January 16, 2009

We Interrupt "Nothing" to talk about SUMPTHIN

What the frig is going on?

I'm not big on rumors in general. Especially in the adoption community, because it's been such a let down for our China process.

But one little tiny rumor has surfaced from a reliable source that another reliable source has observed from an inside reliable source...(is your head spinning) that as opposed to the typical two or three days of LID matching we've witnessed for the past two years....wait for it...

Rumor is that matching this month has begun and said rumor also has it on somewhat good rumor authority that said matching could go through the 23rd of March or later. Or later people.

Let me just remind you that we are 3-29-06 LID.


Thank you.


Much better.

Now where was I? Oh yeah...what the FRIG?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!

For those of you not sure what this could possibly, might, potentially if there is any truth to these positive rumors, mean - it could mean that we might see Keira's face in two weeks or in the next the six weeks. We were expecting June/July/August based on the trends seen over the last two years. A few days at a time, a very large LID month, and basic disappointment have given us the blase attitude with which we rarely put any emotion into the process anymore, until our name is called that is.

AB and I have decided to put ZERO weight on these circulations that are bubbling everywhere, until we see the proof in the pudding.

But on another note...WHAT THE FRIG?!?!?!?!!?!?! I hope for the sake of all the excitement this particular good source rumor has stirred up in the hearts of those in March/April LID groups, that it actually happens. There is nothing more I would like to see (other than Keira!) than for all my LID buddies to get their babies!!!

Here's hopin'...


S.Wise said...

I know. I almost spontaneously barfed when I read this post!!! Not out of horror but sheer shock and nerves!!! We agreed to put little weight on the rumor as well... but seriously, WHAT IF?????????????????????? The excitement wants to bubble up!!!!!

Erin said...

Ummmm, yeah, I saw that, too. And my heart rose into my throat. I so hope it is true. Remember that we should know something by the end of next week since CNY is the 26th and they will be out for an entire week so you will at least know something very soon. It would be soooooo cool to travel in China during the Spring.

But as someone that ignored Robyn's wonderful advice and believed that we would get our referral in August when she told me that our referral would come in September - she just knew it, dang her - you not banking on this rumor is a good thing. My heartache on that day when we found out we didn't make the cut was palpable - just ask Kelley. It was horrible. Continue on with your life until you know for sure. I don't want you to experience anymore heartache with this adoption. Lord knows we have all experienced enough for a lifetime.

With that said, you know that I will be dancing the aisles the minute you get Keira's picture. I cannot wait!!!!

Love you!

frogglet said...

Wow what a rumor! I have not even paid any attention to it yet this month. But I am ever the sceptic I will believe it when I see it.
Have a good weekend,

Dawn and Dale said...

I love your posts!!! lol Tooo funny!!!

Can you believe it????!!! I'm sooooo crossing my fingers and praying that this rumor really is TRUE for all my march/april friends!!!! Can't wait!!! :)

4D said...

I know...it is hard to believe and sadly I am so jaded that it is not true. But what if?? Just thinking it makes me not feel so dead inside.

Keep smilin!

Kayce said...

Like you and the other late Marchers...I'm a little hesitant to scream yet, but I am tempted to barf. But WHOA!! Sitting and waiting here in California until the paperwork is in my hands, until then I will keep moving forward.

Anonymous said...

I'm barfing for you either way.

Let it all out, cuz if it's true, OMG, WTF, ICFBI....two treats in one for you honey, welcome to the Ding Dong Club.

Love V

Suz said...

I told my hubby what I read over there, and after he rolled his eyes and said yeah, right. I asked him, seriously what if? His answer: We need to go shopping! I want sooooo badly to believe it.........

Andrea said...

I hope it is true, but I am doubtful that it will be true. Seems like the better the rumor, the worse the actual referrals are. On a positive note, I can't wait to see Keira's face!

Eloise said...

How exciting that you are finally so close to meeting Keira! I eagerly await the day that you share her picture here.

Kim said...

I said they would go through the 7th.. but when I heard this stuff.. that would be a miracle.. if so we are getting close.. and things may change..
Let's hope for the best..

Catherine said...

I so understand!! What the frig??? Told myself I wasn't getting on the ride and before I knew it I'd jumped in with both feet, the lap bar was down and the stroller coaster was climbing the hill!

How wonderful to think that you could be seeing Keira's face SOON!