July 29, 2007

Radio Silence...

Sorry to all my bloggy peepers - we've left town for Orlando (last Thursday) and I forgot to post before leaving.

Well, we've been in Florida since Thursday and we're having a fabulous time (if you can believe it!!!). We are staying at the most beautiful resort and have a condo which is just amazing. On top of that, Anton's parents surprised us and offered us the master suite, which is so wonderful. We spent the last three days playing, swimming, and floating along in the lazy river. Tomorrow we head to Universal Studios, Tuesday to DisneyWorld and Wednesday we're heading to the ocean to play in the surf and sand. Thursday it's back to the House o' Mouse and Friday is a play day around the resort. Saturday morning it's back home to the old grind...

The weather is warm and balmy, but not too hot and not too humid. It's been a little overcast, but actually that has cut down on the sunburns and searing heat.

So all in all it's a nice relaxing time and we're sleeping in lots and enjoying ourselves plenty. Meanwhile, I cannot believe it but the only downside is NO INTERNET!! We had to drive offsite and find a location that offered internet for a fee. So needless to say, I will not be able to update the blog as I had hoped to, until I get back or unless we go offsite again this week. But with our schedule so busy, I doubt it.

So I'll get back to everyone next weekend with pics from the trip and all that jazz...

Hope everyone has had a nice weekend!!! And thank you to ALL the wonderful encouraging comments left on the post below - we are so appreciative of everyone's bloggy hugs for our latest adventure into parenting. It was wonderful to read all the comments!

See you next weekend!

July 25, 2007

Secrets Revealed

My friends - it's time for secrets to be revealed and if the new ticker above didn't already give it away, I would like to share with you that we have decided to pursue a simultaneous adoption. Without going into tons of details about logistics and permission, etc. - we have applied and have been approved to adopt from Ethiopia. We are requesting twins, and have asked for a boy and a girl. Because of the structure of the Ethiopian process, we are pretty sure our request will be met. (gulp!)

We are in no way stepping away from our adoption of Keira from China - but with the ever increasing wait, we simply had to take steps to pursue building our family while we wait. Otherwise, Keira was going to be an only child - and that was all the reality we needed to take action.

It is important to point out that we did not come to this decision lightly and we did take all the necessary steps to make sure we would not be removed from the China program, or lose our place "in line" as it were. We also made sure to find an Ethiopian agency willing to help us even though we were pursuing another adoption. All the homework was done in advance, and all the important bases were covered.

I also want to point out that we assume based on trends and the wait-time getting longer and longer, that we have a good year or more until our referral for Keira arrives. So sad to accept, but simply true. We made sure to choose an adoption process that would be the most friendly to our current China process and one that would cause the least amount of (if none at all) interruption - draw your own conclusions on the timeframe.

We are applying for two infants, as young as possible. They are typically infant stage leaving Ethiopia - there are very few toddlers available for adoption. A totally different experience to be sure.

I am happy to answer specific questions, so if you have one - feel free to post it and I'll do my best to answer if I can.

We are very proud and happy with our choice, and we have been very fortunate to have both sets of our parents offer their blessing for our decision. To be honest, we both (and our parents) had a moment of sadness - when you realize that Keira won't be the first child/grandchild home, as we planned. When you spend two years planning something and then the plan changes abruptly, it's kind of scary and it certainly takes getting used to. I had my moment where I cried in Keira's room - but then I just took a breath, squared my shoulders, and realized that God probably always intended for it to be this way. He knew she would be our "late-bloomer" and so he had us start the process when he did for a reason - he always knew it would take this long. Meanwhile, he's been working on both of our hearts for our children in Africa for quite some time. I could tell you the God-moments we've had leading to this choice, but it would take all night. Truly, this whole process has been inspired and we're just glad we're finally getting to walk through the doors He's opened.

I am sure many of you are open-mouthed! I can't emphasize enough how much we appreciate your support and friendship - and how much we love being a part of the amazing community of adoption. It has truly changed our lives! Just having my M3 Posse by my side during this decision making and knowing they've got my back with the whole "twins" prospect....YIKES....has made these past few weeks, even past couple years amazingly better and more bearable! I could not do it without all of them! My bloggy friends have sweetened the road even more...

