December 14, 2012

Back in Business

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Good tidings of comfort and joy my friends!

 Bushel & A Peck Designs is back and the doors are open again!!

(Sorry!  Needed a little breaky breaky…as with all other blogging in my life)

Great news for my seasonal customers who love to change up the look of their blog every few months,

and even better news for those of you who are ready for a New Year Design!  Let’s do it!

We also have a New Product that can be added to your package – The Facebook Cover (whoo hoo)

December 11, 2012



It doesn’t come naturally for me.  Not at all.  I think my whole life I have functioned by holding most people at arms length.  Not even just people, but experiences.  Isn’t that pitiful?  I can say that now, because I SEE it.  But for years, I didn’t.  I didn’t understand that not everyone is out to get you.  Not everyone has a hidden agenda or an ulterior motive.  Not every risk you take will end badly.  Sometimes, it’s good and healthy and ok to just trust.

For Anton’s birthday this year, I decided we needed an adventure.  Something to get us out of our rut and into some fun.  Something that would force us to let go a little and just breathe.  We found that about an hour from home,down a winding road in the middle of nowhere, on a quiet ranch in Texas. 

I had worked myself into a full-blown excitement leading up to our horseback ride.  I imagined all sorts of romantic possibilities about looking lovely whilst galloping into the sunset and dining by a lake with wine and steak.  I imagined we would be euphoric, and that our ride would bring about a sort of peace we hadn’t had in months.

I was right about a couple of things.  We did have steak and wine by a lake and our ride did in fact bring about a sense of euphoria, eventually.  But what I failed to take into account leading up to this big "romantic" moment was something I had struggled with my entire life: trust.


At first we just stood in the same space as the horses.  A sort of “getting to know you”.  We familiarized ourselves with the sounds and smells of the ranch.  We bundled up, because it was the end of November and a chilly evening.  We pet their noses and whispered to them.  We introduced ourselves to our fellow riders.

Soon it was time to “saddle up”.  I stood reluctantly to the side, careful not to make too much eye contact with the rancher who would be our riding guide.  He was outgoing, loud, and had a hearty smile and laugh.  He called to me.

“You…darling!  Ever rode a horse before?”  I shook my head.  No words came out.  Then I managed, “when I was a child…maybe at the fair?”.  He laughed a belly laugh…”ok, so NO then!”  He smiled warmly and I gave him a half-hearted return grin.  He ushered me into the arena and led me over to “Little Mama”.  The only trouble was, Mama wasn’t so little.


Fear choked me.  This moment in my mind seemed so much more romantic!   So suave and smooth.  So easy…  Instead, I was shaking.  This horse seemed so big.  I felt so small (quite a feat, I assure you!).  I didn’t have time to gauge how to cope with my nerves – because I was unceremoniously shoved upward and onto Little Mama, who gave a snort and a whinny at being freshly sat on.  She pawed a bit and started to back up.  I froze, loosely grasping the reins.  The rancher took her bridle and calmed her.  Then he turned to me and said “ok darling…you’ve got this!  You can do this!  She’s gonna treat you right, but you have to let her know who’s boss, ok?  Just hold these reins, and pull this way to go left, this way to go right, and this right here to slow her down.” 

His instructions were quick and I felt I should be writing them down.  This way to do what now?  Left if I pull which way? Left, right? Straight back, not up, to slow down?  Is that right?

“Now, take her around the ring a few times to get the hang of it, ok?”, he called out to me. I started to question, but he had already tucked my feet in the stirrups and strode away to help another rider.  I nervously glanced around the arena, looking for AB.  There he sat, confident and smiling ear to ear, atop “Alex”.  Alex who had no bridle…only a horsehair rope around his face. Anton made it look so effortless.  How was he so confident?  Wasn't he afraid at all?


I clicked my tongue, and nothing happened.  “Come on, Little Mama”, I coached.  Nothing.  “Let’s take a walk”, I encouraged…and to no avail.  She stood motionless.  For that I should have been grateful, but I was trying to obey the rancher.  We needed to practice walking, didn't we?  How could I go on this ride if I couldn't even get my horse to walk forward?  Instead, Little Mama moved slowly toward a large bucket and leaned way down to take in gulps of fresh water.  In doing so, I was forced to lean down with her – or risk losing the reins.  I felt ridiculous.  Any moment, they would find me in that water bucket – head over feet. 

