January 19, 2009

Day Five and We Have Molar

Well, it was bound to happen sooner or later - my baby has his first molar. And really, thank the Lord - because I was beginning to think he would spend the next five years chewing all his food in the front of his mouth, poor thing. Needless to say, this week and last have been hard on him - and he has not been his most compliant, affable, or happy self. Regardless, he still wins the most "adorable" little boy ever award from Mom and Dad, despite the many moments of crankiness we are enduring while his teeth push through.

Day 5 has come and gone - and we've survived. I use the word "survived" somewhat tongue in cheek, and somewhat, well...not. You see, as I've mentioned, eating out or shopping for this and that has become such a way of life that I don't think we even notice it. Now that we're almost a week into our four week challenge to stop spending, I'm realizing that we didn't really think of the many "what ifs" of our plan. For instance, what about AB's school food account that we put money into a few months ago? Is it ok for him to use that account to purchase food from the vendors at school for lunch since that money came out of our bank account a few months back? Or is that spending just the same? What if I have had cash in my wallet for roughly a month. It's just there. Is spending it for a soda breaking the rules of the challenge? What if you have a gift card for somewhere - the movies, coffee, dinner? Should you use them? Technically you didn't spend the money to get them. But is using them up kind of cheating on the process? These little issues keep coming up in just five short days. It's interesting to see how often we just steamroll right on through spending as part of our daily exisitence. (well, some of us do anyway) On the other hand, I think this is partially the point of the challenge - to step back and really look at the habits, the tendancies, the patterns of behavior that come so natural but aren't necessarily good, etc. It's all part of the exercise, I guess. Very interesting, to say the least...

Meanwhile - the menu:

Breakfast: We're boring - cereal again. You can probably look for cereal here a lot.

Lunch: Egg Salad Sandwiches with chips

Snack: We splurged and bought a soda to share this afternoon while out and about running errands. It was $1.39 - but I guess we felt ok sharing it. To put that drink to good use, I was able to actually drink it with my dinner a little while later. Whatever helps you sleep at night, eh?

Dinner: Anton's MARVELOUS BBQ Beef Ribs, french fries, and a green salad. This time, I remembered the pics - sort of. Enjoy!

Dessert: Devils Food Cake with Cool Whip (seriously ridiculously yummy)

See you for Six!


Dawn and Dale said...

Mmmmmmmmmmmm........ I'm coming to YOUR restaurant for dinner!!! lol ;)

Anonymous said...

With Anton as cook, are you really sacrificing?

Andrea said...

Hey, you can splurge every once in a while! I think it prevents you from going off the deep end and your plan from going down the tubes. I applaud you for what you are doing. Keep up the good work!

Unknown said...

Love that smile in the last picture