightmare. And I'm starting to grasp how deep and wide that fear can be.

Tonight we watched the season premier of "Hous*e" and he said something that completely resonated with me.

"When somebody 'almost' dies, nothing changes. But when someone dies, everything changes".

It makes me physically sick to entertain the possibility of anything happening to him. Sickness, malady, accident, or otherwise. The fact I'm even typing it down right now is proving to be a very big challenge. I keep stopping and saying "you should delete this post!!"

But I'm pressing on - in the hopes of this:

Acknowledging my fear will somehow give me a greater acceptance and handle on it. I am certainly not going to accept living in fear of "what if" and it's exhausting to even consider it. But I'm learning that part of being Quint's mom, also means accepting that in doing so, I am made completely vulnerable to his life and well-being.

The other day, I had lunch with a dear friend who lost her son four years ago to a car accident. As we sat outside playing with Quint - I asked her how she did she managed that level of grief every day. I told her how I have been afraid, and how motherhood in all it's wonder has also brought about this indelible sense of vulnerability. Of course, she understood. But she reminded me how important the living is. How important the memories are, and the life you live each day. She gave me this story and I'm sharing it more for myself than anything - I hope you will appreciate it, like I did.

She said...

Many times, in my darkest hours of grieving I have wondered why we couldn't know that it was coming. That his days were numbered. On the day he was born - to know that he only had seventeen years and a few days. So that we could do more together...prepare for it somehow...know how to appreciate what we life more. But the truth is - it wouldn't have helped to know. God has given me such peace in understanding that knowing the end would have oversshadowed the living. We would be so bogged down in our grief of knowing the ending, that we would never get around to the real living. We would waste so much time fighting the end - that we would never be able to live unhindered by the todays. We wouldn't have enjoyed him - because we would have only seen and been utterly grieved by his untimely exit. So looking back, we did live. And we did laugh, and enjoy him, and make memories with him, and love him sweetly...that's what matters.

I know my fear is not my own. It's the fear of every mother. It's the fear that somehow you might not be able to control the outcome - that you won't always being able to kiss it and make it better.

But she's right, we must live and laugh and enjoy each other - make memories and appreciate all the good and the bad, and the in between. The hectic and the sweet. The terrible and the marvelous. The precious and the not so precious moments.

It's ok to be afraid of the unknown - I'm learning. It's ok to understand the gift that you have in your babies and to protect it with all you have.

I'm learning how to apprecaite this heightened awareness I now have for another human being. To truly understand the expression of having your heart walk around outside your the form of a little tiny person.

It's scary to love someone this much. Anton just said it after dinner last night while snuggling with Quint - "it's scary how much love I have in my heart for you, son". And why is it scary? Because you start to realize that your lifeblood is flowing outside of your own heart into another. And should anything happen to that person...well...

We must live, and love, and enjoy each other every day. Life is fragile and beautiful...

By loving another person as much as we love Quint, we are truly living after all - aren't we...

Quinty Goodness

Does anyone care if I use the dog door? Anyone?

Heartbreaker. Seriously? This is freaking ridiculously cute. Sorry ya'all.

Mom, this purse would be fun to disassemble!

No? Ok - well, let me alphabetize the DVD's for you then...

How about if I just give you my "Super Sassy" look? Huh? You know you like it!

Truly - I know we're biased - but cutest kid "walking" the planet. Ridiculous.

September 16, 2008

A Family in Need

Friends - my biggest fear in adoption and traveling to an unknown country was that my children would be sick when I got there. As many of you know - Quint was quite ill when we found him, and stayed that way for some time until we could get him proper treatment back at home. Being stuck in a 3rd world country with your sick baby is undeniably one of the worst feelings you can imagine. It was for Quint and it still a real fear of mine for Keira.

Will you please, please visit this family over here and offer them your earnest prayers?

This is every parents nightmare - and the maze of adoption is so grueling, I cannot imagine what they are feeling and thinking as they face each day.

Please go give them your support...imagine how they are feeling!


September 14, 2008

What a crack up!

