January 31, 2009

Saturday over too soon

Today was a great day - if you take into account that we spent the first part of it completely lazy and sauntering around the house in our PJ's. Bliss I tell you! We even all took naps this afternoon - a luxury we DO NOT take for granted in these baby years of our new life.

We made it to seventeen and I thought this was when I would hit a wall. Guess I'll never know, because some generous friends reached out to us and decided to treat us to a lovely dinner OUT. Yaay! Details to follow.

Meanwhile, the fun didn't stop there, because we are just party animals! We went from dinner to a birthday bash for our good buddy Paul, given by his wife and my M3 sistah in crime - Robyn. Played some Rock Band, ate some yummy desserts, and laughed laughed laughed laughed. That's just how we sistahs roll! The kids almost outnumbered the adults and we had fun watching them all interact and play. Not to mention that my son got the most laughs of the night when he decided to start consuming Erin's dog food. Um, yeah. That's my baby. Dog food connoisseur. Yuck! Wish I could say we've never caught him doing that here at home, but you know how that goes...I've already admitted to it in previous posts...oh well...he's all boy! We had to cut out much earlier than in birthday parties past - because little boys who go to bed between 7-8 just don't do too well when the clock strikes 9pm. He was a good boy - but we had to take pity on the rubbing of the eyes sooner or later.

Today's Menu ~

Breakfast: Scrambled Eggs and toast. Nobody, and I mean nobody, can make more perfect scrambled eggs than AB. They are flawlessly fluffy and taste incredible.

Lunch: Sandwiches and frozen mini-pizzas

Dinner: I got my wish! Some dear friends took us to one of our favorite Mexican places and insisted on buying our dinner. (Hint *they might have known we were on a 30-days challenge) It was really, really good - and the company was even better. Quint was having a little meltdown though, and I kept thinking to myself that after 17 days at home - I can really see the benefits of not eating out. Namely - being in your own home and not having to say you're sorry when your child hucks cheerios, a cell phone, his shoes, chips, and his sippy cup at the table next door. Yeah. Good times.

Pics of our lovely Saturday with captions ~

It was a nice warm 67 degrees outside today, and we decided not to miss it. We spent some time outside in the backyard throwing small rocks from the retaining wall. It wouldn't be nearly as cute if it weren't for the little guy in the "Captain Drool" onesie. Love him..

Love her too. She just makes me smile everyday. We call her our little "sweetheart", and she really, really is. There is nothing she wouldn't do for us, if she thought it would make us happy. Love you, Anabelle!

This is AB and one of his favorite students (former). He's all grown up now, and will be a senior this Fall - but when we met him, he was just a tiny 6th grader. Hard to believe, since he's changed so very much over the years - but the one thing that has never changed is his personal passion for theater and his wonderful family. They have remained friends of ours since AB taught AP.

Here's Cathy and Robbie with Q-man. They just wanted to eat him up - as per usual! He certainly didn't complain about sitting on Cathy's lap and getting all that attention. They really are a great family and we love catching up with them.

Later, over at E's for some birthday fun...we realized as we were leaving that we hadn't taken any pictures - so Robyn was nice enough to snap this one really quick for me. It's so cute, but my poor little man is so tired. And so is Quint!

See ya for 18 and Superbowl Sunday!! Go ARIZONA!!

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sooze66 said...

I love reading about your challenge. I keep trying to convince the hubby to try it, he has agreed to 2 weeks, sometime after the Super Bowl were his words. Go Cards!
Happy Chinese New Year Too!