After what seemed like an eternity, Little Mama finally raised up and walked slightly to the right and back toward the circle of horses, now snorting and sniffing out their new riders.  Anton tried to call out instructions to me, but I was overcome with trying to focus.  In my mind, I would be falling off this horse any nano second.  I felt scared and unsure of myself.  On the outside, I tried to appear calm and cool.  On the inside, I was going over the funeral arrangements I thought would be necessary.

Now, you mustn't think me ridiculous, though I was.  I fully underestimated my ability to manage a large horse.  If you have never sat atop a large horse (or any horse for that matter), then you simply cannot know how alarming it is to suddenly find yourself there.  The truth is, it is most definitely not like what we see in the movies.  It is not without a lot of effort.  In fact, my thighs were already beginning to hurt from the hard leather of the saddle.  My hands were cold, even with gloves, and I could imagine how sore they would be from holding those reins for three hours. 

Actually, I imagined all sorts of things.  I imagined Little Mama getting tired of carrying my load, and dumping me unceremoniously in the dirt.  I imagined her stepping on me.  I imagined breaking bones.  I imagined our fantastic adventure turning into an emergency room visit.  Yes, my active imagination, my fear, and my issues with trust were in full blown mayhem mode. 

Suddenly the rancher whistled and called out to us.  He announced we’d be moving and so we did.  Somehow, the horses knew what to do – and each one followed the other until we had formed a loose line or sorts.  We walked a steady pace on a dirt road and after a short time, found ourselves surrounded by beautiful country.  Trees, fall leaves, water holes, and even wild horses were our only company.  The air was cool and brisk and the sky a perfect blue.  We wove in and out of paths that took us sometimes deep into heavily wooded areas – and suddenly we would find ourselves out in the open range, not a sound to be heard for miles around it seemed.  Just the steady pace of our horses and the rustling of leaves on the ground.


It only took a little while before I realized that Little Mama was a good horse.  She was a little bit stubborn, but to that I could relate.  She often wanted to stop and graze – but I quickly learned how to keep her on track.  She liked to suddenly drop into a trot, which at first took me by surprise and scared me.  But soon I relaxed into her rhythm and knew that she had a favorite horse she was trying to walk beside.  When her “friend” would fall out of range, she would trot to catch up.  It just happened to be that her "friend" was Alex. 


After walking through dense wood, we came to a fairly large “dip” in the path.  When the rancher called out that we would need to “run” the horses down and back up, I felt my whole body go tense.  My new found comfort slipped away and I felt my palms getting sweaty.  Run?  No, we can’t run.  There can be no running while I am on this horse.  “Pull the reins back so that her head comes up!” the rancher called out.  “Her head needs to be up when she runs down the embankment”. 

Fear is a powerful thing, isn’t it?  What I wanted to do in that moment was literally hop off that horse and walk back to the ranch.  I could see that “dip” and I was terrified.  But truthfully, this was no time to panic.  This was not the time to give up or be so afraid that I derailed the whole adventure.  Definitely not.  So I took a deep breath, and I gave Little Mama a pat on her neck.  I whispered to her “come on girl…you can do this…I’m trusting you!”

We approached and with no hesitation, Little Mama ran down the embankment and back up with skilled calm.  I, on the other hand, wanted to shout “I DID IT!”  Instead, I sat awestruck.  Not because I had managed to sit still while a trained horse did its job.  No.  I was proud of my own ability to let go and enjoy that building trust I had with Little Mama.  Dare I say, that little "run" was fun?  There had been nothing for me to do in that moment but stay calm and trust.  It occurred to me only afterward that she knew this path well.  Her hooves had helped form the cleared way that we now found ourselves in the middle of.  She walked it almost every day, and alongside her fellow horses, created a roadway of sorts that carried riders in and back out again.


