January 26, 2009

12 Days Short and Sweet

12 days, come and gone and almost two weeks under our belts. Proof that it really is possible to live if you don't eat out. I wish my tongue were in my cheek right now for that comment, but alas...I really do suffer from the malady that is Eatingoutaritis". Sigh.

I'm going to keep this short and sweet, because the hubs (who reads this blog daily and who by the way, is reading now) made the comment to me tonight that "gosh, you sure aren't getting many comments on these challenge/food posts". Which at first stung a little bit - but I'll need to put that ego in check. (and by the way, Mr. B - why don't YOU comment if you're so bothered by it, eh? Love you. Can't live without you. Shout out to ma girl RK) And which also led me to think that maybe this is kind of boring...I mean, who needs to come here and read about what we ate today? Talk about the low list of things to do, eh? I'm sorry...I think I just get tired of talking about one of two things. And if you're not sure what they are, just read over the last three years of blogging. I figured a little motherhood/adoption blogging hiatus was ok - but I may have lost some of you for the ride. Sorry friends - maybe I can scrape my bowl for some sassy writing that will stir the pot...the proverbial pot, that is - not the Chili pot. Heh...

Today's Menu:

Breakfast: Wait for it.....wait for it...Blueberry Muffins and Coffee. Yes, I actually broke away from the mold on day 12 to experience warm and buttery blueberry bliss. May have to have those again tomorrow, since I'm sitting on some leftovers. Not literally, of course...I mean...that would be not so good...anyway...

Lunch: Leftover Stringy Beef, mashed potatoes and green beans.

Dinner: Baked Potato Bar with Leftover Chili.

TTNF! I'm off to see a horse about some good writing material...or somthin'


Unknown said...

you really are soooo motivating

Christy said...

Good job and tell your hubby that tons of us read but just dont comment every day. I still am checking in everyday adn reading about your meals-- I just dont have a comment to share each day-- doesnt mean we are not interested!! Proud of you for keeping this up so long!!!

christy :)

Young Creations said...


Just want you to know that I can't wait to log on and read the daily updates. Please keep them coming.

Valerie said...

Girl, you know and your counter must remind you....we all read your blog... and lest you forget it; you are a wonderfully talented, witty, and engaging writer and your fan base is large and loyal, albeit sometimes more responsive than others; if you really want to feel better, go to my blog and listen to the pins dropping.

Love you.


Linda said...

Reading your blog everyday..You are a great writer and make this interesting... I'm an older single and don't spend that much eating out anymore.. I've seen the challenge on other blogs and am interested in how much people save as this is the way we used to live back in the day!! Don't stop , I promise to comment once in a while.... Linda

Single PAP said...

thanks for the cookie comment. i'll just have to make them again!

and, i too, love your blog... even just the food updates. :-)

Dawn and Dale said...

I agree!!! You are a really great writer Christie and are one of the very few blogs that I read the entire post every time and don't just "skim" through them!! (Don't tell anybody I said that!! lol)

I also would never eat out ever if I had a hubby who could cook like yours can!! Wow! Your blog has been making me drool these past few weeks! (Even more so now that I'm on week two of dieting again!! lol)