January 16, 2009

Day 2

What a day! Rumors are flying...(see the below post as this is not only Day 2 but Post 2 for today)

Meanwhile, day 2 of "nothin" went fine. I did experience a little tiny wedge of temptation for the sake of convenience. You see, we need to get our minimal grocery shopping done so that we can get on with emptying the pantry appropriately. So in a moment of a cranky baby and a blah mood, I had temporary weakness and suggested a quick trip to the store and some fast food. It's only DAY 2 people. This is not likely a good sign. Jeesh. But AB spared me the guilt I would have felt posting tonight that I had ALREADY caved and ruined my quest - and he made a lovely dinner for us. We decided to forgo the grocery shopping once again, so maybe we'll make it out tomorrow.

So todays menu was good:

Breakfast: Standard cereal and breakfast bars

Lunch: Leftover Mexican Casserole - see Day 1

Dinner: Chicken breasts with a buttery carmelized onion glaze and loaded baked potatoes. Yuumm! Once again, I failed to capture the pictures of it. Instead, I've placed the worlds cutest little man below as a really great consolation. I'm saying...this is a great consolation - how cute is he?

We're still "sniffly" and it's still our version of "cold" (we're wimps, I admit). To my defense, even the spoiled rotten dogs don't really want to step out the dog-door. They're halfway out when they realize it's friggin freezing out there, and a u-turn ensues. Poor things - who knows how long their holdin' it...

I did have a setback tonight when I proudly announced that we had made it through the first THREE days of "nothin" pretty well! Then AB kindly corrected me..."you mean two days?"

Hmph. Two, three, fifteen...who's counting? (ahem...me)


Do you really think referrals could possibly be for more than a few days? I'm still kind of shaking my head and feeling really cautious about it...


Our Journey to Jadyn Nicole said...

Good mornng Christie, The rumors are all over and let me tell you I want to believe every word. We haven't received news like this in a long time. Let's keep our fingers crossed. Have a great weekend.

The Gang's Momma! said...

Lots of comments about the last three posts, so hang on to your hat!

First, yes, the pictures are great consolation. Especially pic. number 3 - love that little look of glee and mischief. Mmmmmmm!

Second, I have been sorta keeping up on the rumors and thinking of you. I have a friend with a May 5 LID and she's really struggling. Really. I will pray for you and for the coming days of news. . .

Third, you crack me up with this 30 days of Nothing. Seriously. I'm loving your honesty and your puckish sense of humor about your weaknesses!

Finally, I've been stuck inside the house so long with sick kids that I've already gone 30+. Well, maybe not truly. But after 3 rounds of strep, 2 colds, a sinus infection and a tummy bug, it feels like 100. Ugh.

Okay. I'm done. Carry on. :)

frogglet said...

Great Job on Day 2, Dinner sounds yummy. Love the pictures of you boy he is too cute.