I just spent an hour visiting HERE after my buddy Donna over HERE did it too. Can I just say...freaking HILARIOUS!

Your turn! (leave a note if you go do and blog about it so we can all go see your pictures!)

I can't do it and not make comments about them...

1960 - Ok - I'm kinda hot for the 60's - especially with my dope glasses. Wasssup!

1964 - Hello! Still dope!! And I've got two-tone hair, which I'm fairly sure was rare back then, so I'm a trend setter to boot. Lovin me!

1966 - These boots were made for walking....uh-huh...and that's just what they'll do...oh yeah...

1976 - Ok, well since I was actually born in this decade - I notice how my face feels right at home with this superlicious hairdo. Seriously - other than a pretentious chin - I'm superbad.

1984 - Like TOTALLY!! This was my favorite year! And don't I know it? I make that Aqua Net look gooooood. Shoot!

1994 - Ok - clearly still using the Aqua Net and flashing some serious 90's "Hair Wall". If I didn't actually do this to myself in the 90's, I could talk some smack - but alas...I think I have this exact picture in a shoebox under the bed. I make this look the gold chain around my neck and the class ring on my hand....

1996 - ...and a 100 pounds lighter. I could catch some serious tunas with this look. No, seriously! I think this is what I meant to do all the way through the cute, bob blonde skinny thing. Isn't that what most of us meant to do? Instead, I sported the above and got a few gym socks thrown at me. Gawd. If I had known this picture existed, it would have taken all the drama out of my teen angst and I would have found myself being drop dead sexy in high school. Crap.

2000 - Well, since I was already an old fart by 2000 - this just doesn't do me and my hotness justice. Meanwhile, does anyone recall ANY TEENAGER looking like this? Sporting this hair in 2000? I mean, that was only 8 years ago - this looks like something Debbie Boone would have sported, am I right? I'm not sure who actually sported this in 2000 - but clearly they stole my HOT HAIR look. You light up my give me carry on...(please, hold the Debbie Boone hatemail)

AB is gonna K.I.L.L me, since he hasn't seen that I "found" some oldies of him too. HA! I'm still laughing - but I'll be kind and not share more than two...or three...

1956 - Shhwwweeeet! I would sooo go for him! Only thing disturbing here, on second thought - kinda looks like Bill Clin.ton. Hey...wait a minute! "America...I did not have (#*$ relations with that woman..."

1982 - O.M.G - yo shizzle my mizzle. That's some funky funked out hair, ya got there. Why don't you go get the trans-am and we'll roll to the Bob's Big Boy?

1998 - Ohhhh, that ain't right...

September 12, 2008

Organized Junkies Beware...

You can never say I didn't warn you...

But who can deny this face?!?

Not me! (giggle)

September 10, 2008

God's Audible Reply

A little over a year ago, I was driving home. I was praying for Keira, as I often do. "Lord, (I prayed) please watch over her mother, and her, and keep her safe...send someone to love her...and hold her...and care for her". In the corner of my mind I heard a voice say "Christie, you should pray for your child in Africa".

Now let me stop here for a minute. I have never claimed to hear God's audible replies to my prayers, or to anything else for that matter. I believe in God's "still small voice" - the one that essentially whispers to your spirit and guides you in that way. The Holy Spirit - that gently (and sometimes not so gently) moves you towards and through the many challenges and directions in your life. Well, this was the one time in my life, I can remember feeling - as closely as I can ever recall - God speaking to me abundantly clear with no room for mistake.

So back to the car...

In a panic - I laughed out loud to what I thought I had just "heard". Literally. Started laughing. I said out loud "you mean pray for KEIRA, my daughter from CHINA". I mean, hello! God cannot be so busy up there that He forgot which country we were adopting from?

"Christie" - came the reply - "you should pray for your child in Africa". I almost wrecked the car. I began to sob. I'm not talking sniffle sniffle. It was an ugly cry, friends. Know why? Because that's what happens when God absolutely instructs you to do something that you weren't planning on. And, for the record - it wasn't a happy cry. It was a "You've got to be kidding me after all I've been through with China and now this and I can't believe You seriously mean you want me to [sniffle] pray about Africa and a kid in Africa because You've got to be kidding me and there is no way I can do that I just can't." I was mad. Perplexed. Completely taken off guard. Scared. That's what happens when you know you've been told, not asked.

