February 2, 2009

Sorry, sorry...the days are getting away from me

I'm not used to posting daily - those of you who have followed for a long time already know this. I'm actually a little bit lazy in the blogger dept. so this is highly unusual behavior - for me to post daily. So, sorry, sorry, apologies all around...

I'm going to keep this short and sweet again, in the interest of time and taking me weary derriere to bed.

The last two days have gone by smooth sailing - no slip-ups or breakdowns.

Day 18 was easy, because I was feeling pretty miserable with this ugh I've got. I skipped church (oops) to get some extra sleep, which really did give me a boost. AB took Q to church and Mommy had some quiet time - it was really nice to sleep...I can't remember the last time I slept so sound, knowing that Quint was taken care of.

Yesterday's Menu ~

Breakfast: Nuttin' - slept through it - yaaay!

Lunch: Hotdogs and chili

Dinner: AB's 40 Clove Garlic Chicken - let me just say that even though I have no picture - this is the best stinkin' chicken ever. I can't even put it into words - you'll just have to trust me. And I'll get a pic next time. Ohhh, it's soooo good!

Superbowl was exciting, but I was truly bummed that AZ couldn't pull it out in the end. Boo hoo!

Day Nineteen ~

Breakfast: Cereal

Lunch: What a miserable joke. We tried to eat the rest of the frozen mini pizzas, but the crust was hard, and they were a little bit freezer burned. It just didn't work out. So we tried some hotdogs, but Q-man had a major meltdown and it was all lost appetite from there...sigh.

Dinner: I made chili again and cornbread (thanks, V! for the tip) and we took it over to a friend who is presently minus his other half. She's traveling on business and he's got the twin boys (under a year!). So we had a nice visit with him and we all loved the chili. Yum! And yes, in case you're thinking it, we have been eating a lot of chili lately - but what the heck - it's good!

I did make a trip to the grocery store today and spent $40. We needed eggs, bread, water, and some other small necessities. I was pretty proud of myself for getting out of there and not being tempted to invade their Valentines isle. Ok, I was tempted. But to help myself out, I didn't even go down the isle. Gulp. Can't say it wasn't hard to just look. But you and I know that looking would have led to the justification of 3lbs of devine chocolate in various heart shaped containers as a necessity. And you might even tend to agree with me out of pity or depending on the day/time of the month, right?

For those of you taking on the 30-days of Nothin' or Empty Pantry - please let me know how you're doing - I love getting your updates and seeing your progress!

Back for day 20 and some thoughts on the challenge...

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Young Creations said...

Hey Christie,

We are hangin in there. I am proud of my kids. I have enrolled them on this journey as well. The other day, I was ready to cave. I really wanted to go to our favorite Mongolian BBQ resturant. It is cheap and I was feeling lazy. But Adam said, "No Mom, we have stuff at home." So we went home and ate, oh, I can't even remember. But we didn't spend any money. So proud. And we have my niece's Bat Mitzvah this weekend. I have been asking the neighbors for a dress for Amanda to borrow so we didn't have to go buy one. But we weren't able to find one to borrow. So we went to Macy's. Well, we found the dress. Now listen to this, it was $79.99 on sale for $49.99, marked down to $29.99. We were so proud. And then the saleslady rang it up and it was only $19.99. You bet, we got it for $19.99. What a deal. So we are going strong. I will keep you updated.
Have a great week and xoxoxo to Qman.