We feel honored that God has placed this task ahead of us, and that He has designed our family specifically to be so diverse and blended. We both feel that God has given us the tools necessary to be adoptive parents, and that this path was chosen for us long before we even knew one another. Adoption has become such a big part of our lives and we are so glad that we were called down this path. Many times we think that, had the Lord chosen to give us biological children, we would never had walked this road - and then think that we could have missed this wonderful journey. These thoughts occur to us even before we have been able to experience the joy our children will bring.

It is our sincere hope that in your love and friendship, you will support our new journey with the same zeal that you have all shown on our journey to Keira Joy. We so need your prayers and support as we make our way through yet another adoption process, and this time for two! In the picture below - we were sending off our application for adoption. Stamped "Approved" officially as of today!

As so many of you already know, in the adoption process there are many variables and many things can change. From time to time, I may have to update our information - whether it is the wait time, delays, name changes, or gender changes - even whether or not God actually has twins in store for us - but I will make every effort to update as we walk this new road. We have all learned to take each day as it comes through our adoption journeys, and also to prepare ourselves that things can change all the time. Flexibility is key! Don't we all know it?!?!

As it turns out, if we do receive our request for twins, and we think we will - consider this: by the time our twins are about a year old, we will be going to get Keira from China . Because of the approximate age of babies referred from China - she will probably be about 10 months to a year. This equals virtual triplets for us! YIKES! Did I mention we would be needing lots of prayer?!?!

Love and hugs,
Christie & Anton
(and the future "triplets"? - gulp!)

PS - Don't forget to check out my new links to the left for Ethiopia and to take my poll above! Of course, there is a whole other community us "China Adopters" haven't even seen...it just never ceases to amaze me!

July 23, 2007

What City are You? For Donna...

Ms. Donna "New York" put out a mini-post showing what city her personality most hit - according to this little poll. Apparently, I belong in Rome!! How divinely romantic and absolutely moi! (Spoken in the voice of Ms. Piggy)

You Belong in Rome

You're a big city soul with a small town heart
Which is why you're attracted to the romance of Rome
Strolling down picture perfect streets, cappuccino in hand
And gorgeous Italian people - could life get any better?

July 19, 2007

Pics from the Vegas "what's so great about it" Schmegas Trip

I thought I would post a few of the highlights - it was that, or post pics of my day in bed. BORING SNORING! So here are the pics we did manage to take...

We stayed at Caes*rs Palace. They don't call it "Palace" for nothing folks. It is ENORMOUS. There are columns, pillars, statues, gods and goddesses all over this place! That's not even to mention the underground mall with moving ceiling and statues. EVERY big name place that I've read about in all the magazines and fashion ads and can never afford to shop at in my lifetime was under there. It was nuts. I was like "where's Payl*ss Shoes"? Talk about getting a blank stare back! The picture above shows you how small the people are in comparison to the concrete they threw up in the air on this hotel. And that is just one small side and all those buildings in the background. That's not even all the buildings. And that's just one of the hotels...there are dozens!

Ok, this was not some weird "take my picture in front of the naked ladies" moment. It was "take my picture here, I guess...I mean, it's a fountain?"

That is actually AB in the distance looking out over Vegas. You can see the Par*s Hotel and Bal*y's - too bad we didn't get pics of the Bellag*o. It was gorgeous. Not enough time - too much to see.

Statues, statues everywhere - and not a drop to drink...literally. Four freaking dollars a bottle! That's gotta be the worst price I've seen on a bottle of water in my life.

The obligatory cute "self portrait". You can't even see my arm! I am so dang good at this stuff!

Ok - let me explain. There was a portion of our trip that we did enjoy and that we both agree was one of the best times we had while in Vegas. We went to the Star Tr*k Experience and it was a total blast! Now, mind you - we are both Trekkies from way back. I grew up with two brothers and all things space related. My Mother loved Star Tr*k and so we just grew up watching it all the time. I'm talking old school Captain K*rk, and then all the rest of the shows that ended up following along - De*p Space Nine, N*xt Generation, etc. Loved it all. So we made sure we got over to see this and it was soooo cool. We ate at Quark's - totally awesome. The food was great and we got to watch Star Tr*k while we ate.

