January 21, 2009

Rocky and Day 7

Da-nu-nuh......da...nu..nuh....da nu...nuh....da...nu...nuh...

I'm hearing the Rocky theme song in my head...the one where he is working out all crazy like a fox and then runs to the top of the steps up to the statue. The one that's just music...not the other one...not Eye of the Tiger. The other one...anyone?

7 days / one whole week / 168 hours have passed and we did not eat out once. On one hand, I am really proud of us. But on the other hand, it's a little bit lame, because it's an American thing to eat out like this - like we do over here in the states. People in Europe, etc. don't eat out like we do. They just don't. And don't get me started on how they're eating in 3rd world countries/orphanages (namelythosemysonlivedin). Shudder...

So, we made it to seven and tomorrow is eight - and that makes me happy. Happy that we (snicker) are still alive (so dramatic!) and kicking with the challenge. With the exception of one soda and a scoop of ice-cream, we're doing pretty darned good.

Today's Menu:

Breakfast: seriously, people - I should just leave breakfast off the menu. Cereal. Again.

Lunch: We decided to be creative - so I packed up our lunch and we met some friends at the mall and ate in the food court (yes, with our packed lunch - so ghetto, I know) and then went to the play area. Quint had a ball and my friend who is aware of our challenge was so gracious and brought along her own pack lunch for her kids and herself. What a nice treat! So, leftover Fried Chicken and an apple for me and Ham, Cheese, Crackers, and a small granola bar for Quint.

Dinner: So the picture above is what I saw this morning as AB was heading out the door. He really is amazing. One of my all-time favorites - stringy beef with potatoes. Seriously - this is just melt in your mouth and such a delicious dinner. I love it when AB makes this! We get a roast that sits in the crock pot all day with veggies and broth, etc. By the time we eat, it's falling apart - thus the term "stringy beef". Proof that he really does cook all this, and proof that he actually enjoys it:

I should have posted a picture of me stuffing my face. Proof that I can't cook and that my hips are married to Chef Boyardee.

Dessert: Chocolate Covered Strawberry Ice cream. All I can say is...holy cow that's good.


Well, the rumors have quelled and it looks like it might be quite a small referral batch after all. I'm really sad for quite a few of my blogger pals. This is really too bad - I was hoping that we just might finally have some happy news, but it looks like rather than getting through March, we might only see referrals for a couple days. As for us, we're not taking it hard because we really and truly suspected it was not true. We didn't put any hope or faith in the rumor even though it was fun to think "what it" for a little while. Meanwhile, truth be told, it would have been hard to have the referral so much sooner than planned for many reasons. We're not happy about the wait, but we've been able to say "we'll probably travel around..." for quite a while and we're counting on it, in a way. We'll see what happens in the next couple batches to know where we stand.

For Julie: For every awesome amazing smiling picture, there are 14 blurred, non-smiling, nose running, crying, fussing, out of frame shots to weed through. Never you fear - he is very photogenic, but not every picture is amazing. Meanwhile, though he is not smiling in this picture, there is just something about it I like. Maybe just the intention on his face while he's playing and trying to figure out where the piece goes. Maybe because he's my baby and I love everything about him...

For Amy: If we lived closer, I am quite sure we would be friends...and we could make menus, organize, and create lists together. Big Hug!

For my LOST/AMERICAN IDOL/FRINGE buddies...all I can say is that I'm just sooo glad they're all back on! Yaaay TV. (again, so lame)

See you all for Day 8!


Unknown said...

Yeah for LOST an thanks for the shout out. Sorry for the few days this month. Im so proud of you guys for not eating out. We ate out at trivia for you haha last night!

Anonymous said...

Christie, this is your aunt deany here. I just want to say that first off, Quint is the cutest boy eva, as you say, I totally agree. I check everyday just to see a new picture and am always disappointed when there are none.
Second, as a cook myself, I just want you to know how much it means to me to have Mark love, love my cooking, and be my biggest fan. When I read what you write about Anton's cooking, I know it just warms his heart and gives him pride in what he does, knowing you are his biggest fan! Can't tell you how much that means to someone that really puts their heart in their work like I know he does. Makes me hungry lookin at his food!! Gotta share recipes! Love you guys!

Anonymous said...

Wow, thanks for the personal message. Well, he is absolutely adorable. I know as his aunt, I feel like I know him very well. He will never seem like a stanger. Thank you for your blog. It's amazing and I very much appreciate keeping up with your family.
I had crispy brown rice cereal, 1/2 banana with milk this morning!
I was a "Lost" fan until they turned the crank at the end of last season. Don't mistake me, I still watched all 3 hours last night (the last 10 minutes on NyQuil), but was mumbling "stupid show" all the while. And, I will continue to watch...:)

Kelly & Todd said...

The picture of what is waiting for you for dinner tonight looks AMAZING - would you be willing to share the recipe? Can I come over for dinner? From the fried chicken to the crockpot full of wonderful goodness I'm about ready to dive through the screen and into your kitchen.

Best of luck as you continue eating at home. We're doing our best - but have only managed breakfast and lunch at this point - dinner at home is next on the list.

Have a great rest of the week :-)

-- kelly

Young Creations said...

Ok, so I was at the market today where my very favorite Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf is. I was going to get a coffee, $2.05. But I thought of you, and I didn't. So I came home and made coffee. I am really trying to be as good as you are.

Thanks for the support.

Kristy said...

You are doing a great job!!!! And yes that little guy is just too much, I could eat him up with a spoon!!

Love, Kristy