Finally, we approached a campsite.  With cold stiff limbs and careful movements, we slid off our gentle giants.  We were met with a lovely man-made lake, wine, and a crackling campfire.  Steaks were grilling on a large open flame, and tables were neatly arranged with fresh fruit and water.  We ate, drank, and watched the sun set gently over the Texas sky. 


When night had fallen and our bellies were rested – we fumbled in the dark with flashlights and re-mounted our horses.  Little Mama sniffed and snorted, probably tired herself from a full day of work.  She moved about restlessly, and again – my fears came to the surface.  It was dark and I couldn’t see ten feet in front of me.  I started to become anxious.  I could hear the other riders…I could make out shapes and I could tell that we were getting ready to move – but Little Mama was agitated and she began to whinny and fret.  She moved about in the dark and I felt powerless to control her. I knew what to do, I thought…but it wasn’t working.  Soon we were caught up in rope that had been tied between trees.  We were shimmying off the path and I felt my hands start to shake. 

“Shhhhhh”.  A woman’s voice spoke in the darkness.  “Sshhhhh, Little Mama…you’re alright…you just calm down and treat this gal right.  If you can do that, I’ll give you some extra feed tonight…sound good?”  It was Dawn, the woman who had just made our wonderful meal.  Her hand stroked Little Mama’s neck and she continued to hold her bridle and murmur gently to her.  I sat frozen, and soon Dawn spoke to me; “just relax my friend…it’s ok…she’s alright now.  I know you’re nervous, but she’s gonna treat you right, ok?  Don’t be afraid.  She can sense your fear.  Just trust her, ok?” 

I willed myself to relax.  To let my body loosen and my mind to settle.  Soon, the horses began to walk and fell into their routine line.  As we wandered a path through the dark, I tried to get my eyes to rest on anything – but the night was already so dense and the moon had not yet come up.  I could hardly make out the silhouettes of the riders and horses around me.  The rancher called out to us “I know it’s hard for you to see anything, but rest assured…the horses can see really well at night…so not to worry!  You’re in good hands!”  I took a deep breath and let it out.  Relax, I reminded myself.  Trust.  Little Mama has done this before and you haven’t.  Trust.

I heard Anton call to me, and as if she knew, Little Mama fell into a trot to catch up to Alex.  Side by side, we walked for some time with only the stars above to guide us.  In this moment, any fear I had fell away.  It was magnificent.  It took my breath away – the awesome beauty of the night sky, filled with millions of stars shining down on us.  It was completely silent, save the sound of the horses hooves hitting the dirt in a smooth clippity-clop. I had never in my life experienced anything like it.  Riding a horse under the stars in the middle of gorgeous Texas country is something awesome to behold.  It did not escape me that if I had let my fear rule, I would have missed this glorious moment in time.

Finally I could see the lights of the ranch in the distance, and before long we were back in the arena and dismounting.  I was almost sad to say goodbye to Little Mama.  I gave her nose a rub and whispered a quick “thank you” before walking to Anton and making my way out.

Tired, sore, and completely spent - yes.  But emotionally I was so moved.  My euphoria came at the cost of focus, hard work, sore muscles, worn out limbs...and trust.  It was a beautiful day…a beautiful experience and a wondrous ride into nature atop one of God’s most magnificent creatures.  Certainly not an every day experience for this suburb girl!  I hoped as we drove away that I would be back again to see Little Mama and have another opportunity to trust her and benefit from it in the way I just had.


More than all of that beauty, something more powerful had remained.  A gentle reminder throughout to simply trust.  And this touched me in the greater picture of my life and my faith.  Even when it’s difficult.  Even when it hurts or is uncomfortable.  Even when it seems like the better option is just to “dismount” and walk back the way you came.  Trust.  When you're facing steep embankments and you're filled with the fear of failure. Trust.  When you imagine all kinds of worst case scenarios in your mind.  Trust.

I was vulnerable in ways I hadn’t considered before the ride.  But in letting go and trusting, I found such peace and beauty.  Not only that, but a desire to experience that trust again and to improve upon it.

Could that be true of my walk with God?