I pose with a Ferengui? Have no idea how to spell that one! Quark was wandering around chatting people up in full garb and he cracked us up - we looked for him again to take a picture, but he obviously took the teleporter to another place!

How cool is this? Oh man - my little brother would FREAK over this stuff! So would you, Mom!

HAHAHAH! I can't help but laugh over this one!

This was the ceiling. If you looked up, they had these amazing and very large scale models of the Enterprise, etc. You could not help but be like "wow!!!" I know that I have fully geeked myself out on this and truly - we don't sit around watching these programs. In fact, I haven't seen one in years maybe. But it just takes me back - and I know how much my brothers loved/love it - it just made me miss them and it was so fun to see all the amazing stuff they had. There were amazing souvenir stores and tons of cool things to see and explore and look at. It was just a totally cool experience.

So last but not least - a picture of us hitting old town Vegas...it was night and we are outside in the picture, but I swear all those lights are so bright, you can't even tell! This is where Vegas used to be - in terms of the Casino's, etc. Now you go to "new Vegas" as Deany puts it, and it's several miles away from where it all began - which is here.

Well, enough on V - let's talk about my secret. I didn't forget and I hate leaving you all hanging. Here's where it's at - we're hoping to have more info by next week and that's exactly two weeks longer than I hoped to drag it out for you. But, what can I do - I want to make sure I post accurately, that's all. So moving forward...I will keep you apprised of the secret as it unfolds for us...

July 18, 2007

Vegas Schmegas...

Miserable - hot - expensive - ($4 for a bottled water!!!) and I got sick as a dog and spent a a whole day in our hotel room bed laid up with stuff coming out every orifice. (I think I got sick from all the nasty germs on everything you touch!)

Blech and double blech on Vegas Schmegas...

Did I mention what a dirty city this is? Makes New York look clean and spanky new in comparison. It was just...ewww.

Soooooo freaking glad to be home.

Sorry Deany - I know your wedding will be perfect - I'm just not a Vegas girl, it turns out!

More later...oh, and AB had fun - but he kinda has the personality to have fun pretty much anywhere he goes. He also likes hamburgers from 7-Eleven. Enough said.

July 13, 2007


I'm seriously not trying to drag this out - but we didn't get the info we needed to proceed today and so I can neither confirm or deny the previous hint. Good guesses though - very good indeed!

Meanwhile, we're off to Vegas in the morning to bake like chicken on a grill. 110 degrees!! You've got to be kidding me?!?! Good thing the casino's have air!

On another note - I wanted to share with you some insight into the funny t
hings that my husband says on a daily basis. These comments were taken strictly from today - and we're totally unrehearsed. He is so funny, he freaking cracks me up!!

Scenerio: Riding in the car - we're talking about him remembering what I tell him and not having so many A.D.D moments and I say to that I need him to "think about these things".

The response: "Babe, I purposely
don't think, so I can avoid disappointment."

Scenerio: The Bank - paying our mortgage. I say "...the bank teller is too perky - you would get along great probably. She's probably your type of girl".
Reply from AB: "I believe I married 'my type of girl'. (He then looks at the teller and says to me...) She's cute! (then darts his eyes back at me and continues unabashed) You gotta keep your options open, Baby."

Scenerio: Discussing the devious behavior of a certain married man we know of who was caught hiding something from his wife.
AB says: "that was a dumb sh*t move! I mean, it's a great way to hide it, but still...

Scenerio: Telling AB everything we have on the agenda for the day.
I say: "Ok, we've gotta go to the bank, the store, pay the house payment, feed the big girl...(me)
AB says: "Well, where do you want to feed? (Could have killed him!)

Scenerio: Sitting at his computer mumbling to himself all of a sudden he asks me...
AB: "Babe, I'm a Nintendo whore, right?"
(*For the record, yes babe...you certainly are!)

Scenerio: Walking through Walmart
AB: I have to pee
CB: Oh me too!
AB: You have to go too? Oh, that's good - I thought I was alone in my pee-ness. (get it?)
We both busted up laughing at that one...but he totally didn't intend the double entrande.

