July 19, 2010

Monday…I can’t wait til’ Tuesday

Well, it’s because we left Daddy back at home.  So this entire time we’ve been livin’ it up – AB has been stationed back at camp “worksalot”.  And can I tell you something?  This has been a tough year.  We went to China in January, and that’s the last time I remember seeing him…somewhere in Hong Kong over room-service and a cranky but sleeping baby.  


We came home from China, and he returned to work just a few short days later.  And, I might add, immersed himself into a majestic production of The King & I.  And so for months, we parted with him day and night for work and then rehearsals.  Then it was end-of-the-school-year stuff that had to be wrapped up, then it was a summer job (gotta pay the bills…hmph) and a summer directing job as well. 

Yes, we had a great time in NYC, but we had a large group of people with us and didn’t have a lot of down or alone time to speak of.  So it was fun – but it was not one on one at all.

We’ve hardly seen hide nor hair or him and it’s been hard.  Not as hard as hubby’s who have to leave for months on end or all-too-frequent business trips – but hard for us. 

Hard for them.  Because they are like seriously in-love with their Daddy.  Seriously.


And (who am I kidding) hard for me.  Have you seen the way I cook?  I think not.  And let’s just spare you that atrocity, shall we?  And we all know that AB is the Master Chef of La Castle.  And lately it’s been a lot of, ermm, frozen pizza and cereal for dinner.  (what?…is that so wrong?)

So, the point.  The point is that Tuesday AB is coming to join us.  Finally!  And this is our first time together as a family of four for more than one consecutive day since March.  Because it’s been that bad, and the Mister hasn’t had a day off to speak of since pretty much April.  April, people.  Would you not want to just crawl in bed and die? 

Daddy is a big-time hero to us.  He works hard, provides for our family, and loves us to pieces when we’re together.  And there’s the cooking.  Don’t get me started.

We are majorly, like mucho, mucho excited for Tuesday when he comes to be with us for a whole week of relaxing and summer fun at La Cabin in La Woods.

And don't be fooled by Little Miss Frowny.  She'd only just woken up and the boys were rallying her around to the bright side.  Most of the time, she's doing that for the rest of us with her wrinkled nose and hearty giggles.

Is it still Monday?


Hubby said...

And I miss you guys too! I can't wait to SWIM!!!

Thanks babe,

Anonymous said...

Sweet..hope you have a fun and relaxing time together..I can relate--looking forward to spending this same type of time w/ my husband (who lives on an airplane or at work) and two kids along w/husband's family starting tomorrow.. at last!! Beautiful pictures you have posted..la cabin looks awesome. ~Holly

frogglet said...

sounds like you have something great to look forward too.
Enjoy your family time.

Michal said...

Very rarely do I come across a couple that makes me think there ARE indeed other couples out there who feel like Leslie and I do about each other. I love to see a wife and husband team who are equally dedicated and interested in each other.
The love your man has for his family just shines through these photos. That's one cool daddio you got yourself.
I hope he gets there soon and gets to do that swimmin' he deserves/needs/wants.
Keep having fun you guys!

Briana's Mom said...

Awww, what a sweet post. I'm sure you are looking so forward to your time to "reconnect." Enjoy!

Kim said...

I can't wait to see you all together.. you make me smile..
I just love those babies of yours.
Quint and Keira make me smile every single day and make my wait that much easier..
Thank you my friend..
I sooo would love to meet you guys in person.. you are wonderful...