July 1, 2010

New York - Day Two...Part 2

Day Two ~ Part 2

Yes, and so in addition to St. Patrick's Cathedral we did see much more of New York on Day 2.  

And I do confess to wishing Quint could have been there at certain points.  Or that we could go back with him in October.  Because he does love him some Yo Gabba Gabba...

We made our way up and down 5th Avenue.  And it's really not my cup of tea to shop.  I mean, that is to say...when you don't normally shop at Saks...it's kind of like "uh-huh...ok...it's a store".  I know.  Sacrebleu!  What is this?  A woman who doesn't like Saks?!

I do.  Like some shopping.  I promise!  Only, my idea of good shopping is a 75% off clearance sale at Hobby Lobby when I have money in the bank and a husband who is feeling generous.  Amen.

Still, I can appreciate the beauty of the buildings and all the window displays and the people from our group who stumbled out of Bergdorf Goodman's sputtering and coughing from the pricetags.  Something about $17,000 for a jacket.  Ahhh....good times.

ah, The Plaza.  Not a hotel anymore...now just really expensive apartments.  $13 million a piece or whatever.  

We did eat great food, and somehow I failed to capture it.  Irish food.  Bangers and mash.  Fish and chips.  So good.  So, so good.  

 And there was some shopping I could get into.  Because it involved chocolate.  And that's what I'm talkin' about.  Come to mama.  Of course, there was the small task of getting through this...  

to get to this.  Um, hello?  Worth it.  Pick a color.  Any color.

And we did see Nathan Lane and Bebe Neuwirth in the flesh.  In the Adams Family Morticia/Gomez flesh.  Really funny, great singing, and the set was amazing...the theater was gorgeous.  And Nathan Lane?  HIGH-larious.  Did not disappoint. 

Something about sitting in your seat, waiting for the orchestra to begin...waiting for the show that you know will thrill and amaze...so exciting!

As the night wore on, we made our way to a "first" for me.  

The Empire State Building

and friends, I felt lots of things riding that speedy elevator to the 86th floor.  Many things to do with my inner fear of heights and elevators and all things out of my control (ahem).  But when we emerged to the observation deck and I took in the panoramic view of New York City, New Jersey...who knows what else...I was in awe.  Sheer awe.  It's incredible to look at it.  To see it with your eyes.  To take it in.  You can't even appreciate it long enough.  You might need hours.   

It was dark, but God bless my sweet big little camera.  

and when I say dark, I mean NIGHT.  And yet...the big little camera that could made it look like evening.  And so it's blurry, but you get to see it anyway.  

oh, and this...

and if you still don't want to go to New York, you might be beyond help.

Day Three next!


frogglet said...

Awesome! so what color did you choose?

Kim said...

LOVE the photos..
Looks like an AMAZING vacation..

Chris said...

Great pictures!! Gotta love the Empire State Building! One of my favorite places in the city. Aaaah NYC in the summer!

I actually used to work across the street from Radio City for 10 loooong months and always felt like cattle going to and leaving work in rush hour in those crowds.. LOL They just kind of "carry" you along.. lol

Looks like you had a great time!

Anna said...

Seeing the m&m's reminded me that I had some prezel m&m's sitting right beside me. YUM!

Anonymous said...

The color in these pictures is amazing.. Beautiful..looks like you had a great time! ~Holly

meme said...

Thanks for taking us on your trip to New York! It was amazing! Pictures were great. Somehow I didn't get any enjoyment out of the food! Your Kentucky Friend.

Shannon said...

Great photos! You make me want to go to NYC and I live just across the Hudson in northern NJ!