Hope those made you chuckle - we certainly cracked up every time, but sometimes you just gotta be there to appreciate it, right? Anyhoo - off to pack or whatever, and try to get out of here on time tomorrow!


Peacer Outer!

A little hint

July 12, 2007

I give you....the Weather

Here's what I don't get - you hear a lot of people say "I could never live in Texas - it's just too darn hot there". I hear this from people who have never even been to Texas. I want to be a witness to the fact that whoever says this, has obviously never lived where I do (north TX). Really over-rated weather rumors - and the fact that we're having a mild (to say the least) summer is not all-together unusual. We even get a little snow around Valentines Day, and when we're really lucky, the most spectacular lightening storms. There is nothing better than Texas weather...well, ok - maybe Hawaii weather. But I'm a California girl, and right now - my family is BAKING because it's so dang hot there. Well, I keep trying to get them out here to see that TX is not the heat beast people presume it to be. Yee haw! For example:

Where I am:
Texas Forecast for this weekend:

Friday: High 86 / Low 72
Saturday: High 82 / Low 70
Sunday: High 84 / Low 71
(Keep in mind it's July...)

Where I'm heading for R & R this weekend the forecast is...

Las Vegas Forecast -

Friday: High 109/ Low 86
Saturday: High 110 / Low 85
Sunday: High 109 / Low 85

OUCH!!! Better take some sunscreen or I'm liable to literally turn into a fried egg right on the pavement. At the very worst, I'll burn and peel. (ahh! Don't get me started on peeling - love it! - grossss huh?)

No matter - the penny slots are calling (and so is a business conference) but luckily I am dragging (he'd be at the airport already if I would let him) the hubby with me. We're really looking forward to it -as I am a Vegas (gasp) Virgin...

Come on Lucky Sevens!!!!

July 9, 2007

Permanent Menstrual Syndrome

Not good. Let me say that again...NOT GOOD. This last week proved to be a steep mental and physical challenge for me as I had a bout of some of the worst cramps and PMS this side of my adult life. There were moments of moaning, groaning, crying, ranting, raving, stewing, brewing, chewing (AB's head off, that is) and overall cranky displays of bad behavior. Still, when we're in that fog we call PMS - we don't always "own" up to these slight disturbances on the radar of life.

When I found AB hiding in the closet with only a flashlight, a bottle of beer, and a "Popular Sci*nce" magazine my first thought was that a tornado was coming and he had forgotten to alert me. Instead, it became clear to me that the "tornado" had already blown in and was hovering about two mili-inches away from AB's every move and word. The last resort in these worst-case scenerios is apparently to seek refuge and duck for cover.

Yes, the husband of my dreams had been ensnared in several days worth of drama, caught in my litany of complaints, mood swings, and random balls of fire projecting out of my eyes at even the slightest infarction. He had taken to the old "stop, drop, and roll" method and was trying to stay out of my line of fire, as much as husbandly possible.

Here was a typical conversation:

AB: Babe, have you seen my red hat?
CB: Am I my husband's hat keeper? Do I look like I am all-knowing of red hats?
AB: (stammering)....well, no, it's just that you had it in your hand the other day - I think you were putting it up...but it's not here now?
CB: OH! So now it's my fault that your precious RED HAT has gone and disappeared. You know what?!?! You know what?!?! (I often repeat myself when I'm irrationally PMS'y) Why don't you just call the Red Hat Police! I'm sure they will be happy to come right on over and pull it out of my #@(*&@(#*&$! Because you know what? That's where I'm hiding it! Right up there where the sun don't shine just to piss you off. Because that's the stuff that makes the marriage world go round, mister man!
AB: Ok...I'll just wear the black hat.

or how about this one -

AB: Dinner is served, my love! (presents me with a beautiful roast and potatoes)
CB: Looks great!
AB: And there is way more where that came from for you!
CB: Really? (lips pursed)
AB: ...yeeahh...(looks a little afraid)
CB: Really? So is that code for "you're butt is big as a barn and GOD KNOWS you'll want seconds - nay - thirds!! Is that code for "my gawd, it sure is tough feeding the hungry, hungry hippo?"
AB: NO! I just wanted you to know there was plenty if you wanted more?!? (Confused and looking like a deer in headlights)
CB: Oh, is that so? So when I walked in the room, are you telling me that shocked look you were giving me after you saw my stretch pants wasn't you saying to yourself "she sure is asking a lot of that material!"
AB: What? I didn't even notice your pants!
CB: Of course you didn't. You never do. You never notice anything I wear.
AB: What is happening here? I made you dinner...there's more...I want to eat dinner. Why? Stop the insanity?
CB: Ohhhhh, so now I'M CRAZY!

and so on...

