January 14, 2009

Thinking about "Nothing"

Hello my dears - I guess I couldn't stay away! It's cold out there...at least, it is here. Now, let me back-peddle and correct myself. It's cold here. I in no way wish to infer that my cold is colder than your cold (all you northern 12 below coldies) but my 30 degrees is pretty cold today. Whew. That's settled. (Psst, it's cold!)

Tomorrow is the start of our 30-Days of Nothing challenge (thanks again, Mary!) and I'm not as nervous this time around. Actually, I'm kind of ready for it. I feel good about challenging us in this way and we really need to see how much we can cut/save/set aside in any given month. This is also a good way to put some of the gazillions of groceries we already have in the freezer/fridge/pantry to use for a change. They haven't seen action since they were plucked off the grocery store isle. Poor things. I'll try (read "attempt to", "make an effort", "give it my best shot", "take a crack at") posting daily to give you the creative ways we avoid spending any money between 1/15 and 2/14. I have to tell you - 2/15 is going to be like the best day ever! How sad is that? I don't know, but I'll tell you while I post from Chipotle...

If you need a re-cap about what 30-Days is to us/about - SEE THIS POST.

If you want to take the challenge and plan to blog about it - please enter a comment so we can ooooh and awww over all your progress. Seriously - don't leave a sista hanging.

This economy has really got me worried, ya'll. Yesterday I was at the mall and there were seriously like four stores closed down or having a "going out of business, everything must go" sale. INSIDE the mall, folks. That ain't right. Now, I'm not being funny or facetious, but that's not a good sign. Among other things. Reasons I was at the mall aside, ahem, it really reminded me how much we must prepare for what we cannot always see coming. More reasons to be more careful, cut spending, and save more. More reason to be pro-active for the future and more mindful of how blessed we are. And as I was standing in line to purchase my lovely new scents from the 75% off annual sale at White Barn Candle - I did actually put some stuff back and re-think the indulgence of what I was buying, even though it was cheap. I settled on something small and ridiculously inexpensive, as a gift for someone else. Let me tell you - it was harder than I thought it would be. I really wanted what I had in my hands. But I guess my point is - tough times call for...well, in the words of Teri Garr in "Young Frankenstein"....

"Put ze candle back". So I did.

Movin' on.

In other news, I'm not having the best week (work-wise) and so for those of you who happen to remember - could you throw a little prayer upwards for me this week? I could use it.

Meanwhile, Quint-a-licious has entered a new phase right on cue as his doctor warned me he would. PICKY EATER ALERT. Omg. Somebody help me! He barely eats anything...I mean, like a bird. Then he'll have a meal where he eats a ton. Then nothing for three meals, then gulp gulp gulp. He loves to pick. A cracker, fine. A puff, even better. But cheese (his used to be favorite, by the by) and we get the push back. How about this or that or this or that? All the stuff he used to love? Nope. Nada. Not happening. I'm so confused. This kid is like the best mystery book I've ever tried to solve before I've even read the first chapter. He certainly keeps me coming back for more! Stinker.

Also, another little thing - and I should have posted about this sooner...

For those of you who don't follow a lot of blogs, there are two that I can recommend this week:

One is J's blog over HERE. They are in China now and it's been really fun watching their journey and getting to see China through their eyes. J was my secret pal for a year and I really enjoyed sending her goodies for Syri every month. It was so much fun and now seeing how beautiful Syri is and knowing that she's found her forever family...so touching! I'm so glad their wait is over...

The other is a family that I'm sure many of us are already following, but just in case - go visit Donna and give her some lovings. She could really use them. They are in China spending their first few days with new daughter Lauren. It's been a tough time for them and I can hear the exhaustion in Donna's posts. She could really use encouragement and love - I know firsthand how hard these types of trips can be - but Lauren is really grieving and that's something I think we can't really understand unless we've walked a mile... Donna and I have been following each other for almost three years - and we even spent some time exchanging scrapbook pages. (She's a genius at it, by the way!) Linda, if you're reading this - they'll be ok...it will just take time. We'll keep praying for them day by day!! xo

All for now, but more to come as I enter my first day of nothing tomorrow...wish me luck!


Linda said...

Thank You Christie for your kind words. I'm just sad that I can"t be helping Donna and Lauren. I know it will take time as Lauren is a little older, but it sure is hard. I do have faith it will be ok..
Have fun on your challenge and give that Quint boy a hug for me... Such a gift you received in this child.. Thanks again Linda

Anonymous said...

I'm REALLY worried too.

Another tool for saving and cutting expenses, etc. - www.wearesavers.com
Good stuff!


Norma said...

good luck on the challenge......enjoy it!!
i am having fun with my menu planning and
it really does save time and money.....also way more nutritious. not sure if i could do the 30 days of nothing. it is the impulse buys that get me.