July 24, 2010

Slowing Down

Mountain life has a way of forcing you to slow down. 

When I’m at home, and you can probably relate very well to this, I’m in action every day.  I have a hard time just sitting still for very long.  There’s laundry, dishes, meals, pets, bills, errands, kiddos and their many needs, e-mails to answer, Farmville and Cafe World to tend to.  (*snicker*)  The list, my list? Is endless.  And I rarely give myself time to just stop.  

Maybe take a walk down a quiet road.
But here?  It’s the opposite.  Outside of some very light chores (like remembering to dry our towels after returning from the pool for the umpteenth time, or rinsing out my big coffee mug after a few cups of brewed bliss…or maybe picking up toys after playtime) we’re on vacation auto-pilot.  And until we got here?  I didn’t think we were capable of it.  Of relaxing enough to really enjoy ourselves.

But I was completely and happily wrong.  We did and we have.  And we needed it so bad.  Life has a way of sneaking up on you and stealing something really, really vital to a family unit.  Intimacy.  The intimacy of your family life.  And ours had wandered off into whereveritwent and we were missing it terribly. 
Thankfully, we’re so happy to be together, that we’re just loving each others company.  And soaking each other up the best we can.  And finding our family intimacy again…
AB and I took the kids for a ride in the cart today and we spent a good hour exploring.  And when we were done with that, we moved on to the hammock.  The one that sits right on the river. 

Going back to reality is going to eat me alive. 

Three days left, and we’re savoring every single one of them.


Briana's Mom said...

I wish I was on vacation with you! I'm so jealous! What an amazing trip you are having. Your pictures are just beautiful!!!

Sue said...

Love the photos. Just got back from "slowing down" myself. It's a must for a mom. Enjoy.

Sue : )

Valerie said...

Girl, you make heat, humidity and dead frogs sound like Nirvana; I'm on my way up...leave the light on.

Love V

Unknown said...

Love that last picture! Glad you guys had a chance to get away. Looks like you had a wonderful time!