These are examples, mind you. I can't actually remember any of the events that take place while I'm in extreme Permanent Menstrual Syndrome mode. It's all a blur of raw emotionally draining episodes that span about a week. Only this time was far worse than any I can remember. AB agrees. Like an alien came to dwell in the pod for a week and then went his merry way after toying relentlessly with my poor hubby. Some sort of sick science experiment of how much one married man can take.

But let me tell you - he was a gem. When the pain from the cramps was too much to take, and I was literally crumpled over in pain - when way too many pills had not done their job (so much for even having pms pills) and when even hours with a heating pad had had virtually no affect - this darling man did what any self-perserving husband would do in his situation. He got me drunk. Oh yes, he did. I hate drinking and I'm not a fan of alcohol. I just don't like the taste. But he woo'd me with promises that when nothing else had worked, surely alcohol would numb the pain and I would at least be able to take the edge off. He pleaded with me to "trust" him - and so I did. He presented me with a large glass, full to the top and let's face it, wreaking of nose biting alcohol. I drank the entire thing in desperation.

Let me digress for a moment - I'm a total lightweight. Knowing this about me, my dear hubby truly knew that one glass down would be at least three hours of peace and quiet for him.

And was he ever right. In ten minutes, not only was I feeling no pain (a huge accomplishment after so many hours in misery) but I was downright happy to be alive. He gently coaxed me down the hall toward down-comforter bliss and there I collapsed in a heap on the bed, where I slept off the worst remaining pieces of my PMS. When three hours later, I awoke in more pain - he did what any man in survival mode would do - he brought me another drink of the same size and potency and once again I slipped into happy delirium. I spent the remainder of my night happily existing in a dream-like state and my sweetheart was able to fly under the radar of my wrath for a whole afternoon.

The weekend ended well, with us attending the hilarious broadway show "Spamalot". Truly, I am not a fan of Monty Python at all - but for Father's Day, I surprised AB with tickets because I know he has been wanting to see this show forever. In reality this show was just too funny not to crack up at! I laughed and laughed, but that was nothing compared to AB who sang and quoted right along with the cast. I felt it was only fair that he have a good end to such a ROTTEN week with me.

Tonight, you would not even know that my beloved had spent the last week avoiding death rays and flying objects. You would not know to look at him that he had survived the Tornado of '07 or that he had sucessfully diverted disaster with the cunning use of alcohol. You wouldn't know it, because there he was - snuggling, smooching, and hugging on his wife. There he was presenting an amazing dinner and proudly waiting for her approval of the meal. You wouldn't think this same man almost had his head taken off fourteen times by the same woman only a few short days ago.

No, you wouldn't think it to look at him - but it's definitely why I married him. Because he puts up with my nonsense, and just when I think he couldn't possibly forgive my bad days - he's there forgiving and forgetting and moving on. And that, my friends is love and marriage for ya.

And for those who are wondering if any of this really happened, the answer is yes and no. Was it as bad I as make it sound - yes and no. Some days were worse than others and some days were uneventful. But re-telling it with such embellishment makes it more fun to re-tell! I hate PMS - darn that EVE and her stupid Apple!

**Wish I could tell my secret - but it just has to wait - maybe by Thursday or Friday? Who knows...


Could possibly have some fun/big news later in the week - stay tuned...

(Dontcha just hate when people do that!)

Meanwhile - HUGE congrats to Jim and Colleen on their GOTCHA DAY!!! Drop in to say hi and wish them well - they waited a long time for this day! Big welcome to HANNAH!!

V - if you're actually able to read this (could be passed out from exhaustion) just want you to know I love ya and "this too shall pass" and I'm so happy for you. Call me if you need me!

