August 26, 2013

Kindergarten Blues

I shuffled around, half-asleep, grumbling about the ungodly hour of darkness and how we would need to be getting to bed much earlier to make sure that mama didn’t feel quite like a collapsed soufflĂ© every morning, add infinity or the rest of the school year or whatever. My son, with his big smile. Excitedly chattering about his lunch, his snack bag, his backpack, his shoes (“the new ones? do I get to wear the new ones?”). Putting on cologne and his Daddy’s deodorant. He was proud of himself. He was excited.

He was up at 5:30am.  Up and ready to meet his newest adventure: Kindergarten.  Had it not been for the multiple times I had to reign him back in, he would have been dressed, packed up, breakfast down, and ready to walk out the door at 6am.  He might have even tried waiting for me on the front porch, if I hadn’t warned him to keep his little self “put” at the breakfast table.

And I was in motion.  Mom motion.  Writing his name on his backpack (how did I forget to do that weeks ago?), filling up his drink holder, packing his lunch, waking up his sister, details and more details and the sort of last minute things that Moms the world over would be tending to on a day like today. 

August 25, 2013


No, I totally get it.  It's ok, let's just say it together:  I've become a pitiful blogger.  If I told you that it was for a good reason, would you still be annoyed at my "come here" and "go away" frequency?  Yes?  Ok...then skip it.

Let's go to the part where I just say that I've been waiting for a lot of stuff to burn off in my life.  Guess what?  It never does.  I mean, it does.  Sort of.  But it just gets replaced by new crap.  I mean "stuff".  So why bother waiting for all of my life fires to die down - they aren't going to.

Meanwhile, I updated the blog look with a fresh "September/I'm still here/cute-cartoony-version-of-me/I'm still here" feel.   I did it for you!  Ok, I did it for me AND for you.  And, let's be honest - the cartoon is cuter than me.  She has absolutely no life wear and tear on her.  This is likely why I enjoy having her up there. And she's perky and has rosey cheeks.  Maybe a little too much rosey and pink gloss isn't really my color...but I digress.

I have a billion and one things to tell you.  About me, about AB, about the kids...