Could I let go and trust Him to walk me down the path that He knows better than I ever will?  To trust that He has walked the road I’m walking and that He knows it intimately because He created it.  What kind of rest could I find in trusting that He can see far better than I can in the darkness?

When I feel the most vulnerable, He is well equipped to carry my load.  When I am weak, He is strong.

I’m learning…one baby step of my life at a time.  Learning in big and small ways and reaping the rewards of letting go of my fears. 

Learning to rely on the One who paved the road and knows every groove and every "dip" that life will bring my way.

Learning to trust.

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding;
in all your ways acknowledge him and he will make your paths straight.” – Proverbs 3:5-6, NIV


December 9, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Happy Holidays, friends!

How did that happen?  How did all this hustle and bustle catch up on us?  I feel like I blinked and my year is over.  What’s up with that?

Meanwhile, look how big these two are getting:  I can’t stand it!

Santa 12-4-12

I don’t know about you, but I feel overwhelmed by all of it…by the constant aging of my babies (I’ve told them to stop – they are not obeying!), my own aging (gag me with a spoon) and the increasing awareness I have that it all goes by so fast.  Christmas upon Christmas, year upon year – I am overcome by the ever pressing reality:  we only get one pass through for all of this.  Even my parents, who continue to age without my permission (I’ve asked them to kindly “knock it off”), but to no avail.  I've tried to explain that I’m going to need them for many, many more years!

With those thoughts at the forefront of my mind, I find myself wanting more and more to engage fully in each precious moment.  My mother used to say to me “enjoy it baby…it goes by so quick” and my dad would tell me “it goes by so fast…like a blink”.  And maybe I just tucked that reality somewhere in the back of my mind, or my heart…and I let it sit there because I was too busy in the “now” to pay much attention to it. 

I think I might understand, or I’m starting to.  Friends, I promise you…yesterday…YESTERDAY…they were babies and I was in the throes of life with infants, bottles, diapers, and teething rings.

Today I’m buried in ABC’s, counting 1-10, all the “why mommy” questions, and toddler tantrums.

Soon, I’ll be helping them fill out college applications or letting them venture out to find their own way in this big world. 

I’m not particularly looking forward to that day…but I know this much: I want to soak up all the moments between then and now.

Look at these two…

Santa II 12-4-12

They’re just spectacular…they make Jolly Old Saint Nick look gooooood!  Wouldn’t it be a shame to miss a single minute of the good, the great, the bad, the sad, and the amazing of their journeys?

I think so too…

Goodness, I am grateful He chose me to love them.

October 21, 2012


© Bushel & A Peck 2012

Definitely one of my favorite seasons - Fall!  I love everything about it...I'm just still waiting for it to show up in Texas (ahem...high 80's today)

This short post is just to say that I am a negligent blogger.  This year has presented many hurdles for our little family.  Writing, while cathartic for me, has not been the outlet I have utilized to "walk" through it.  Very rarely, since starting this blog in 2006 - have I ever "broke" from writing in such a long-term way.  Please know it has been self-preservation and prioritizing that has kept me away. 

The children are amazing...lovely, sweet, good-natured, and ornery!   Quint will be 5 soon...can that really be?  Keira is almost 3 1/2.   AB is busy in production mode for Romeo & Juliet (sure to be fantastic!).  Our lives are a whirlwind of busy activity, and yet we somehow manage to find quiet moments - like tonight - to just "be".  I think that's the good stuff...the stuff that makes all the rest of the crazy worth it!

I would say "more to come soon" - but that's just beginning to be a broken record, isn't it?  Blogger are missed!  Hoping to find my writing groove once again...(don't fail me now, fingers!)


September 14, 2012





It occurred to me after they had chosen them, we had come home,
we had colored them, and they had run around playing with them for a while…
a little “monster” and a princess.  How appropriate, indeed…
Q is all boy and an imp.  Keira is a girly-girl through and through
Love them so!

