September 23, 2011

Day 22


30 Days of Sickness.  That's what I should have called this September challenge.  UGH!  This right ear being all full of gunk and feeling like it’s got a long piece of cotton in it?  For the birds.  That’s what.  It’s starting to make me feel a little nutty.  That is, more so than the usual brand of nutty I've got going on.  OVER IT.  Come on steroids…do your thang.  Please.  Amen.

Second, or “B” or “also”….I’m tired of this challenge.  There I said it.  Because I really, really wanted to take some time today and go through the drive-through at Starbucks, run in to the local kids consignment store to browse for Halloween Costumes, & make a quick trip to the Dollar store.  None of which happened, because I don’t want to suffer the guilt/shame/buyers remorse that would come from cheating with only 7 days to go.  But man…some days I SOOOOO want to throw it in. 

Day 22 Menu:

Breakfast:  Pillsbury Croissant Rolls.  Ten minutes.  Little bit of strawberry preserves on top.  Bada-bang.  Loved every single bite. 


So did little man. Soft, buttery, and melt in your mouth!
Yes, he's wearing sun-glasses on his head at 7:36 in the morning.
He's THAT cool.
And yes, that is Mater in his place of honor.


Lunch:  Kids had bento for school.  I know it probably seems boring compared to some of the bento creations I’ve seen out there
– but my kids think it’s the cat’s meooooooow. 


Me?  Oh, I just happened to let Greg from Chipotle take me out to lunch again. 
You know me…the usual…my little bowl of dreams…mmmmmmmmmm


Dinner:  Sirloin, artichokes with a lemon/garlic mayo dipping sauce, and baby red roasted potatoes.  
YUM.  I love it when AB is home…sigh…..


And that’s all I’ve got for today – but you can go read more about how the challenge is going for all these lovely families:

Oh, and this little tidbit:  I love my mother.  Just thought I’d share.  (love you mama!)


Anna said...

I'm trying to send this comment again...had problems with IE.

I am so over it, too! We can do it!! You've done a great job. Much better than I have. I feel like I'm in a food slump which is not good for this challenge.

Keep it up...only 7 more days!

I might have to try Chipotle again after seeing that bowl. Maybe I just ordered the wrong stuff because I wan't impressed {shocking, I know}.

Diana said...

Our Chipolte opens this WEEK (27th)..I can not wait!! I have not eaten at one for atleast 5 years and I am thinking more like 10..SOOOO SAD so we are doing the HAPPY Dance in Columbus Indiana!!!

Nila said...

Hey sugar, I just thought that I would share, that I love YOU TOO!!!!!!!!!