Wow - lots of shhh shhh, hush, hush, insider goo. Sorry folks! I'll try and post something with a little more "flair" later on. Maybe a post about the last week. Hmmm...

The wheels are turning...


July 5, 2007

Eight days until....

Oh my goodness, oh my goodness...I can picture the dark theater and hear the opening music in my head...


July 4, 2007

Six Flags or Bust...(errr...maybe bust...)

Well, I don't think I've ever had an experience that will compare to this - let alone a summer where it rained so gosh darn much. The other night my Dad called and said "are you under water yet?" I laughed and said of course not. He said that all he saw on the news was headlines saying that Texas was rained out and under water and flooded, etc. I said "yes Dad, that's true - but we're in a nitch and it's not flooded here". Ohhhh, he said. Ok, well I'm just making sure you're ok.

And we are!

Meanwhile, we're sooooo ok that last Tuesday, we decided to use our season passes and head to Six Fl*gs with our friends E and L. We loaded up and it rained the whole way there. We thought, "big deal - this will keep the summer crowds at bay and it will burn off by the time we get in and get settled giving us the whole day to enjoy without the heat and all the people!" To our utter delight, when we got there, the parking lot was a veritable cavern of empty spots and the few people that were there, were dodging through puddles and ducking under hoodies to make it to the front gate. This tickled our greedy little hearts. We made our way in immediately (with no wait) and put on our well-thought-out parkas. Wait though - quick stop at the front gate for a charming picture in our "gear".

We laughed all the way to the Spong* B*B ride and out we came and behold! - SUNLIGHT! Hahahaha, we thought - here we are and no one has come today and we have the park to ourselves and shall stand in line for NO MAN! We practically ran to the thrill rides and roller-coasters - sailed on and off and laughed our merry little laughs. We stopped for lunch and a slight drizzle began. EVEN BETTER! - we reasoned. This will keep the afternoon crowds from coming too! Voila! We ate happily and sucked down our super size drinks in the "refillable" cups you purchase for some ungodly amount of money. The sweetest victory of theme-parking is finding the one day a year when no one comes, and no one was coming!

We made our way to the next ride and as we stood in a small and painless line, the loudspeaker cut through our delierium and someone said "we're gonna have to ask that you exit the ride and take cover - we're being told that a lightening and thunder storm is heading this way". Well, with a little grumbling and peaking up at an overcast sky (but not a drop heading down) we stepped out of line and wandered to a Cold Stone Cream*ry for cover (and ice-cream. What?) When 20 minutes had passed and nary a drop of water had fallen, we started laughing. What fortune! What good luck this day and our ponchos had brought! Then a small sprinkle appeared and still, we reveled in our luck.

We made our way to the log ride and couldn't resist "hamming" it up for our photo-op. However, when the time came to beautify the picture and give it a "false" blue sky background, we opted for the true background, which as you can see is foreboding at best.

It's too bad we didn't look a little longer at that picture and think on what was behind us in that picture for two seconds. That's the actual storm - heading in...towards us...right at us. IDIOTS!

After the Log Ride, I remember heading to a couple rides that we got on and off way too quickly. We timed one and it was literally a 30 second ride. Ridiculous. So AB busted out the flirty arsenal and we ended up getting a couple rides extended and a couple that we just stayed on for the next round.

I was (forced) coerced into riding a wooden coaster (see "TITAN") after having sworn off the things when I darn near lost both breasts to reckless abandon on another wooden coaster a few years back. If you haven't noticed, these wooden coasters issue what I refer to as "shaken adult syndrome" and stimulate what I label as "near death muscle atrophy". Every bone in my body was wracked with pain. Every muscle tense, tight, and throbbing. Every rib bruised. Every nerve ending - dead. My boobs were so sore I could hardly stand to have them attached to my body afterward. I had a splitting headache, and every fiber of my being cried out the entire 3 minutes of the ride that I was going to die and that it sucked to go out this way. Even the picture they take of you on these coasters as you head down some death spiral was very telling. There was my husband smiling like a crazed maniac - and then there was me, his wife - eyes shut tightly. Hands pushed in front of my body to try and stop the continual beating my bosom was taking and thus my chin and eyes also. (Have I mentioned I'm top heavy?) My head is turned downward and I think I spotted drool on my chin. That would have been from the momentary full-mind shut-down going on as my brain matter sloshed from one side of my head to the other. I recall losing feeling in my legs, and also that I could no longer remember my name or the alphabet. I also recall a seething anger at hearing AB squeal in delight each time we took a sharp corner or made yet another death defying plunge. All the while I was losing urine and excreting the "death" scent of riggamortus.