I walked in to our home to find Anton in the kitchen going through mail. I wasted no time - this was burning a hole in my mind. "Honey! I was just praying..." As I relayed to him the events that had taken place in my car not ten minutes earlier, I started to cry again. He looked at me calmly. He smiled, even. He said "Baby - don't worry. God hasn't told me that we need to adopt from Africa - so just calm down. He would not tell you and not me also. So until He does - we're adopting from China and that's that. No worries!" He was so nonchalant and relaxed, that I kind of felt my shoulders slump, and a big sigh escaped my lips. Ok. That was much better. Whew. He's right, I thought. God would never instruct me on something that big without bringing AB along for the ride. That's just what I needed to let it go.


One month later - almost to the day - AB approached me with a somber look. I thought he had wrecked the car, overspent on the budget, forgot to put soap in the dishwasher before running a load. Instead he uttered a sentance I will never forget for as long as I live.

"Babe, you were right...I think God does want us to adopt from Africa. I can't believe it - but it's been on my heart ever since, and I really think that's what He wants us to do".

From there we made all kind of stipulations for God. We put Him and His instructions to the test. We told Him "Ok Lord - the only way this will work is if our agency will allow us to pursue another adoption" Cleared. Gulp.

Well, alright then...only if we can find an agency who will work with us and our China agency. Six agencies said no and the last one we called said "no problem". Done.

Hmmm, this is getting blatant. Ok - only if You provide a way through this terrible paperwork hangup we're having with the state. Done. Gah!

Ok - only if You provide money to do it. Double Done. Next! (He seemed to say...)

Fine - last straw - we have no way to pay for the tickets to get there - how do ya like that one, God?!? A dear couple stepped forward within a week, unsolicited and without knowing our prayer and offered to buy our round trip tickets to Ethiopia.

Friends - when God says do something - He will make it happen if you are obedient to what He has asked. He will make a way when there seems to be no way. And here's another thing: God is big enough to handle your questioning Him. He can handle your fear, anger, resentment, and your tests.

A little over a year later - I captured this image of my beautiful son. He's from Africa, by the way (wink). When I was driving in the car that day - I didn't know I had a son in Africa who needed me desperately. If you had shown me my life in a year, I would have called you crazy. I didn't know that the timing had to be perfect for me to have him. That we needed to begin RIGHT THEN to pursue him in order to have him. I didn't know that when God said "pray for him" - it was my Quint I was praying for. Or that God knew full well that I needed more time than Anton to come to terms with it. I didn't know. But God did. Because He knew the beginning and He knows the end. For me and for Quint. And for you.

I encourage you - have faith in your steps whatever they may be. Listen to that still small voice. Trust it. If you began a journey to your child months or years ago - stay the course. You're there for a reason. You're on that road for a purpose. You're on that road for a child who needs you. If you're a mother to children at home, have faith in the wonderful purpose you're instilling in your babies everyday of their lives. What a gift!

I tell you all of this - not to preach to you or to dramatize my lightbulb moment. But rather to say to you - in my life, I never knew I would adopt from Africa. Or China for that matter. Obedience is not always comfortable, easy, or short lived. It can be painful, confusing, trying and back-breaking.

But if I had not been obedient. If AB had not been obedient. If we had not been listening...

We would have missed it. We would have missed out on him...

Don't give up.

September 8, 2008

Quirky for Jen

Because I am not a fan of Meme's - but I am a fan of my fo-shizzle gal pal and buddy Jen over at Blissfully Caffeinated, who tagged me and is HIL.AR.IOUS. (i.e. give a visit) - I bring you...the Quirky Meme.

