January 24, 2009

Ten, Ten, bo-ben...banana fana fo fen...

10! Yaay for ten! One third of the way through the month, two-thirds to go.

I'm gonna keep this short and sweet as a way of checking in and keeping up with reporting from the "Fields of Nothin'" (ha! I just made myself laugh)

Gentle reminder that AB does not return until tomorrow, and so once again, the menu reflects it. Desperately. Sob.

Today's Menu:

Breakfast: Let's throw you a bone...Honey Nut Cheerios with a delicious banana sliced and thrown in to the bowl, and covered with cold fresh milk. (better?)

Lunch: Turkey and Cheese sandwiches with Doritos.

Snack: Celery with Peanut Butter and Carrots with Ranch...well, I was craving a little bit of everything but I had to make do with what I had. Don't worry...I drank some water in between courses.

Dinner: Don't laugh. The picture will say it all. To my own defense, I do love me some Mac and Sausage. And for Quint, well there is just about nothing else that will make him eat faster. So, whatever works, eh?

And for QB's Daddy, who we miss so much! I present the cutest boy walking the planet during bathtime tonight...

See you all for the beginning of the next two-thirds...


frogglet said...

You are doing so great. I have been following along everyday. I want to convince my husband to try this but I think it is going to take some time and alot of talking but hey I am good at that.
Love all the pictures of Quint lately he is such a sweetie.

Single PAP said...

good for you! ten days! by the way, i baked the almond tea cookies... yummy. question: was the powdered sugar supposed to be in the cookies or just to roll them in?