January 3, 2009

Married to Mowgli

One of the things I appreciate about my husband is his list of extensive world travels. He counts his years lived overseas in the jungle of Irian Jaya, Indonesia as some of the best of his life (minus our married life of course...ahem). Traveling to Africa last year and now looking forward to our journey to China this year, I have taken great comfort in knowing that the culture shock I experience is not nearly as bad for him, and in fact, he looks at each trip as a great adventure - something I'm trying to glean off of him.

I found this picture the other day (purge-fest '08) and it really stuck with me how much of this big world he has seen in his thirty smoga froga moga years. (You're welcome, honey) I love that his past is rich with cultural diversity and it's is a gift he gives to our family, especially our children. There are so many wonderful photos of his life living in the jungle - quite literally. One in particular where he is helping prepare a wild pig for dinner. Another where he is standing next to a massive spider web with the resident mondo spider right in the center. Another where he is standing among the tribal people and making friends with the children. Just fascinating. He spent four years of his life living there and assimilating to a completely different culture. Like a grown up Mowgli from Jungle Book...

Well, I married that Mowgli and as many of you already read - our trip to Africa was an adventure, to say the least. And here we are now, really looking forward to making our way to China this year. No doubt it will be another adventure we take as a family, to a new place that will expand our world view and open our eyes to a new culture.

Can't wait!


Kim said...

Love that picture...
I think you did very well while in Africa..
you will do fine in China..
Can't wait to follow..

frogglet said...

Love the picture. It is always nice to have one person along with some world traveling experiance. Can't wait to see you in China with Keira.

S.Wise said...

Those life changing adventures your husband had are amazing. I had several myself, but not in that part of the world! It can only enrich and bless your family! Like your hubby, those were the best parts of my life (pre-husband of course!!!). THIS 2009 YEAR IS OUR CHINA YEAR! I'm so ready. BRING IT ON!!!