The rules for this Meme are:

1. Link the person who tagged you.
2. Mention the rules on your blog.
3. Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours.
4. Tag 6 following bloggers by linking them. Or don't. No one is watching.
5. Leave a comment on each of the tagged bloggers letting them know they’ve been tagged. Or don't. See #4

#6 Unspectacular Quirk ~ I'll take Mine

I like my dogs, but not other peoples dogs. I like my cat, but don't particually enjoy other people's cats. I like my car - do not enjoy altogether riding in other people's cars. Enjoy visiting homes, but do not especially enjoy being in other peoples homes. Clearly have a quirkly hermit crab/ only like my own stuff weirdo-ness going on.

#5 Unspectacular Quirk ~ The Fan Obsession

I have to sleep with a fan on. Don't even talk to me about being in a completely silent room. I will go stark raving mad. This is why I don't like sleeping at other people's houses. They never have a frigging fan. Not a ceiling fan. A floor fan. Better yet, a loud obnoxious box fan. Now you're talking! And don't suggest a stupid white noise maker, or rain and ocean sound machine - fuggetaboutit. Not happening. Need a fan. Will work for fan. Must have a fan. All others need not apply. No fan, no shoes - no service. Totally unspectacular, if you ask me.

#4 Unspectacular Quirk ~ Cleanliness is Next to Godliness

When the house starts getting messier - I start getting moodier. I feel disorganized, things feel out of whack, I can't concentrate, I chew my nails, it bothers me to no stinking end. That's my quirk. I am completely ADD when it comes to a messy house. I cannot sit still - I cannot stand it. It puts me in a bad mood. And everyday that goes by that it's messy - I feel myself getting more and more frustrated. When I'm cleaning - I often sing out loud and feel like I'm purging. Sick. Sick. Sick behavior. Why can't I be like everyone else and just veg on the couch with no guilt? Instead, I see the mess - and literally can't relax. I'm rolling my own eyes at myself right now. That's why it's called a quirk.

#3 Unspectacular Quirk ~ Bring on the Neatly Folded Charmin

As an IBS sufferer (a completely different meme) I have a long standing love affair with Charmin - aka the best toilet paper ever. I fold tp into neat little squared piles while I' know. What I mean is, I pull and fold over one, two, three times and there I have a nice little blanket for...well, you know. I once got found out at a party, when I folded one too many of my little "blankets" in advance and left it on the top of the toilet paper roll. Seriously. I got called out! You know who you are, V! They still laugh about that one. Meanwhile, I'm still making blankets daily. Don't tell me you're all still wadding it all up in a crinkly messy ball of paper like when we were three? Puuuleeeaase, people. Maybe this is a spectacular quirk. I happen to find it pretty spectabulous.

#2 Unspectacular Quirk ~ Forgetful Jones locks the door...or did he?

I check locks several times at night. Before you launch into an OCD speech after #4 above, I do it because I can't remember if I did it already. I'm like Forgetful Jones over there. (If you actually remember him, then I love you by default, because it means you're either as old as me or older - I heart you) Just like when I'm pulling out of the garage and can't remember if I closed the garage door as I make my way up the street. My remedy for this 90 year old behavior? Saying out loud "I'm closing the garage door now" as I'm pushing the remote control. Sound crazy? Not as crazy as I look to the neighbors when every day they see me pull out and leave, and then come circling back in reverse five minutes later. They must think I'm crazy! I'm not - just quirky.

#1 Unspectacular Quirk ~ Shower Routine

And the winner is?!?!?!?! My #1 Unspectacular Quirk is that I absolutely shower the exact same way every time. There is no deviation. It's rinse, shampoo and leave to sit, wash face, shave, rinse. Conditioner and leave to sit for a few more, soap and scrub, rinse, and done. I just went through it my mind and it's interesting. Because I never even give it a thought when I'm in there. And I bet you don't either. I'll also bet the vast majority of you just thought about your shower routine and are thinking to yourself even now, "I guess I do the same thing everytime too." In the same order. Every time. We are, all of us, creatures of habit. And quirky. Oh, and I wish my shower head was as nice as this one. Dangit.

You just read it, so considered yourself tagged. We all want to know you're quirky junk.

Seacreast Out.