As we exited the ride I remember feeling such anger that I dared not to look at the offender who had "convinced" me that it was "fine!" even though I did not want to go on this coaster to begin with. Not only did I say "never again" as the green color of my skin pitched, but I think I also mumbled something about strapping him to the front of the car on the way home. I'm not bitter though.

After that - it was a blur. The heavens literally opened up and the largest torrential downpour I have ever seen was upon us. The thunder bellowed and our little ponchos could only do so much to keep us dry. Water jumped up from the two inches of water that had quickly collected on the ground, and as it did, it soaked us all from the ground up. Having worn thongs for comfort, my feet were immersed to the ankle as we sloshed our way from one side of the park to the other looking not only for shelter, but perhaps for a show that we could just sit in and wait for the storm to pass. After learning that all shows had been canceled, standing in the downpour for over an hour, getting soaked to the bone, and having completely lost sight of my legs from the ankle down, we conceded. The white flag was raised and our surrender was all that was left to do. We made our way slowly to the front of the park and had to stop and take shelter from the raging sheets of water that came down and literally flooded the ground floor of the park. While trying to walk uphill in one section, water literally showered down the path, making it rediculous to try and go uphill. Water slapped at you from above and below and now my legs literally disappeared under the onslaught of water. When we finally reached the gate and made our tentative trek across the parking lot (empty, I might add) we did hear that the park was closing. Hmph! You think?

All was not lost though. We had lasted well until the evening (6pm) and had time to salvage a nice dinner before heading home to rest. All in all, we all agreed it was the most fun we'd had at a park in a long time, and that it was certainly entertaining and interesting. If not, wet and crazy.

Certainly not an adventure we'll forget. Especially in the dead of summer in Texas.

What is up with Mother Nature?

July 2, 2007

Pet Children and sorrow

I've been down in the dumps. This adoption process keeps stretching beyond anything I could have ever imagined. I just feel down. It's making me restless, tired, agitated, and sad. I've never felt so strung along by a process in my life. (at least not one that mattered to me so very much). I know everyone gets it who's in it too. I know we've all been through the valleys and then you hit the hills and these are the types of posts we crank out.

So in the middle of feeling terribly sorry for myself, my kitty Chloe had a crisis. Yesterday she laid down in the middle of the hallway and just started wailing. At the top of her kitty lungs. This continued for THREE and a HALF HOURS. You see, she has bone mice in her knee, which are particles of bone fragment that chip off and float in the kneecap. Because she is old (and a little bit hefty) she has experienced painful "mini-injuries" jumping from the bed, or a chair, or even just walking. Then she lays in agony for hours crying - while Mommy and Daddy sit next to her helpless and trying to comfort her. This happens about three times a year. Otherwise she is happy and carefree. This causes me to cry, because I can't stand to see her hurting or in pain. We give her the recommended dose of pain meds and hope to God they kick in sooner rather than later.

After trying everything to make her comfortable, brushing her, whispering to her that she would be ok, rubbing her chin and ears, and exhausting myself by crying right along with her - she found a comfortable spot underneath the bedroom side table, and as her pain meds started kicking in, she finally found rest. Later she even hobbled out and came looking for me to give her attention. (Which I promptly did) and she's been fine ever since. A minor jolt on the radar of life with pets, but...

But no rest for the weary Momma. I cried and cried later that night. A couple blogger friends recently lost their sweet boys Zeus and Copper to cancer. I can't even tell you how much I cried for each of them when I read those posts. It was crushing to me. And lately, I've been looking at my little children, furry and four-legged though they may be, and just trying to breathe them in and savor their little nuances. Trying to just love them, and give them the extra pat or gentle rub under the ears. Trying to throw them the extra little "treat" and praise them for no reason.

