January 17, 2009

Three Days a Charm

Well, day three has come and gone and I've (we've) survived both the lack of spending and the mandatory "eating in". I think that's the hardest part to, well err..part with. Eating out has really become such a common social and convenient part of our culture that I don't think we realize just how often we don't eat at home. Or how often we just run through a drive through for something to drink (ahem...coffee) or a quick pick me up milkshake.

It's only day three and I've already started thinking about the impulse of spending and how it has morphed into a lifestyle that is completely encouraged and accepted. It's such a complete and utter knee jerk response to life in general. I'm talking, down to the simple things - just the complete conveniences that surround us day in and out, almost everywhere we go.

Now, let's just be real here my friends - I'm not saying that I'm reformed after three days of no spending. That's rediculous. I'm saying, when you just come to a screeching halt on a certain behavior - you do start to sort of analyze what you've given up. Right along the lines of dieting - when you stop eating as much, you think about food all the time? Oh, maybe that's just me? Ok...moving on...(embarrassing!)

So, AB is making 30-Days pretty easy on me so far, because as per usual he is making some amazing meals for us. One the menu for today was ~

Breakfast: Steak and Eggs over easy

Lunch: Oops...AB and QB went to play practice where lunch was provided for everyone. Mommy stayed home and slept through lunch. Ohhh the bliss of Saturday afternoon naps at 12:30 - mmmm. So they had pizza...and I had chips. I know. I know.

Dinner: Maple Glazed Pork Roast, Herb & Butter Rice, Baby Brussel Sprouts w. Butter, and the most amazing yeast rolls with honey and butter. I'm talking - this was such a great meal. Oooh, I'm so glad we have leftovers! (Half the time, actually more than half the time, AB cooks better meals for us than we could ever get by going out anyway...it's much more about convenience most of the time)

So that's that...and onto day 4. Twenty-six days left. No food pics again - but Quint-a-licious instead.

This was so cute! I was playing Wii and my buddy wanted to play too, so we gave him a Wii-mote and let him have a ball. He must have sat there for 20 minutes just playing and playing - what a doll!

Later, we played the piano together and I can't tell you how much I enjoy watching him pluck away at the keys. Especially because he really doesn't bang on the piano - but rather choses individual keys to play and tap at. It's precious...

On the rumor front - I have just this to say: I have a feeling that nothing has changed. I have a feeling that we wont see referrals that go much into March. And it's ok. I'm not bitter. I'm actually ok with it. But I hope at least for some of the early March LID'ers, that they make the cut this month. That would be really great for all those LID on the 8th...(and I know there are a lot of you!)

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Robyn said...

I am so proud of you for attempting this!! Maybe you can be an inspiration for us. We definitely need it considering we have eaten out 5 times in the last 3 days!!!!

You go girl!!!

Love ya!