First of all - does the picture at left say it all? I don't know why, but there is no other season that I am ever more ready for than beautiful, marvelous, wonderful Fall. It's not that I don't enjoy summer with it's watermelon, long days and swimming. But it's hot. And pretty soon, all you can think about is how to get indoors and away from the sun. Anything to stop dripping sweat from rolling down your cheeks, back, etc. On the contrary - Fall is the beautiful in between. Not hot, not cold. Not dull, not too lively. It's everything about Autumn that I love - the changing colors of the leaves, the cooler evenings, a toasty fire, hot cider with cinnamon, caramel apples, pumpkins, turkey, gravy, stuffing...ahhh Fall - I love you so! Thank you for coming round the corner so quickly - I don't think I could have lasted much longer without you. Time to get out my door wreath and start enjoying what the next few months will bring...

In the meantime, I've had a lot on my mind but I've got to do some bullet points this time around, because time is short and work is piled high on my desk here next to me. Sigh.

  • I made it back from California Sunday evening. It was truly wonderful to be back home with all the comforts that home can bring. While the trip was completely worthwhile and it's always so good to see my family, it was a bit exhausting (as I've mentioned) and I'm not seeing another one like it in my future. Next time, AB will have to come along.
  • I received no less than 6 e-mails or comments from people who live in Cali and were dismayed that I had not announced my trip. So to you - you know who you are - I am truly sorry. First of all - my parents decided to surprise my family with mine and Quint's arrival, so I was not able to blog about it, because many of them read the blog. Second, when I got there - it was kind of understood that this was a family trip, because it was very brief. I would have been skinned alive if I had taken time away from the grandparents, aunts and uncles to see all my friends. Quint was the star, and there was no prying him away for those few days I was there. SO, it was not an intentional slight - I promise! I still want to see you and there will be more trips to California. I try to go twice a year, at least. Catch all of you on the next one?!?!? Still love me?!?!?
  • When Fall starts approaching, I can feel myself getting inspired. I'm the opposite of Spring Cleaning. I'm the Fall Cleaning/Creative type. When the leaves start changing, my creative juices start pumping and my mind starts whirring around all the sentimentality of the coming months. I love this time of year!
  • I'm thinking of launching a challenge to all you peeps out there who have trouble emptying your pantry. You know who you are! If you're anything like us, you buy groceries (without a list, ahem) and stock up on duplicates that you completely forgot you already had (ahem...four bottles of soy sauce later). We have an outside pantry and an inside pantry. We have an outside fridge/freezer and an inside fridge freezer. I, for one, am tired of that food sitting in there so long that it goes bad. We actually had canned goods exceed their expiration. Come on, party people - that's pretty bad! So, the "Empty Cupboard Challenge" will entail pictures of your pantry before and after. And the challenge is to use up what you have, without buying more than necessities with your grocery money - such as dairy, etc. I'm not sure what the time frame will be, but I'm thinking about a month or two. Since our biggest pitfall can be eating out - this should be fun and interesting. AB is a spectacular cook - so I'm curious to see how creative we can get and how much money we have left over.
  • To leapfrog off of the above - I really enjoy reading Mary's blog. She's doing a challenge called "30 Days of Nothing" during the month of September and I would encourage all of you to stop by and see how she's doing. We didn't have to guts to start this particular challenge until January - so we'll find out just how hard it is in about four months. Meanwhile, you'll love how creative she and her husband are with their 10 kiddos. Wowwwwza!
  • Also - wondering if any of you use a menu plan? We started one a few months back and really liked it - it helped to keep us organized with our days and on track, kept us eating at home, and using what we had in the pantry. I'll share our ideas on this when I launch the above challenge and the tools I used to create our weekly meal grid. Totally worth it and hassle free!
  • Quint is turning 10 months old on Monday. My little guy is two months away from a year old. What?!?! He was just four months old at referral...just four months old. Where does the time go. He's such a cutie pie - his Daddy and I are just sick in love with him. His new favorite trick is waving, and walking while holding on to our hands or anything he can grab on to. He's the best! (and he's still a rascal, in case you were wondering if the stubbornness wore off - definitely not - but we love him to pieces anyway!)
  • On the Chi*na issue - while I am SOOO happy for my friends that have received their referral in this last batch, we're a little on the bitter side ourselves. We are being forced to apply for the I80o-A - which entails mucho expense and ridiculous amounts of paperwork. This will be our third, yes 3rd, time getting approval saying we're fit to adopt. I'm gonna puke! Not only will we be out another $2000 from this process, but we're supposed to go to even greater trouble and greater lengths to prove we're worthy. Those of you wondering why we're even bothering anymore, get in line. We're wondering too.
  • I made Reece's Pieces cookies tonight, and I ate three of them. Ok, four. ALRIGHT! I ate six. Jeesh...stop looking at me like that. Gah! I'm so ashamed. Fully and happy, and totally drowsy, but ashamed. Double gah!
  • The battery on my computer is dying. Seriously. It blinks continually to let me know it's living out its last days. I've ordered a replacement, but I'm not sure it will make it in time. Just like a car - you apparently have to change the battery on your laptops too, occasionally. Who knew? (Besides all the geeks over a Dell?)
I guess that's all for now. I guess I needed to get all of that off my mind. Whew! Ok - nother day, nother dollar...gotta get to that pile on the desk...or go to bed....or eat another one of those cookies... Poor Christie - tough decision! (giggle, snort)

