September 25, 2011

Days 23 & 24

Sorry – I don’t like doing that.  Where I don’t post for a couple days and then I’m struggling to remember what we ate…

The truth is, I’ve had a struggle this week with feeling bad – which I’ve already shared, so no boring re-cap of that. 

Suffice it to say – waiting anxiously for the “on the mend” part…{UGH...STINK..OVER IT}.

So, without much fan-fare of any kind – here is the menu for the past two days (Friday/Saturday).

Day 23 Menu

Breakfast: Cereal, cereal, cereal.  And I’m starting to decide that if the milk is not really, really cold – it’s not so bueno. 

Lunch:  Keira and I had mac-n-cheese and fresh raspberries.  Which was all wonderful and cheesy and yummy…until Miss KJ decided to have a COLOSSAL meltdown over whoeverknowswhat and couldn’t calm down and one meltdown led to a worse meltdown and so we called it.  Food went cold.  Lunch’s untimely time of death = 12:36pm.  Oh well.  Early nap-time never hurt anyone.

Dinner:  AB created a tangy Italian number of veggies, chicken, rigatoni, and Italian dressing.  Yum!  You know you want some!  It was delish!!


Day 24 Menu

Breakfast:  Waffles and sausage.  MMMMmmmm. 

Lunch:  Well, lunch was a bust – because we were still full from Breakfast.  So it was a very light scattering of some things we had in the fridge.  Some soup, some yogurt, some cheese. 

Dinner:  For dinner I made a homemade chili.  This is the super easiest/delicious chili recipe ever…takes 20 minutes TOTAL to have on the table, ready to eat.  Your amount may vary depending on the size of your family.  We had a lot of leftovers with this portion.


Brown ground beef (1lb) and a half chopped onion. *I seasoned my beef with salt, pepper, and fresh garlic*
Add the following, stirring/mixing as you go:
1 large can of diced tomatoes in sauce
1 regular size can of tomato sauce
1 regular size can of drained kidney beans (dark)
1 regular size can of chili beans (not drained)
*You can add whatever kind of beans you like – these are my preference*
Add 1 packet Chili Seasoning and mix all together thoroughly. * I use Lawry’s, but any brand will work.*
Let this simmer together on low for about 10 minutes to heat and server with a sprinkle of shredded cheese and a dollop of sour cream

Now I’m in arrears on my posting – but with good excuse.  I owe you for today later!

Could we be down to five more days?

Can I confess I have another challenge brewing?  You’ll have to wait until I get my thoughts together on that one, but it’s a doosey…Oh la la…

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shelley said...

I am still hanging in...we made our last rumage through the pantry and have made our meals for this week and our sparce shopping list.

OK>>>OK>>>> I am ready for another challenge, just let us know. I wonder what God will do with my heart THIS time?

AGAIN...can't thank you enough for stepping up and doing this.;)