September 7, 2012

The Purge of 2012

So, I’ve been in the purging zone this past week.  There is little more I could tell you that would convey this message better, than just patting you on the back and sending you on a one-way trip down our hallway.  You wouldn't make it back.  Oh no.  Because you’d get lost in the vortex of “Donate This” and “Keepsakes” and bags of shoes, cartons of toys, and games missing far to many pieces to be useful to anyone – anywhere.  This is deadly, people.  Small animals could get lost in this mess.  And it should stress me out.  Instead I’m breathing.  It feels good to accomplish something that is overdue.  Feels like a big honking relief.  So for now, I’ll continue to ram my bare toes into odds and ends lining the hall – and I’ll continue to trip over piles upon piles of gobbledy goop.  Because it means that room by room, we are becoming a LESS IS MORE house. 
One down…

One to go…
(feel my pain, people…The Avengers, all things small and useless,
random pieces of paper, and McDonalds toys threw up in here)

At least they’re SUPER cute when they make these messes together, eh?  Oy!

Anyone else feel like purging and moving furniture around?  Just me?  I’m in the ZONE.

September 3, 2012

Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda...

Lake - 1982
Yours truly, circa 1982

I’d be lying if I told you I didn’t want to go back in time and tell this little girl some things about life. 
I think we all feel that way, right? 
Coulda, woulda, shoulda and all that? 

I wouldn’t mind the chance to tell her “stick up for yourself!”
or “it’s ok to make mistakes” or
“stop chewing your nails, because trust me – it will take 25 more years and some serious fortitude to kick that habit”.

I’d kinda like to tell her that it’s ok.  To have grace for herself.
To avoid those girls in 7th grade who made fun of her clothes – what did they know?
To go ahead and ask that boy to the dance, because turns out?  He had a big crush on her.
I’d love to whisper in her ear “confidence is your most amazing attribute” or
“you’re going to be stronger than you ever thought you could be” or
“people will get your humor someday…trust me.”

I’d love to whip myself into this photo and sit awhile with her.
Maybe say “avoid ranch dressing…it’s the end of the line for us” or
“save those letters your mom wrote you” or
“don’t be afraid to forgive…”
Maybe even tell her she’s all kinds of good stuff under there, even though it might not always feel like it’s true.

I’d like to give her a hug and say “PLEASE be a glass half-full person!” or
“apply yourself even more than you already do!” or
“you’re worth it!”
It wouldn’t hurt to tell her that she has a spectacular heart,
that she has great comedic timing,
or that she will be her mama’s light for years and years.  What a treasure…

I’d like to give her all the red flags in writing, all the pain in a bottle.
All the hurt in a book, so that she would know where not to step.
I’d love to point her to all the people who will love her well and good.
And I’d love to tell her what a difference having those people in her life will make.

and if I could work it into conversation…in no particular order…

  • Riding a bike with your eyes closed and hands off the handlebar that summer when you’re 9? Pink Huffy and all that?  Yeah, don’t.  Broken ankle.
  • Skip eating at Leatherby’s on the 21st of July in 2012…that was no good coming back up.
  • Drinking mom’s cooking Sherry in 85? Big mistake.
  • Nevermind the anti-biotics with sulfa… you haven’t seen a rash until you’ve seen that one.
  • Running too fast down Mark’s steep driveway?  Broken arm.  Walk don’t run.
  • You’re wrong.  Shoulder pads only make you look like a football player – not like Melanie Griffith.
  • Kissing Jeff Pulley in the model homes when you’re a teenager?  Meh.
  • That slumber party Gina Locke invites you to?  They’re gonna freeze your bra.  Don’t be a party pooper…it’s a J.O.K.E.
  • When Dad asks you when the last time you had your oil changed was – keep the “doe in headlights” look and say “what oil change?”.  Works. Every. Time.
  • When your fifteen and sitting at the table with Great Grandma and Grandpa…ask more questions about THEM.  They leave much too soon…
  • When that Roseville cop pulls you over for speeding and you make a joke, because you think it might diffuse the situation?   Yeah, not so much. $295.00 later kinda not so much.
  • When you tell God you won't be doing something, say like EVER EVER EVER going to Africa...(snicker) just go ahead and put it on the calendar as "pending" because you're SO going.
  • Turns out, singing in the choir IS good practice.  Keep it up, soul sistah.
  • The blue eye-shadow/blue eye-liner combo will be back in 30 years, so scale it back a bit…
  • Big hair is only a good look because you are a victim of something we call "the 80's".  It’s a terrible look.  Step away from the Aquanet, three pairs of layered socks, pinned jeans, rubber bracelets, and Exclamation Point perfume.  Do it.  Don't ask why. 
  • Please, please be a glass half full kinda girl.  Have I said that already?


and a million other coulda/woulda/shoulda’s….

