July 10, 2010

New York - Day Three, Part 1

If you missed my previous post, be sure to check it out!  All of you who asked about getting a blog makeover?  I'm up and running over HERE and ready for your order!

So...where were we?

Ah yes.  We were in New York.  And we just finished two wonderful days there.  Action packed days, I might add.  And honestly, Day Three did not show any signs of slowing down.  We saw many, many wonderful things - in fact, so many that I have to break this up into two posts.

We started with a ride on the Staten Island Ferry - just across and back but it gave us a wonderful view of her ladyship...the original Miss America. 

I'm not particularly inclined towards boats.  So of course, I wanted to scout out the life-saving devices aboard the John F. Kennedy Ferry.

After de-boarding, we made our way on foot through the financial district.  I was awestruck, frankly.  The height and majesty of the buildings...the number of American flags hanging from every place, and the compelling people milling about everywhere.  It was breathtaking.  Just look at the New York Stock Exchange building...stunning.

...while in the Financial District we did make our way to Ground Zero and St. Paul's.  That portion of my day needed its own post.  Stay tuned...

After lunch, which by the way was a fabulous gyro made by a roadside vendor on 5th Ave - we enjoyed the NBC Studio Tour.  Interesting and fun!

Now let's talk baked goods.  There is a GO TO bakery in NYC (a favorite of the locals) that used to be in a little out of the way hard to get to spot.  Until it moved.  To 5th Avenue.  And friends?  Let's have a little chat.  Mecca.  Bakery Mecca.  Heaven.  Manna. 

I noticed three things.  It was always busy.  It was full of chocolate things.  It was full of women.  I'm just sayin.

and before you cry foul...here's the inside of the beautiful box.

and before you cry foul again, can you seriously blame me for tearing into it before remembering you all might like to see a picture?  Friends, I'm telling you now.  Mark this down.  It was light and heavenly moist chocolate cake, with layers of the fluffiest strawberry whip-cream you've ever had.  I've ever had.  And I want to eat it again.  And I want to marry it.  Amen.

And the highlight to my day?  Outside of what you'll see in my next post?  Was this, and there's nothing I can add to it besides this: you must go see it.  Period.


Kim said...

Beautiful photos.
Looks like a wonderful time for you guys..
Have a great Sunday..

Debbie said...

Makes me want to take a trip back to New York.

Looks and sounds like you had an awesome time.

meme said...

I love this trip to New York! Can't wait for the next part!
From your Kentucky Friend.