July 26, 2010

Guess we’ll be on our way…

It’s time.  Two weeks passed so fast…like a blink.  I can’t believe they’re over already.  Yes, sadly we leave La Cabin tomorrow morning, and just to be defiant, we’re going to attempt to squeeze in a pontoon ride in the morning before setting off.  We’re stubborn like that.  Heading back to our busy reality is a bit sad for us…for many reasons.

I could write so much – but it’s late, and I’ve only got just enough time to show you…

how we swam and swam and played and played…

and certain little boys got their sea-legs firmly under them and then some


and how Frogmore Stew is the best summer meal on the planet – oh my, oh my…


how certain husbands spent quiet time fishing and caught some lovely bass…


how a certain little girl got to celebrate a belated 1st birthday with her new family - all there to sing and clap and love her and celebrate her wonderfulness


and watch her eat cake…


there’s so much I could tell you about our time in the mountains, but most important is that we got a much needed respite. 

And being here is certainly starting to take the shape of a standard summer tradition.

What a wonderful way to spend our time…thanks to Mom and Dad B for hosting us these past two weeks – we were such happy recipients of your sweet hospitality. 


Cora said...

It will be hard to leave it looks so relaxing. Love the pictures.

Diana said...

It looks beautiful and so relaxing at the La Cabin:)
I can not get over how your kids are growing..They are both so cute!!
So, my question is on your frogmore stew can you use the already cooked shrimp that are already peeled or do you need to use the uncooked ones?
I so want to make this:)

Eloise said...

I loved looking at the pictures from your wonderful vacation! Your children just get cuter and cuter, and that Frogmore stew? Yum!

Thanks for your many words of support and encouragement during the course of our crisis with Vivian. You were my best co-celebrator when we had a good day!

I'm starting to catch glimpses of my old life returning, though it's still a couple of weeks away. Can't wait to plan our long-awaited get together.


Kelly and Todd said...

What a wonderful vacation!! Wishing you well as you transition back into reality. Thanks for sharing your trip with us. I agree with Cora 100% - the pictures were great!

-- kelly :-)