September 1, 2012

Nice & Easy

So I’m quasi-back…slowly finding a groove to get myself into the swing of things.  I’ll level with you – our Summer was not so great.  Actually, it was pretty crappy.  From May through August – things were no bueno.  I could tell you 100 reasons why – but let’s not focus on that.  Let’s focus on the fact that life goes on.  No matter what.  I’m not trying to be cryptic, but I am trying to say – life happens and what you do with it is what matters. 

I’ve also got a new look here, just for a while (because who can resist holiday themes?).  It makes me feel peaceful – which I could use right now.  Also I love pink.  So there’s that sorry admission.  Despite pink being a “girly” color – I get the distinct impression among women that pink is just so…girly!  Oh well…I love it!

There are tons of things to cover…but let’s just say in a nutshell, it’s been a year of traumatic health issues.  Anton’s recovery has been slow – but he’s finally almost back to normal.  Quint still struggles daily and we are pursuing help for him.  Keira has Latent TB.  Not contagious, but dangerous just the same if left untreated.  BTW?  Treatment is daily meds for nine months.  As in, NINE.  Could be worse…could always be worse…

Our only remaining family pet is aging before our eyes – and she’s every bit of her almost 12 years.  To say this makes us sad as we watch her hobble around – well, that doesn’t do it justice.  She is the last of the original five fur-babies.  Anton and I rescued her just two short months into our marriage.  She has been a part of us for a long time and simply put - we're not sure how to imagine our life without her.  Sigh...

We also lost a car this summer – my beloved CRV.  (OH THE DESPAIR!)  I loved that car!  But it was TOAST.  On the other hand, I was finally able to join the Mini-Van-Mom-Brigade.  Yes, I am now a proud Mini-Van membership toting mama.  I love my van – I have to say.  It’s pretty great (read BIG).  How did I ever live without so much room in the back and a whole nother’ row of seats? 

School has started and with that, Anton’s very busy production schedule in full swing.  Auditions, and rehearsals, and meetings are all over the calendar.  Makes for a very busy life for all of us. 

I feel the holidays approaching and maybe I’m the only one, but I almost feel like I’m already behind in a way.  I know I will BLINK and it will be October.  (and so on…and November…and Christmas)  This makes me feel many things – one of which is happiness.  See, and you thought this post was going to be all gloom and doom!  Chin up, reader! I love Fall.  I love the colors, the smells, the d├ęcor, the season, the cool evenings…I love fires in the fireplace and spiced candles.  I love cozy blankets and movies on my beloved green couch, and soup.  

I love the holidays – they truly infuse me with joy.  I’ll admit, they also have moments of bittersweet emotion.  Like having your loved ones far away, or missing  holidays past when your babies were babies?  I get that way.  But more than all of that, I so love the peace this time of year brings me. 

So having September arrive…and having a new look on here, and having put many moments and issues of our NEVER-ENDING summer aside (for the moment) – I feel like it's time to attempt heading into the remainder of our year.  


Between you and me?  Can’t say I’m sorry to see 2012 heading out the door…

“strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow….”


August 27, 2012

Back to School

I'm ready for Fall...let's just put that out there...I'm ready for cooler weather, spiced candles, blankets on the couch, and harvesty (not a word, but I'm making it one for the purposes of this post) stuff around my house.  It makes me happy and feel comfort...and I could use that!  How bout' you?

Also, I could not let today pass without showing off my babies!  Happy First Day Back to School, Mister Q!  

It's going to be the Holiday Season, a blink.  And it feels like we were just here doing the holidays together like yesterday, but apparently time is flying and I am aging and it's time to think about Halloween costumes and where we're going to spend Thanksgiving.  Not sure how that happened?  I just know that come September - it's all a downhill slide...