September 5, 2008

Out of town and other tidbits

I'm out of town with Quint to show him off to relatives, so that's the reason for my radio silence lately - and here's my $.02. All you single hats are off to you! I want to give you sincerest credit because O.M.G. - this single parent gig is kicking my derriere. AB - I LOVE YOU, I MISS YOU, SEE YOU SUNDAY!

Visiting family is wonderful, but it's so hard to be on the road and away from home and the comfort of the daily schedule. Quint has finally met his maternal grandparents, aunts and uncles, and even his great grandparents! Needless to say - he's VERY popular!

Auntie Ashley - my baby sister with her very first nephew...


We also went to one of my all time hands down best ever nothinglikeitintheworld Sushi places and he did great...right up until he melted down. Gah! Didn't make the Pepper Fin Tuna taste any less amazing.

My brothers, who make me laugh so hard I can't breath or sit up straight.

My Daddy. If you've read my blog for the last two years - then you're well aware that we almost lost my Dad last year and that being able to take this picture is a blessing to me. If your curious, you can read about my Dad's miraculous recovery here.

Quint is a handful and in to everything - he's also walking while holding onto things and sprouted yet another tooth, which brings our grand total up to FOUR. All four front teeth are officially in!

These two pictures show Quint talking on the phone with his Daddy. I swear, no one can make him smile like his Daddy saying "how's my boy!" through the phone!

Grandpa and Quinty

And this is Great Grandpa Chuck - who is my Bushel and a Peck. See here. Love him!

So anywhoo - that's the latest and I've got a few more days until I travel back home and I have this to say...

Quint meeting his maternal family for the first time and their happy reactions to him = priceless

Quint sprouting another tooth and developing his toothy adorable grin while on the road = priceless

Riding on an airplane for three + hours with a squirmy cranky into everything 10 month old in your lap while you apologize to the other passengers around you and want to crawl under your seat or jump out the emergency row exit = Freaking Expensive. And I don't have a parachute anyway. Sob. Again, single parents - hat's off.

September 2, 2008

Long time coming...

Blogger Pals - Do me a favor and go give my Sista Friend ERIN and her adorable little family some serious love - after 3 long years (plus) they just received their referral for Meisey from China today and I'm so happy for her, I could cry!

So, I'm the last one in our M3 Posse that's waiting...and I know it'll happen before I can blink at this point (little man causes life to flash by).


September 1, 2008

Time flies...

Found some older photos of my siblings and I - have I ever mentioned that we're spread apart by 18 years? Wowza, eh? Our oldest brother was 18 when my parents went and lost their minds and had their 4th and final child - a baby girl - but we were all ga-ga over little Ashley. Same parents - big age gap. Still - nice to have my older brother for the growing up years and my little baby sibs for the rest...we're all grown up now and my oh my how time flies...
Enjoy - no laughing at the 80's hair!