Seeing Chloe lie helpless and crying conjured up so much emotion in me of having to part with her that I can't tell you how overwhelmed I became. She's been a part of my life since I was 19 - and considering I'm treading a path into my thirties - we can safely say that I can't imagine my life without her. Meanwhile, Anabelle came home with AB and I as a puppy only two short months after we said "I DO". We don't know married life without her. Kaleigh on the other hand, came one year after Anabelle and truly was the champion of my heart. She was the sickly, unwanted, and battered pit-bull mix of a family that left her at the pound. She became the celebrated and adored punky brewster of our family who never misses an occasion to make us laugh out loud and lifts our spirits with her silly antics. People who come in our home quickly learn that Kaleigh is a heart breaker and can melt you with one glance into her big pathetic pleading brown eyes.

So tonight we were laying on the bed, loving on the babies (like we do every night) and I thought it wise to grab the camera and capture both my mood and theirs on film. So that I'll always be able to have that memory long after their gone and life has moved forward. I know their stay here with us is so brief and it just breaks my heart. I have to say, there are so many people in this world who can't hold a candle to the grace and gentle spirit of my animals. Perhaps that's why we find it so hard to part with them when it's time. I for one, loathe time. It steals away the good, and prolongs and drags out the bad.

I'm so busy waiting for my "people" babies to get here, that I get caught up and forget to adore my "fur" babies. A mistake I daresay I will someday regret...

So, for the kids I have and love forever - who see me through the hard times, and love me in spite of me, and forgive me eagerly, and are always happy to see me, and bring me joy everyday of their lives...

Have I told you lately that I love you
Have I told you theres no one else above you

You fill my heart with gladness
Take away all my sadness

Ease my troubles thats what you do

For the morning sun in all its glory
Greets the day with hope and comfort too

You fill my life with laughter
And somehow you make it better
Ease my troubles thats what you do

And have I told you lately that I love you
Have I told you theres no one else above you
You fill my heart with gladness
Take away my sadness
Ease my troubles thats what you do

And have I told you lately that I love you
Have I told you theres no one else above you

Take away all my sadness
Fill my life with gladness
Ease my troubles thats what you do

Acorns to Oaks

Last week I participated in a Children's Musical Camp from Monday - Friday, that was held at our church. (Partly why I've been so quiet on blog-world) I can't tell you what a great time I had! These kids ranged from 2nd - 6th grade and were truly amazing! We only had FIVE DAYS to put this show on. I thought there was no way we could do it, but in the end, it was AWESOME! We played to a nice full crowd (mostly parents and family, of course) on Friday night. The kids pulled it out of the bag! They didn't miss ONE SINGLE line. I played Mrs. McDonald and had two solos I had to sing with the kids, and some lines, as well as all the other songs of course. My dear friend and Worship pastor, Scott played Mr. McDonald. We had such a fun time, I was sad it was over. Boo hoo! Here are some pictures from the final performance - it was such a hoot! We got a nice big standing "O" (but with parents in the audience, I guess that was inevitable!?!?)

Story was about a farming family / friends who also learn that our lives are like trees planted in God's goodness and how we can "cultivate" our hearts to grow in God's love. It was so cute, made me weepy!

Here is the whole cast - about 20 of us altogether, but some of the kids had run off before we could take a whole shot. I'm right in the middle of these cuties.

Here is my own special cutie, Miss E. Her mommy Kelley is my dear sweet M3 pal and graciously dropped in to catch the performance. I was so glad to see them both, I could hardly stand it!

During the performance - Oh yes I do have on overalls and braids in my hair - yee haw!

Nice big stage "action" shot! Hahaha

Go on girl! Sing it!

And now you know what I did with my last week. I was at practice Wed, Thurs, and Friday. I wish there was more I could say to convey how cute these kiddies were, but since most of you have kids, you probably already know! My gosh, I wanted to take so many of them home with me! Such a good experience for me and I know for the kids.

My gawd...am I mother yet, already??? Jeesh! What's a girl gotta do to get some children around here?

p-o (that's my shortie lingo for peace out! - ha! I crack myself up!)