January 1, 2009

This. That. Those. and oh yeah, this too...

1. Today is our first day of "30-Days of Nothing". Sweatin' it a little and not sure how we'll do - but never know til' we try. I'll post more later and link to the source, which is Mary over at Owlhaven. She's the mastermind behind this ingenious trial and I think it was long overdue for us.

2. I owe you (Norma) a meal plan and pantry project. Coming right along with the #1 post mentioned above.

3. Happy New Year! Sorry, that should have been first, but even though it's January 1st - it still feels like December to me. Weird. I feel this way every year. Just doesn't feel like a new month. Wonder why that is? Anyone?

4. Anton is Wii Fit'ing right now and I'm fascinated. The poor guy is huffin and puffin and it's because that Wii doesn't mess around - they've got him doing push-ups, step aerobics, and the dreaded BMI test. EGAD! Not, (double NOT) getting on that thang.

5. In about an hour, the hubs and baby boy will pack up and head South for the day to visit family. I get the house and my mind all to myself. Imagine the untold time I can spend just staring blankely at a wall or going to the bathroom to the sound of...silence. Are you jealous? Not yet? How about the mac-n-cheese I can eat while watching "I Dream of Jeanie" re-runs? Still nothing? Ok - this'll get ya...how about blogging uninterrupted for a full five minutes. Ha! Got ya, didn't I?!? One hour countdown to a day of puttering bliss...

6. Oh yeah... That's what this number is titled (in the land of a post with numbers that have titles...insert head spinning emoticon here) Ok - so I have been meaning to post this pic for two months and time got away from me. Mom and Dad, you will especially appreciate this since I have been meaning to show you for a while now). In his early days home, we were strongly encouraged to get Quint to do some modeling and so we thought "what the heck". He did some work for JC Penney and look what we found in the paper? Truly, if he could possibly be any cuter, I'd eat a shoe. Don't bother sticking around for that meal...it's clearly not possible for him to get any cuter so there will be no shoe eating necessary. Enjoy!


Kim said...

Sounds like you are going to be doing a little bit of NOTHING in a little while...
Sounds NICE..
Can't wait to hear what is going on..
ANd as for QUINT..
Okay.. I would buy that outfit and don't even have a baby to go in it..
Just becuase of him..
Happy New Year..
Hugs girly..
This is going to be the year that you have both Quint and Keira home..

frogglet said...

Quint is too adorable. I have been Wii Fiting it around here I am now a hula hoop queen. Hope you enjoy your alone time.
Happy New Year.

Emy said...

I will also NOT be stepping on the Wii Fit... nope, not me!

Single PAP said...

OMG he is the cutest! you are right!!

Single PAP said...

oh i forgot to ask you how you got him into modeling. how did you get him into modeling? :)

Polar Bear said...

Enjoy your blissfully quiet time!!

I read your post about cleaning and purging the other day. It has been on my mind. Yesterday I told my hubs about it, and guess what we are doing this afternoon!! I can't wait! We are starting in the room that will be the nursery, and I hope to get through all of the upstairs today! Thanks for the idea!!

Happy 2009!!

Ali said...

I'm so jealous! I'm purging this house too! Happy New Year & Quint's modeling-priceless! I can't believe how big my son is now! He has been home 10 going on 11months & he's already 2 1/2 yrs old! How can he be turning 3 so soon! Where did the time go? I feel like I just got him home yesterday & he's already sooo big! You know what I'm talking about, b/c Quint is turning into a handsome lil man too! Can we just slow them down for awhile! Quint is too cute for words!! Happy New Year!

Catherine said...

Sounds's wonderful! Do you have links to the places you mentioned about doin' nuttin? Sounds blissful!

Hope you enjoyed your day of time to yourself. Ahhh...the sound of silence!

Cute pic of Quint in the ad!

Kristy said...

I can't believe that I missed that AD!!! I totally would have known that was him. And I will take the "shoe" too!!! He is just toooo dang cute! I am going tohave to go and read about this 30 days of Nuttin stuff because it really sounds like something we need to do!
Have a blessed week.
Love, Kristy