January 25, 2009

He's Baaaaaaaccccckkkkkk!!!!!!

Whew...just when I thought we would starve to death or die from carbohydrate overdose. (ok, they're nothing alike...but it was going to be one or the other!) He's back! Thank the Lord in heaven above, because I'll tell you right now - Mommy was having an episode of the four walls closing in on me. Not to mention that Q-man has been sick with a cold the entire time. Poor little guy!

So here we are on day eleven and it's time for a small confession of the "spending money" variety. I hit a little bit of a wall today. Maybe because we didn't get out too much this last week, or maybe because AB has been gone - I don't know. But for some reason, today was a hump day. I could not seem to shake off the restless feeling that somewhere out there was a 90% off Christmas sale that I was missing out on. Don't try and reason with a crazy lady who hasn't had Chipotle in 11 days. (actually more) I was like a caged lion, pacing around my house and trying to busy my fingers so I would not focus on the possibility of marked down garland and dirt-cheap ornaments. Ack! I'm getting shaky just thinking about it.

By the time AB walked in the door, I practically lunged at him to pick a fight over where he had been able to dine at for the last four days, and started salivating over a stinking dollar menu Jack in the Box burger description. Egad! This was worse than I thought! Then, I begged...no practically groveled on the floor for the chance to leave the house and visit Taco Bell. Just Taco Bell, for crying out loud. I can shop dollar menu at Taco Bell! Please AB!!??? Alas, my darling saw right through me and encouraged me to get up off the floor and take a breath. He reminded me how disappointed I would be in myself and how much of a letdown it would be to post here tonight that I had blown it. Then he gave me a "you know better..." chagrin and quickly hastened to make our dinner before I wore him down with my piercing and spending-deprived gaze. (yikes!) Thankfully, he was right to talk me off the ledge. He made a fabulous dinner and it was just soooo good to have him back in the kitchen. More on that in a second...

The point is, I want you all to know that this challenge has been just that: a challenge. Some days are easier than others - but you do not realize how much spending we do on a daily basis until you are forced to examine it by putting away your ATM/Credit card. It's incredible to see my own spending impulses and patterns (i.e. when I feel bored, etc.) from a birds eye perspective. Something I simply never would have taken the time to notice, had I not put the challenge into action. A dollar here, five there, twenty-five there, forty-seven here...and by the end of the month, we're sorting through a hundred different transactions. It's ridiculous. And we wonder where our money went to?

Well, anyway...tonight Anton and I ran to Walmart to get some necessities like milk and cat food (poor kitty's gotta eat too!) and as we were leaving, AB did treat all three of us to an icecream from the Golden Arches. They have the best stinking icecream at our M-D's. No joke...thick and creamy (not icey and watery). And for $2.10, it really did help me to shake off my restlessness, refocus, and keep working towards my goal of 30 Days.

On a side note, our pastor found out about our challenge, and has asked us to write up something about our experience so he can challenge the church to do likewise for seven days. One week of giving up spending! I was a) honored to be asked and b) encouraged that more and more people are interested in finding out what motivated this and what keeps us going.

You know, AB's parents are Dutch immigrants who worked very hard for what they have. To them, over-spending is the ultimate frivolity and they are really good at saving. They rarely eat out and almost always shop a bargain. Their everyday is similar to our 30-Days of Nothing. They would probably not quite understand our challenge, as they live it 365. But for most people, and I truly believe this, we struggle with the day to day smaller spending - the spending that adds up at the end of the month to leave us wondering where it went. If you're like my in-laws - and truly can't relate to the challenge, then I applaud you! Wish I were in your shoes and didn't need the challenge at all. Ugh...

Today's Menu:

Breakfast: Cer....well, you know the rest

Lunch: Chimichanga (frozen) and QB had mac

Dinner: Sweet bliss, my baby is back and he made one of my favorites...Steak, Potatoes, and Green beans.

Love you babe - so glad you're home safe and sound!

Onward to 12!!

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Norma said...

Whatever you are feeding Quint is working!!! He has moved so quickly from baby to toddler I am shocked.

Things must be different here in Canada. I can't believe those frugal folks can live on $50 dollars a week. I am struggling to keep a decent menu with $200 a week and we hardly touch meat. What's that about???