I'm ready(ish).  Gulp.

Maybe I'll even blog more now that our insane summer is over?  Maybe...

That might be nice...


July 15, 2012

Taking a break...

Friends, I think it's time to face the music - clearly I'm on a hiatus from blogging.  I can't seem to find the time or inspiration to post.  I'm so sorry!  I guess I just need a season of no pressure.  No guilty feelings of not having posted in so long...


Hope to be back talking about whatever floats our boats at some point in the next few months...but for now...thanks for ever caring a hill-bean what I had to say about whatever-the-heck.

It's been a wonderful outlet...and I've so enjoyed sharing our journey with each of you...


July 7, 2012

Back to Coffee at La Cabin

I’m not sure how a year passed since I took my coffee
(strong with plenty of flavored creamer)
out on this front porch and sat myself down for a cohesive thought…
but it seemed to be both an eternity and the blink of an eye. 
And every time I get the opportunity to do this, I have the same reaction:
Peace.  Tranquility.  Deep sighs…

And if that weren’t enough…
these were “rising” in the kitchen behind me
so maybe that alone would have made me happy with or without the coffee? 
I’m not sure there is a better drug than homemade cinnamon rolls? 
Am I wrong here?

My kids seem to take the same position I do.
Peace.  Togetherness. Quiet.
Quint announced to the world at large that he wanted to live here.
I couldn’t argue with that.


Keira seems to know right where to position her little self.
And it takes little effort for us to unwind, take a deep breath, and forget…
the business, the hustle, the difficulties, the burdens
just forget



When we come out of our reverie, we get to be a part of things
that we don’t usually take the time for
like making fresh peach jam with Oma & Opa

IMG_3050  IMG_3052

…or taking fun strolls on the Easy-Go

…or walking by the river and taking in the beauty of God’s creation.




We get to play Hide & Go Seek our Sisters…

And we get to be Supergirl and run carefree…

…and mostly we just get to relax with our cousins, play, be happy..
just be.

Or be goofy with our beautiful SIL…

So yes…it’s a hard-knock life around here at La Cabin…
What with all the swimming, eating, napping, and playing…
We have definitely got it very rough.


…and let’s not forget several rounds of Hand & Foot.  Oh no. 
We mustn't forget that…
Because that’s the nocturnal ritual
that keeps all things balanced in life at La Cabin.
That and cinnamon rolls.


June 21, 2012


So we made it through the New York experience – but AB has been a bit worse for the wear upon return.   Walking around a huge city for four days will kinda have that affect anyway, but add in major surgery recover and well…it’s a bit silly to expect otherwise, I suppose.  Still, we could not get out of it.  And truthfully, we had a great time.  There’s not much to dislike about seeing Broadway shows, having good food, and seeing lots of amazing sites! 


IMG_2746-rev  IMG_2759-rev
War Horse Group Shot

Meanwhile, in case you hadn’t noticed (cough) the challenges got side-lined.  Which left me feeling one-part relieved (yes, I admit it) and one-part disappointed.  We made it so far, and then life just kinda took over.  I know you get it – I just don’t particularly like being a quitter.  Meanwhile, what say you and I re-visit those challenges after Summer and tackle the last three in the Fall?  Deal?  Ok.  Whew.  Load off.

In other news, my children are growing and changing and maturing before my very eyes.  Keira is now 3 years old – yes, she had a birthday!  Quint is 4 1/2 in actuality and 45 1/2 in personality.  Yes he is.  So there’s that…and I still owe you a Part 2 of his journey…which even as I write this is changing every day. 

We have a full summer ahead with travel plans and lots of relaxing in the forecast.  In that you can read that I’ll be leaving for La Cabin in two weeks time.  Can I tell you a secret?  {I’M SO HAPPY}.  I need some time to collect myself.  Some time to put together a ton of thoughts and experiences and feelings into some kind of order.  Our life has been somewhat crazed lately and I’m just so anxious to be surrounded by this to clear my head:

La Cabin

Hoping your summer plans are making you as happy as it just made me to see those pictures again…dreamy sigh…