January 13, 2009

Missing my baby...

I used to sit Quint on a little blanket in the living room with his toys and he'd play for the longest time - content to explore within the boundaries of that blanket. I loved watching him and seeing what small thing would take his interest. I wished I could know what he was thinking.

But every day that I have felt would never end and those I wished wouldn't end have indeed come and gone - and with them, my little baby. The one who couldn't sit up, but then learned how. The one who couldn't crawl, but suddenly could. The little man who tried and tried again until I found him one day standing up in his crib. And the boy who has amazed us with his ability to not only walk, but run - laughing and giggling as he goes.

The little boy who went from a bottle to a sippy cup and now to a straw. The baby who wanted to be held constantly and now can sit and watch his favorite show while Mommy cleans the kitchen. The little man who used babble constantly but now points, signs, and says mama and dada, picks up his toys, and "reads" his books.

I'm not surprised that he's growing up. I'm not surprised that's he's changing everyday into the most beloved boy in our world. I'm not surprised that I love him more and more every minute. I'm not surprised that he's more than we could have ever hoped for or deserved.

I'm just surprised how much I miss my baby...and how much I already wish I could start over and see him that little again...

I didn't expect to feel this way so soon. Twenty years from now, maybe. But I already miss him.

I guess I just needed to say that tonight ~

I love you baby boy...


Anonymous said...

Honey, I know what you are going through. I went through it 4 times and it didn't get any easier, probably rougher, because I knew what was coming. No more blankies, soft baby snuggles, sweet baby kisses. OMG, it's happening now! You will never get over missing your "babies", so CHERISH every moment you can and write things down, like you have been doing. Quint has no idea what a wonderful mommy he has.

I love and miss my "babies" too (sob)

Kim said...

Cherish every moment.. they grow up sooo fast..
Quint is sooooo adorable..
he makes me smile every time I visit your blog..
He will be such an Amazing Big Brother..
Hugs girly.
Have a great week..

Linda said...

Cherish every moment...My babies are in 40's and now I also have those same feeling with my grandkids... one is a teenager and 1 is pre teen and there is no more running that Grama 's here... Thank goodness for the 6 year old who still does that,Of course his first thng is " did you bring me any m&m's Gramma" ( anything to make them want me!!!!).
Those feelings never go away and they are always your Babies no matter what age.... Linda

Anonymous said...

Hey, my TV cabinet!!
Enjoy and appreciate everyday!

Ava's family said...

I agree....They grow up way too fast. I guess that's why we're adopting when our children are 17, 14 and 8. I'm just am not ready to be finished with those baby moments. BTW, your son in adorable!!

Our Journey to Jadyn Nicole said...

Hello Christie - is is absolutely adorable! Enjoy every day. Kent and I were watching videos of Kyle when he was Quint's age....it goes by so fast. Now Kyle's 10 and doesn't want to kiss mom in front of his friends. That just breaks my heart. I know how you feel.

meme said...

Enjoy every moment at every age, they are priceless.
From your Kentucky Friend, Linda