January 20, 2009

Six, Daddy's Fried Chicken & Adoption Stuff

Do you see that beautiful Number 6 inside the flower? Clever, eh?

So yes we are at six. Six whole days of no...ahem...spending..double ahem.

I'm here to report the truth folks, and well - as AB likes to say...it's a gateway to the addiction. I did treat my son and I to a $1 scoop of ice-cream today at Baskin Robbins. (It was a Tuesday Family Special - $1 a scoop) I didn't even feel bad about it, to be honest. We had a great time together and he loved it. So that was my only slip of the week, aside from a shared soda yesterday with AB.

Heading into day Seven makes me feel pretty good. We did accomplish our grocery shopping for the month and we did pretty good - all things considered. Our usual grocery bill/eating out bill for a month is flat out ridiculous and completely flagrant, IMHO. So this grocery receipt by comparison is a drop in the bucket. Anyway, we're all stocked up with the necessities and we've both agreed that the only items we will allow ourselves to purchase until Feb 15th are milk, prescriptions if needed, gas, and anything the baby might need (i.e. diapers, formula, etc.). Outside of that - we can't think of a reason to spend any money. (Unless of course we happen into a Baskin Robbins again...oops!)

Menu today was yum! And as commenter Lydia put so well, it is hardly sacrificing with AB in the kitchen cooking...too funny! He really is God's perfect man for me. I swear to you - I am just no good in the kitchen. It's just not one of those natural things for me. But for AB - like butta', I tell ya.

Breakfast: Really? You wanna know again? Cereal. I love me some Raisin Nut Bran. Soo good.

Lunch: Turkey and Ham Sandwiches with Cheese

Snack: BR Ice-Cream. Flavors: Chocolate Chip for QB and Peanut Butter & Chocolate for Mom

Dinner: "Daddy's Fried Chicken" (amazing!!) with Southern Style Green Beans, Loaded Baked Potatoes, and Garden Salad. Seriously, who needs to eat out over here?

(I'm not even messing with you - that's the actual platter on the table tonight. Not some downloaded picture from Food Network. Freaking amazing, isn't it?)

Now, moving on to a new topic:


First, no news on the rumor front about how far into March China will make it. I'm not hopeful, to be honest, that they will make it much further than the 8th - but I know that date will make a lot of 3/8 LID'ers sooo happy. And I will be happy right along side them!

Second, we just sent off our 3rd, THIRD, Numero 3 - set of paperwork for Keira to CIS yesterday. People...can I just say how bittersweet this was? I hated writing that big check again. I hated putting together all those details again. I really loathed being asked to prove myself worthy of being a Mom, again. But I was so happy to see it go and to know that it really was the last time I would have to do it for Keira. She'll be home this year and all this will be a total memory. I know, since I've already finished it once with amazingly wonderful and fulfilling results. (hint, hint * ridiculously cute little boy named Quint).

Third, we're in the process of re-adopting Quint and applying for his Certificate of Citizenship (two different processes, we learned) I'm just a little appalled by how costly it can be to do all of this. But as you might already know, it's really important to take these final steps in the adoption process. We have our own reasons for pushing it along now, of which the most important is that we've decided to try our best to take Quint along with us to China. We've also asked Anton's sister Lisa to join us - as we really would have our hands full with both babies traveling. I'm excited about the prospect and I think that having Quint along will help all of us get used to the change together. Well, there's also that little bit about not wanting to leave him behind for up to three weeks. EGAD! I can't even go out for the afternoon without him and not worry or miss him terribly. Jeesh - I have no hope (and neither does his doting Daddy) of leaving him for that long without terrible heartache. No, we've gone and lost our minds completely and we're gonna attempt this with the help of a third adult. More to come on that, if we can get all the paperwork and a US Passport arranged before travel.

That's all for now - see ya for 7


Unknown said...

Love the pic and love how you put youor menus up. Oh I wish we lived closer!

Anonymous said...

I can't get over the amazing pictures you get of that adorable little boy! He is delightful! Seriously, do you ever get any bad pictures??