January 24, 2009

Picture Post & A Confession

I forgot to mention that I spent $4.50 to get Quint into the Wiggly Center yesterday and in the spirit of honesty and disclosure, I wanted to make sure to note that. In the continued spirit of honesty, I really did forget! (and by the way, seeing how much fun he had - it was worth every cent!)

I got these great pictures from Robyn and wanted to post them here for Daddy, who is away on a trip and really missing his little man. Thanks Auntie Robyn!

We love you AB - miss you bunches!


Kim said...

LOVE the photos..
the kids are soooo cute..
Have a great weekend...

Anonymous said...

What cute pictures Christie. It looks like you were having as much fun as Quint! So, So cute of Quint! Love them.